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Hallo, from The Netherlands


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Hi everyone,

I popped by to introduce myself.  I live in The Netherlands (not to be confused with Holland, which means North- and South Holland which are 2 of the 13 provinces/districts with all the big cities).

So, for my 29th birthday I was given the best gift ever, something I always wanted and never though I would get: A telescope! It's a Newtonian reflector, I have a 10mm / 25mm a 2x barlow and 2 other eyepieces/lenses for it and I've only been able to effectively use it a few times. The problem for me is really light pollution and I hope to be able to use it in a dark spot (one of our island in the North) as soon as we get the chance. It's not one you just carry around or move on a bicycle. I am saving for some good binoculars too in the hopes of getting some quick scans in instead of a longer setup time so I can spend more time with that beautiful sky <3

So far I've seen the following with my telescope. The Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn (and 2 blips that convinced me they were moons but I might have just been too excited and imagined them up) and, just yesterday, Neptune.  Suffice it to say, I'm hooked now. I tried curing it and living an office and book life. I can't. It's impossible with this starry dome. The telescope makes it so much better to appreciate it. I wish to be able to see the Milky Way and observe features of the planets of our solar system one day. At the very least I want to have seen each planet in our solar system (Thanks to Neil and pals that's going to be easier without pluto in the game).

I joined the forum here because you've already helped me out and I liked what I saw. You helped me figure out some gear issues and collimation issues and I look forward to reading a lot and learning a lot and posting a little. Well...at least until I know what I'm talking about. I'm studying and working in the same time, I'm doing a second Bachelor towards Astronomy and Planetary Science but it won't fork specifically in that direction until, best case, sept 2018. Not even a blink of an eye in astronomical time frame ;-)

Thanks in advance for having me, I'll be around lurking for now and once I get the nerve and the footage to share something interesting, I'll be glad to do so. 

Feel free to say hello though. I do appreciate it.

All the best,


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Hi M and welcome to the forum.  It's a great place to learn, share experiences, and help others.  

There a lifetime's worth of interesting things to view up there, so have fun.  You should mop up the planets and several moons fairly quickly.


(Visited Nijmegen a few times, also Breda, Rotterdam.  Very nice.)


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Hi and welcome M. I have relatives in Capella a/d Ijssel. We visit regularly and love the Netherlands. You've joined a great forum, it's helped me enormously over the last 8 months and I'm sure will continue to do so. 

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