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  1. Such taunting! I can't bear it! Maybe if the clouds would go away, I'd be in a more forgiving mood :-)
  2. Good Bubble! I'd love to give it a go but I think my camera just won't see much of th HII. Maybe I could just go for the M52 cluster and just hope that some of the bubble shows up :-) It might just be clear here tonight (all my forecast apps are at odds with each other today). I think I need to have a go at the Dumbbell and just possibly the Iris nebula (c4)...
  3. Great stuff! (Long live the EQ3 DSO Challenge Thread!) ;-)
  4. Woo hoo! I haven't seen the little 'true darkness' bit in the middle of the night for ages! Winter is coming... It's a shame I need to go to bed now for work in the morning....
  5. OOps - I forgot to say I love that middle one. If you look at it through half-closed eyes, it looks like a ghostly shadowy face looking right at you...
  6. RMS that low is about 4 times better than mine! Not bad at all, especially if it it generally well controlled with no mad excursions. I still get the odd wild unexplained excursion in RA or DEC or both at the same time. They can still have low-ish overall RMS but the sub is wrecked. It sounds like your DEC axis would maybe benefit from a bit of attention. I've spent a lot of time on mine and PHD2 still sees the backlash as off-the-scale poor but it doesn't seem to prevent my DEC guiding being consistently better than RA. Also, now you have a guide camera, have you tried the SharpCap polar alignment routine? It's very useful!
  7. Cool! (Literally). Do you intend to use PHD2 for guiding? I've got my eq3pro guiding reasonably well now but it took a while to get there...
  8. As things work out, I was also aiming at the Veil last night. I was feeling super-bold so tried 7 mins subs. But I had a few unexplained guiding glitches and an aircraft. So out of 7 pics, 3 were usuable. I managed to add in some 6 mins subs too for a total of around 40 mins. Not much red in this one but judging by the bloom around the main star, I'm not sure the sky was really that clear.
  9. Nigel, that is seriously impressive! I'd like to see it rotated 180 degrees though. I always see the right bit of your pic as a face with a thin veil wafting over it, so seeing it upside down jars my expectations a little.
  10. Hmm. Startools won't read that tif file. Ho hum. I am also about to hit the hay. Sleep well!
  11. Thanks, I'll take a quick look. If you could also re-stack for the FITS file, I'm sure Startools prefers those. I didn't get to bed until 5:30am so I know how it feels (but my late night was work related...)
  12. Peter - yep, the autosave file. But can you set the options to create .fits files (it gives better data for Startools.exe). You can set the option in the Stacking Parameters of DSS - go to the Intermediate Files options and change TIF to FITS. So if you could restack then upload the autosave.fits file to drop box (or similar) I can have a go for you. My broadband isn't metered and is quite fast so 120+MB isn't a problem at my end. One other thing - are you feeding raw files into DSS? If so you could change the RAW/FITS DPP Settings (bottom left of the main screen) to Create Super Pixels - it cuts the file size to 25%.
  13. Peter, I can't help feeling you have more than meets the eye hiding in your data. I wonder if PS Express is maybe not the ideal tool for astrophotos... If you'd like to upload an untouched/unstretched/unsaturated .FTS file from your DSS output, I'd be happy to run it through Startools to see if anything else is hiding in there. For andromeda, I'm waiting for it to rise above my neighbours roof. I didn't have much luck last season with my 150PDS. I think part of that is down to Andromeda being so huge (about 3 moon widths) that it barely fits in the view of my scope. I might try with my 70-400 camera lens....
  14. This leads to a debayering question. DSS notices I had 5 min subs and suggested 'AHD Debayering' instead of my usual Bilinear. I can't find any descriptions of what the difference might be. Any clues?
  15. I found a little nugget in the DSS documentation saying Kappa-Sigma needs Per Channel Background calibration. So, I did this. Then I tried two stacks, one with all 20 subs and another with the 16 darkest. The full 20 gave me serious problems in the corners on one side - all grey and washed out. The 16 darkest stack was much better. Here is the result.. (5 min subs, +darks, flats and bias) processed in Startools, LR, and Photoshop. Click to enlarge