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Walking on the Moon

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Hello all

I just had 2 sessions where I tried the horse head Nebula and also the Iris Nebula. I think the Iris needed longer exposures to get the darker detail but I'm not guiding. Let me know your thoughts. I was a little dissatisfied with Iris  









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:D Well it looks like I resurrected an old thread, Gerry!

Internet images (Hubble especially) are an astronomical heresy--they look attractive but they bring destruction in the end. I would suggest you kept off such things! ;):D 

I would suggest you use the images you took previously as your benchmark, it works for my rather feeble efforts. :) 


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On 05/04/2017 at 21:54, mikey2000 said:

I'd be rather pleased with these!   What were the exposures here?  Are you under nice dark skies?


Yes I live in Italy so the skies are not too bad! Yes I just checked I did these 42 subs for horse head and 31 for the iris nebula at 3200 ISO. I do darks and flats now! 

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