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  1. Out loud I just went "wooooooo...[removed word].......that is stunnin" haha.
  2. Moved to Edinburgh from Norfolk, the skies there were just amazing and the skies in Edinburgh really not so much......at all, it actually makes me sad (mainly due to light pollution). I think there has been one semi clear night in the past 3 weeks and it was on a full moon. The weather up hear changes so drastically as well and I find it a bit difficult to know when to head out as I have to go find some where to lug my gear to go and shoot, I also have to get up really early for work so I'm even more reluctant at the moment and relegated to Friday/Saturday nights.
  3. I was meaning the first one but either is pretty interesting to know really.
  4. I hadn't thought about polar alignment helpers but now you mention it I might have a look into that. If it doesn't take much doing then I might see if I can find a tablet to run it on to save weight whilst having to cart everything around each time I need to shoot. Always sadly on a budget. Thanks for the links, I'll have a goosey at them now. I kinda thought guiding would be the better way to go at the moment, I know the filter would help pull out more colour etc but the camera is modded so that helps. Thanks for your input on this.
  5. Hiya everyone, So looking towards my next purchase, its not going to be anything too massive but just was a bit unsure really as I'd like both eventually but wasn't sure which way round would be the best. I have sadly moved back into a city (Edinburgh) and its about Bortle 7 (6 in places) and was thinking about the L-extreme to help with the ol' nebulas but also light pollution but then as I'm not guiding and would have to take shorter exposures (I think the longest I've had out the iOptron Sky Guider Pro is about 2/3 minutes), would this be collecting enough data to warrant the filter oo
  6. Ta very much! ooohhh nice, let us know how it goes.
  7. Thanks Mark, its definitely nice to feel some progressions over the past few weeks.
  8. So. I'm getting much better with star hopping which makes shooting more fun and I've also found that trying to find targets is easier at dusk because the brighter stars pop out more then it makes it easier to reference that with Stellarium (as I still haven't figured out plate solving yet). Good news, I managed to get about 2 hours data on new moon night....oooohhhh baby...down side, I was slightly out of focus which was annoying but its not going any where so I'll try again, but thought I would post the result anyway as I'm still really happy with it. I should have stayed on it longer rather
  9. You're not messing around there at all! it is indeed a super clear night which is amazing, I've even managed to outlast the cat in staying awake!
  10. Hiya, As the title says I'm looking for both of those as I feel its something I probably should get, haven't had and issue with the lens foggin up yet but probably shouldn't push my luck. Any recommendations for both? is it not much of a big thing and just get some kinda cheapish bits and pieces? Cheers
  11. I'm super happy with how this came out, it has rather large crop on it but still not bad at all I'd say. There's a couple other cheeky galaxies in the background as well which is nice. Please do let me know what you think and what I can improve on. Lights - x47 180 seconds Darks - x12 180 seonds Flats - x30 1/80 second Biases - x50 1/4000 Second
  12. This is bloody lovely! I'm still trying to wrap my head around the technical aspects of AP and just been reading about binning and still not sure I fully follow, I'll definitely have to read through all the stuff above again to try and get a better grasp on it. I heard about Drizzle and was unsure what it was really. I had stacked some data earlier which I was super happy with (even though you might secretly think its a bit substandard) and did an edit and it was not bad but I wanted to do better so then noticed there was a script in Siril with drizzle so thought I would give it a go and
  13. I'm pretty new to this as well and I reckon the best thing to do as mentioned above is have a look into what kind of astro stuff you want to get into then just consume as much information you can do via books, youtube and articles before you buy anything. That's what I did, and like your self I wanted a portable set up for now as I'm always out and about being in different places for a few months at a time so to me that was important. As anyone here will tell you its a very expense hobby but you can spend as little or as much as you want on gear but you can always upgrade and also depends on w
  14. I mean I think they both look pretty good, I'd be well pleased with them but I'm happy when I shot anything, haha. Personally I think there is a lot of data there, so much of it comes down to the post processing side of things. I thought I'd have a go at doing an edit as I'm waiting for my camera to finish up, this is what I got. I'm trying to learn to do gradient removal with out the use of a plug-in so the background could be a bit more uniformed.
  15. I know its not quite what you were going for with processing but I kinda like it in a sense that it has depth but also look like a vintage image or sorts.
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