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  1. Wow. That is just beautiful. You've won 2 prizes in my opinion. 1. The most colourful neb shot. 2. The longest thread title on SGL. Ever. John
  2. JohnSadlerAstro

    RA Motor Guiding Issue

    Hi, This is the calibration: So to adjust the duration, that's the field at the bottom of the screen along with aggressiveness, etc? I'll uninstall PHD so I can wipe all of the current settings etc and get a clean sheet to put everything into. Would it help to change up one step in the motor speed, to 2x and reduce the durations to say 250? That would in theory clear out the backlash faster? John
  3. JohnSadlerAstro

    RA Motor Guiding Issue

    Hi, Thanks for the suggestions, that's really interesting--I never realized balance was so critical. Thinking about it, I didnt have the DSLR and CC attached at the time, so the scope was probably mirror end biased. I don't know if this could have been causing it? John
  4. JohnSadlerAstro

    RA Motor Guiding Issue

    Hi, Sorry to bring back an old thread, but the same issue is happening again. I tried to resolve it by using a different ST4, and it seemed to be ok for a bit. I guessed the mount needed a clean and tune-up, which I did a month ago. So far, tracking has been really good quality, with nice "snappy" motor moves at 16x and 2x. However, guiding is a complete disaster. The RA mostly goes to oscillation of 0.00, although I can hear "movements" and the green light on the handset flashes, yet nothing seems to be happening. I tried drift align, and it was just complete nonsense, I don't know if the Dec was even moving most of the time, I'm really getting frustrated by the problem now. I haven't got any proper Deep Sky Imaging in for probably 6 months now. I just spent £££ on getting a nice visual setup, thinking I could use it while the other one was running. Probably a mistake, as I will now need to throw more money at the mount. And even if I do, what happens if it doenst resolve the problem and the same thing comes back again? My setup is still in this form, with 4x1.2v rechargeable D cells. THe slightly lower voltage doesn't seem to make any difference. I have tried using a power adapter instead, and no change. I also tried manual guide and it seems to work fine. Although its all so confusing im not 100% sure. These are the guiding logs from last night: PHD2_DebugLog_2018-08-16_215714.txt PHD2_DebugLog_2018-08-16_222808.txt PHD2_DebugLog_2018-08-16_225255.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2018-08-16_215714.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2018-08-16_222808.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2018-08-16_225255.txt I don't want this to sound like a sob story, but you know those times when you just look at something and cant face it. Does anyone know what might be causing the issue? I almost need someone to look at the mount irl and see if they can work it out. John
  5. JohnSadlerAstro

    Words fail me

    Sadly most of them are #3. My observation is that quite a lot of the #3s also seem to think that the beach is greatly improved by listening to hip-hop etc at ear-breaking volume. (Perhaps I should add that I don't think it is. ) John
  6. JohnSadlerAstro

    Humble Mars

    It's worth trying again, I think the dust is clearing quickly, probably mostly gone by now. I do have it rather easy because I live near the Southern end of a housing estate, so there is mostly countryside to the South. There are occasional bad seeing patches over chimneys, though! John
  7. JohnSadlerAstro

    Words fail me

    The lights at Weymouth are weird enough already, imo. Once had fish and chips after dark there with the family. Apart for the required group of drunks (at 5pm) there wasn't really anyone else around. A whole load of silly green lasers pointing about at the sea for nobody to look at. I am probably one of those hard-hearted ignoramuses who hate modern "art" but frankly it looks ridiculous and does absolutely nothing to add to or (subtract from) the beauty of the sea at night. All I can say is, at least they haven't started up floodlighting the sea floor for night-time divers of something. John
  8. JohnSadlerAstro

    Saturn Tonight 21.30 16-8-18

    Really nice, I love how clear the cloud bands are at the moment. I didn't get too look at Saturn last night, I was taking part in a fist fight between my tracking motors, myself and PHD2, which won the day by declaring that RA osc was 0.00. Did you get to see Mars? John
  9. JohnSadlerAstro

