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  1. I agree. Clear nights and new equipment being ordered/realizing old equipment is reaching the end of its main life don't really go well together. Hopefully, though, there will be a bit of clear to test things out. John
  2. I'm sorry but that isn't very helpful Every day on the forecast is all Red, except for a few hours tonight and a couple over the next week. John
  3. It's all ordered!!! I wonder if it will come tomorrow or Thursday. They are all listed as coming in 1-3 days. John
  4. Hi, One way is to point the Camera at a computer screen opened in a program like notepad that provides a white screen, with some white cloth like a t shirt stretched across it. What you must remember, though, is to take the flats straight after your imaging session, don't change the focus or rotation, of they will be no good. Otherwise, if you remember the focus position, and your lens can't rotate on the camera, you could get a picture of the sky overhead at sunset, when it goes all white. Hope this helps, just remember that you may not see the corner dimming in your flats, but it's likely there still is some. John
  5. Just looking at the manual, it looks like I can use it with the simple T-ring to Camera Lens hole adapter I already have in the basket. John
  6. Hi, Just one more question: will the Baader CC just slot into the eyepiece hole, then the Bayonet adapter screws onto it? Or do I need to buy one of the extras in the Drop-Down under shipping? Which one of these of options do I need? I'm afraid all the Ts M42s and M48s are a bit confusing..... John
  7. Hi, I'll report tomorrow.... Bedtime now <yawn> John
  8. I think I'll discuss it with Dad, he may be OK with the extra £25, it looks like the Skywatcher M48-DSLR adapter will work with it too. John
  9. Hmmmm... Now, hopefully Dad won't be mad at me for halving my savings account... John
  10. It's so difficult....I just can't go with more £££.... Will this one be better than nothing? John
  11. Okaaay, I will go with this then. The skywatcher one is a bit cheaper, plus I can then get the DSLR adapter that goes with it quite cheap, too.
  12. OUCH!!!! That's expensive!!! I promised Dad ~ £250 Will the images suffer BADLY without it? I mean, my current scope is reasonably OK with coma? John
  13. Thanks! "I have to admit to some mild excitement" John
  14. Hi, So in summary, tomorrow I will buy: Skywatcher 130P-Ds OTA: 2-inch To "T" Ring Adapter: "T" Ring To EOS Lens Fitting Ring Adapter: (Plus a Cheshire, and a collection of Bolts) Autoguiding will wait for the 29th of July ! #plainbroke Thanks for the advice!!! John
  15. Hi, These two are made for each other: And the software comes with it! John