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  1. JohnSadlerAstro

    Imaging with the 130pds

    I guess I ought to update the 130PDS fanboys enthusiasts about why I haven't been around for a while on this thread, the EQ5 autoguiding kicked the bucket so I'm mid way into the painful process of selling stuff to buy a second hand HEQ5. Hopefully I will be back by Christmas spamming out more sub average shots! This is my latest and most embarrasing result, NGC 7331 and Stephans Quintet. Plagued by massive Dec bounces so only 40 mins went into this. Consider it a preview for next year. However, it did help me solve some big collimation issues, so coma shouldn't be too much trouble when I'm back into imaging. John
  2. JohnSadlerAstro

    Impossibly Faint.

    Hi, As my EQ5 is peaking ridiculously so I cant guide with my 130PDS, I decided to do some crazy imaging the other night. I stuck my (modded) 1000d with a 55-200mm zoom lens onto a dovetail bar beside a finder shoe so I could slap on the guidescope, like so: Then I stuck on a whole pile of cables and some diy dew/light shields, which looked awful but worked well: I then made my first big mistake by deciding to be smart and do a Heart, Soul, and Double Cluster widefield. This required the lens to be set at around 110mm, so lots of parcel tape came into action to hold it there! At this point I guess I should add that the lens is very cheap, I set it to f7 to reduce abberations. I was also using the 2" SW LP filter, blue-tacked to the front of the lens. Well, the result wasn't very pleasant. I hadn't realised quite how impossibly faint the nebulae are, they only juuust showed up with 4 min subs at ISO400. However, with a few years worth of extra data, this might turn into something quite nice. I'm hoping to upgrade to a HEQ5 pretty soon so I may use this for autoguiding tests. 1hr 52min (240sec subs at ISO400) Processed in GIMP, StarTools. Has anyone else tried imaging these targets with sub-standard equipment? Did you capture them? John
  3. JohnSadlerAstro

    EQ5 w/Dual Axis Motors

    REDUCED!!! Now looking for £175 ono. Please note I wont be able to dispatch the mount until the 27th, but I will reserve for anyone who wants to buy! John
  4. I'm not normally a fan of the Veil Nebula, its not particularly photogenic imo, but this shot is really, really, beautiful. I'm amazed you are doing 20 min subs with a DSLR! What ISO? Keep the pictures coming! John
  5. JohnSadlerAstro

    COMPLETED - **NOW SOLD** Astro-Tech Voyager Alt-Az

    Sale Pending.
  6. JohnSadlerAstro

    EQ5 w/Dual Axis Motors

    Still for sale! I'm happy to consider offers lower than £220. John
  7. JohnSadlerAstro

    EQ5 w/Dual Axis Motors

    Hi, I'm needing to upgrade to HEQ5, so this boi has to go. Sky Watcher EQ5 mount in good condition. Dual Axis trackers still fully functional and RA tracks well, is a good and solid platform for visual viewing and planetary/lunar imaging. Trackers have 16x, 2x, and 0.5x correction speeds for centring and panning. Can also be used as a capable tacking platform for widefield images. Will include both counterweights and default white mini dovetail if requested. I'm looking for £220 ono. The mount has been used quite a bit over the last 2 years but only a few scratches, and a touch of rust here and there on the counterweights. Declination axis has considerable backlash so it isn't really suitable for auto-guiding, although if this is tamed, it can run at around 2" max total RMS. Altitude bolt bent as with many SW mounts but still has +/- 10 degrees of movement on either side of 50 degrees. Please contact for full res photos and more information. For collection or postage, P&P costs are in addition to sale price may vary depending on location/preferred company. Opticstar AR90S and 130PDS shown for illustrative purposes/scale. I'll be cleaning off any decorations/marking numbers before sending. Thanks for looking! Any questions just contact me. John
  8. JohnSadlerAstro

    For those using Win 10....

    I wonder how the ZWO drivers will work after this one! John
  9. JohnSadlerAstro

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Hi, I haven't been able to spend as much time as id have liked on this one, Im a bit unfamiliar with the colour balance as my camera is modified so I can correct for LP colours and at the same time naturalise galaxy colours. The red was an issue, I want to spend a little more time correcting it all. With my setup out of action atm its fun to do some indoor astronomy! I think its worked out reasonable well overall though--you've got some really nice data. There are unwound galaxy tails in Stephans which show really clearly. John
  10. JohnSadlerAstro

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Hi, That's a really nice photo. I love the "semi widefield" feel to photos of this area of the sky, so many stars but also so many galaxies! Its a lot busier overall than the plough galaxies. I was going for this one as well, but then the mount autoguiding packed up! Hopefully I will be able to revisit next year with a new HEQ5, if I find one. John P.S. I might have a play around with your tif and see whats hiding there, if thats ok with you! EDIT: After a quick stretch I am absolutely stunned at the detail you've got there. Did you take flats, by the way? There appears to be a nasty dust doughnut near the middle, and quite a bit of gradient.
  11. Hi, This is a sad & reluctant sale, I bought this from Adrian King a few months ago and have really enjoyed using it, but I need to upgrade my main imaging mount to a HEQ5 so it has to happen. Astro-Tech Voyager Alt-Az mount with accessories tray and alt slow motion control cable. In good condition, a few scratches in the paintwork but otherwise in good working order. The axes are smooth and responsive, and the dual axis slow motion controls very accurate once the mount is levelled and the payload (up to 9kg) is balanced. Overall an excellent platform for smaller scopes, when on grass the damping times are a second or less with my 90/800 frac, at 150x. I'm asking £110, what I paid for it in July. P&P cost will depend on location, collection would be good but I am happy to post within UK. John
  12. JohnSadlerAstro

    The Trapezium with the SW ED150

    Hi, This is probably a bit of a stupid question, but how apo is it? I've heard people suggesting it wouldn't be good on stars because of its large lens. Is this the case? John
  13. JohnSadlerAstro


    Hi, My EQ5 seems to have kicked the bucket as far as auto-guiding is concerned. I want to upgrade to a HEQ5, does anyone have one they could sell? I don't have money right now, so I'm probably limited to something in the £300-400 range, maximum, although it depends a bit on whether my secondary setup and the EQ5 will sell . It doesn't need to be perfect condition whatsoever, so long as it autoguides accurately. I could also swap my EQ5 (which still tracks fine for visual use) and my frac for one. As a result of my monetary straights (student ) I will consider a mount in basically any condition, any scrapes/dents/modifications/out of use for years scenarios are fine by me so long as it keeps me within a second or so of the target and doesn't blow up! John
  14. Neighbours having large charity party nextdoor so I'm having a funk/soul evening under the stars! :D 


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