    Humble Mars

    Hi, I was out looking for planets last night, been away for a week so I wanted to find out how the dust was settling. I was impressed by the view through my 90mm frac, clear dark patch in the centre and the hint of smaller details as well as a quite-clear polar cap. Put in the ASI 120 camera, and wow. It's a big improvement over last time, with the duststorm going. My only worry is the colour balance. I'm dreadful at getting colours right in things, and people always say my Marses are too green. Does this look green, or is it ok? I can see the polar cap, some clouds on both limbs, particularly bright ones on the left hand side. Unfortunately the SW 2x Barlow (yes that free abomination which is supplied with the 130m, etc) has stuck a lot of CA right on top of them. On the upper right, though they seem quite clear. Overall I'm quite pleased with the result, it's nothing compared to most here on SGL, but hey its only a 90mm achro with the cheapest ZWO cam slapped on and freebie barlow! Anybody else out last night? What did you get? EDIT: I've adjusted the colour to remove the CA tints on the clouds, it looks a bit cleaner now I think. Version on the right is corrected. John
  10. JohnSadlerAstro


    Hi, Unfortunately the requirements for planetary/lunar and deep sky are very different, and I know of no camera which can cover both well. The DSLR (I use a modded 1000d) will be quite good for deep sky, although it will always be noisier than a proper astro-CCD (costing thousands of $$$). For solar system work, you will need a high-speed webcam that can capture small resolution crops easily. I use a very budget ASI120 MC colour cam, I also use this for autoguiding with my EQ5 for DSOs. I would personally recommend you look for a second hand DSLR, (I picked mine up for about £120) and then an ASI 120 or similar. They should both fit in a $400 budget. That way you can autoguide for deep-sky (the ASI comes with the cables you need, and PHD guiding software is free) and video for the planets and moon. John
  11. JohnSadlerAstro

    Mars is mocking me

    Hi, I am rather fortunate in that my view to the South West goes down to about 7 degrees for a good couple of hours rotation. The planets have been good this year, although I'm viewing over houses. The houses don't help and seeing can be very localised. John
  12. JohnSadlerAstro

    M81 & 82 Revisited

    Yes, I do dither, I may not have set it quite high enough, though. I did have an issue last time where I accidentally set the dither size in PHD at the largest possible, and didn't realize. Result was 1-2 min long dithering! I will try increasing it slightly. Otherwise, I guess my best chance is to get more data. John
  13. JohnSadlerAstro

    M81 & 82 Revisited

    Hi, I have tried messing around with the life options, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much I can do to remove the background stuff. Do you think the background is a little bit too bright? So may people have different views as to how bright it should and shouldn't be! John
  14. JohnSadlerAstro

    M81 & 82 Revisited

    Hi, I've been sitting in the background a bit with astronomy and SGL for the last few months, mostly been doing some quiet visual on the planets while they are around. Also, been putting in some time learning Star Tools, and finally I'm getting the results I'm wanting on M81 and 82 from just before Christmas. This is the first time I've done this object any justice, so I thought I'd post my results. About 20 x 360sec, ISO 800. EQ5 Deluxe, AG with PHD2, w/50mm finder ASI120 as Guidecam. 130PDS and 1000d, unmodded (back then). Stacked DSS, Processed StarTools. The background is really clumpy looking, which is a shame, I don't think I can resolve this though without the image turning out looking like a watercolour. I think it's just a combination of quite short (around 1h of 3 min subs) integration times and an old, noisy DSLR. I am planning to revisit these bois in December once the Milky Way has passed. Hopefully now I'm modded I can get some more Ha in the Cigar. I'm almost tempted to put in the horrible SW 2x Barlow and try getting a closer up shot on the Cigar, its a little bit easier to get the detail in that one than Bode's. Hope you like it! If you have any criticisms/suggestions I'd love to hear them, I really want to improve! John
  15. JohnSadlerAstro

    New spot-01-08-18

    What is a spot? I seem to remember hearing that word somewhere on this forum, about a year ago...… John

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