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  1. I set up under cloud with a 50:50 hope of something.... It's been all clear so far but the seeing has been pretty ropey with guiding graphs leaping all over the place. Maybe it will all average out in processing..... It's my last chance before a load of early work shifts (why do they always seem to coincide with new moons????)
  2. Very amazing! I use a 200pds(1000mmf5) and as I recall, each pixel on my astrocam works out as a 400m square. No footprints for me, but I'll report back if I see any new housing estates popping up
  3. Moon Post Processing is certainly an on-going thing. For what it's worth, I have a 4k screen and the original post is bitingly sharp looking, naturally toned and pleasing to look at on a web page. for some reason, it won't let me zoom in more. The pic in the post above is a little overprocessed for my taste, looking a little plasticky and over-contrasty (but could be fun with a colour version with saturation overboost too). as far as I can tell, the best way to increase detail is to get a wider aperture scope. In the end, maths proves that detail is limited by aperture. Then take as many shots as you can as at high a resultion as you can, as accurately focussed as you can. I wish I had a 200 mile tall tripod!
  4. that's fabulous! It's especially relevant with the anniversary of the Apollo landings and the constant stream of conspiracy theorists desparate to peddle their theories.
  5. Nice shapes and detail. However, I think the DSLR white balance let you down a little too - shouldn't it be more orangey/yellow/red/sunset coloured? Here in the UK is was most definitely not the usual bright white moon colour.
  6. Ha Moon - I haven't tried that but I suppose it helps moderate the brightness. Thinking back, the last moon 'mega-stack' that I shot just used the Red Filter... That gave some good detail too.
  7. It clearly shows the 'non-standard' moon shape. It's a shame so much detail has been blown out in the whiter parts though.
  8. I like that Dark Side pic - it looks like the moon is halfway through going Nova!
  9. I didn't have time to set up my usual astro cam, so here's a quick grab stacked from just 20 pics through my 200PDS with a DSLR. The most interesting thing for me is that it's not just a coloured-in half moon but you can also see some of the shaded part. That made my wife take notice.... As an astronomer, it's just odd that I saw a near-full moon last night then it rose above the horizon as a half moon, just one night later. But suddenly it's a full moon again! It's a bit soft - the seeing wasn't exactly great so close to the horizon...
  10. I'm slightly annoyed that the AZ adjustment bolt has gone wrong on my mount now. Well the, actual bolt that screws into the mount is OK but the spring loaded adjusting handle seems to be made of toffee and the internal stuff has rounded out so it doesn't grip the bolt any more. It's a bit inconventient but a standard 12mm spanner fits exactly and has saved the day quite nicely. I just wish the springy handle hadn't given up quite so quickly....
  11. Taken last summer, I'd really like to point my newer 200PDS at this cluster. This pic was about 20 mins each of R G and B through my 150PDS and ASI1600Mm-c on EQ6-r. it needed heavy cropping to get to this magnification...
  12. Here's one from last summer. I've got a few to upload, now we are entering Processing Season here in the UK This one is 18 mins each of R, G and B plus 12x5mins Ha, processed in PI, shot on ASI1600MM-cool and 150PDS on my EQ6-r
  13. When I saw 68hours, I just had to take a look (I normally only manage 68 minutes...!) A remarkable result with splendid detail in that tiny little core
  14. I hadn't heard of SkySafari - I'll take a look. I've always been happy with Stellarium on my iphone so far. Don't forget the weather apps too! (clearoutside, Scope Nights and Xasteria.)
  15. At these extreme magnifications, this is all somewhat academic. over the last few nights, I managed to gather a bit of data on M51 (that old chestnut!). It's still quite small in the frame but it's 'realistically small' as opposed to 'impossibly small' (like the Grav lens features of that hubble Abell image). I'll get around to is sooner or later but I'll be sure to compare the various drizzle, standard and downsample methods to compare detail/snr etc
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