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  1. M33 - my first go at including Ha

    Carole, I'm trialling PixInsight - it's a bit of a steep learning curve but I'm getting there. Excuse my lack of knowledge but by "black point too low", do you mean I've tried to make the background too dark?
  2. What a fascinating patch of sky! Who said it was boring? It's OK in B&W but colour looks best to me. Oversaturated? Who knows? ;-)
  3. M33 - my first go at including Ha

    John - here you go - just a quick stretch'n'curves. I think I boosted it a little more for the combi image Ken - thanks! I'll have a look at those processes. (in PI) m33 in Ha
  4. M33 - my first go at including Ha

    Fast feedback! Thanks! Here's a desaturated version:
  5. Oval stars pointing in different directions

    I have found that my coma corrector needs very precise spacing. In my current set up, I think I'm still 0.5mm out and I'm getting a bit of stretching in the corners. I'm using a relatively large 4/3" sensor. If you are using APS-C, that's even bigger and so I imagine the effects are even more pronounced.
  6. Here it is - my first attempt at incorporating Ha in to a LRGB picture. For that matter, it's only my second proper try at LRGB - I'm going to have a busy year learning this stuff, I think! I think I may have oversaturated things, in my enthusiasm. Also does it look maybe a bit too magenta? My coma corrector still needs that little bit of final fine tuning (some elongation in the corners) (this is a minor crop) 50mins Ha (5min exposures) 49mins L (60s exposures) 23mins each for R G and B (60s exposures) Total 168 mins, towards the Milton Keynes skyglow Taken over two nights with my new ASI1600M-Pro.
  7. A pair in Cancer

    I see a little hint of green too (mainly in the smaller stars) That said, I really do like the second one - I love a nice tight cluster!
  8. WIP

    Work In Progress? Maybe the poster expects to gather more data and improve the image. Just my guess though.
  9. M44 - The Beehive Cluster

    I think you caught the colours very nicely - a most natural looking image
  10. Very good! I'm walking the same path at the moment. PI is definitely powerful but mindbendingly hard to get started with....
  11. Would you believe the clouds broke for just a short while? I managed to get some 60s subs in. 6xL 2xR, 2xB, 2xG. TBH, there was a bit of whispy stuff up there, blocking the view just a little on some (and I dumped at least twice as many again due to total obscuration). Still, I managed to whangle a quick stretch out of the data. Very quick... Here's the central 1/3 of the frame. I think I'm going to enjoy this camera!
  12. Yep, mine were super-stretched too. The pixel values are all very close for mine too. Interesting how your 'banding' is horizontal whereas mine is vertical. But then again, gain, exp lenght and temp are all quite different. Oh, I just realised, our cameras are different too :-)
  13. When shooting with this camera, should I pause between exposures, to allow the file transfer to complete before starting the next shot? Does that reduce amp glow? I thought that's what the 256MB of on-board DDR memory was for :-) More experiments to follow!
  14. the semi-circle shape is easier to see if you zoom right out, making the images almost thumbnail size.
  15. I made two master darks with my camera. One for 120s, one for 300s. Both at -20C, Gain 0 (The driver calls it 'High Dynamic Range') (Stretched to view with pixinsight STF) They are clearly from the same camera but are clearly not the same either. There's a sort of circle shape visible (middle/left) Can you see that? I wonder if I had a light leak? I shot them in the garage with the light off and the lens cap on.