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  1. Well I haven't had a chance to to this this year. I was hoping to get at least 4 hours on it my 2 hour version turned out nice so I was hoping to add data. God willing I'll have a chance this year nice capture especially from light polluted skies. Gerry
  2. Obviously a spudding astrophotographer in the making If I could "chip in" and ask what is the box like structure on top of the scope looks like a deep fat fryer? Or guide scope? No on a serious note I also find using 2 weights and having the eyepiece facing up with camera on top better for guiding. Every time I have changed it and tried again it's got worse. Cheers Gerry
  3. Can I just ask what were the exposure times for the subs on each. I don't see it above. The reason I ask is that there is a point where your subs need to be going over 2 minutes to see a much improved signal to noise ratio. So the experts tell me at any rate. Love to see your pictures are they already posted elsewhere? Cheers Gerry
  4. One more thing you can try is simply changing USB port. Sometimes I notice that with a certain USB it does it but with another not. Also I do the same thing with the SD card. You can also get rid of it in photoshop. Needs a fancy curve but works. Gerry
  5. If I'm not wrong lots of the pros don't use pixinsight for stacking as it's quite complicated but use other programs like DSS for stacking and then do the final process in pixinsight. You must be thrilled with your result at this early stage of imaging. Well done Kind regards Gerry
  6. Yes it's not easy from mine. I think I get maybe a hour before it sets. I guess I'll have to move further south to get it better
  7. Ok made some adjustments and a crop just for fun. I managed to make the oxygen show a little more blue. I hope that is right Hopefully that green is gone? Gerry
  8. Ah ok I thought I got rid of that! Seems to be light pollution as it was very low. I'll work on it. Thanks Gerry
  9. On my list to try. Looks harder than I thought. Very nice
  10. Thanks Yes I almost didn't bother myself when I saw how low it is but each session I did a little I had to work hard to process it as I have banding on my camera but not too bad considering the little time spent on it. Cheers Gerry
  11. Hello all This is a pretty hard one to do as it's so low in the sky. At its highest it's 27 degrees and I have a handy tree in that direction Plus my dithering on phd2 stopped working? Timed out but anyway here is what I managed with 16 x 360 sec over three sessions. Hope you like it. Comments and suggestions welcomed as always Gerry
  12. Thanks to everyone that's good to hear and now I know what I can do. Kind regards Gerry
  13. Hello all Bought myself a stabilised power pack. It has the option for 13.8v is that ok for a Eq6? Or do I need to run it at 12v which I can choose also. Thanks Gerry
  14. I would sell it all except your mount ed80 and keep a basic imaging setup with dslr. Be sorry to see you go. Kind regards Gerry
  15. Hi there. I've heard of others that have had nightmares with the apt beta. Leave it for now reinstall the older stable one. I knew the beta was available but didn't touch it after hearing of people's sessions ruined. Also you know you can dare I say it automatic meridian flip in Eqmod Gerry
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