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  1. Same scope as I got actually, I found that the research helped, but didn't have much influence on the scope I chose in the end. There was a shop in Frome, closed now, that I got it at. I never regretted it--130mm newts are where it's at in my opinion. John
  2. Or two, of course! EDIT>>Possibly even more. Hint>>Stu<<Hint (Before he sold it all) John
  3. Hi, It has to look good, as well. Nothing like a functional looking setup to tinker with in the garage... John
  4. I think for me it was being told to get "Making Every Photon Count"! John
  5. WOW!!!! There's sooo much detail in that shot! I think you have a good chance of winning! John
  6. True, I think many people view space exploration and astronomy as the same thing. My point is that all those who have died so far have been killed in accidents, not volunteered to go to mars and commit suicide. I find it really sad to think of people saying goodbye to the Earth for ever and killing themselves out of human reach on a strange planet... John
  7. I may sound old-fashioned, but in my opinion this idea of One-Way missions is disgusting and will bring a bad name on astronomy. Far better to never go than for people to kill themselves on the planet the 1st time we go there. John
  8. I guessed it was a long way off... John
  9. Where is it? John
  10. Hi, I couldn't face another night up so I just did some lunar videoing with a neighbour then tried out Jupiter with the 130pds. This is the mosaic I got, it is actually just a webcam video of the scope panning across the moon: John
  11. Well it looks like I resurrected an old thread, Gerry! Internet images (Hubble especially) are an astronomical heresy--they look attractive but they bring destruction in the end. I would suggest you kept off such things! I would suggest you use the images you took previously as your benchmark, it works for my rather feeble efforts. John
  12. (!?!) John
  13. Hi, I'm using This. I've just found out a way that can increase the spacing by about 1.5mm, I'll do more messing around & see if it helps. John
  14. Hi, There is a ring already on the Coma Corrector's thread that can adjust the distance by about 1-2mm, I guess I just loosen that and then tighten the cam against it? John
  15. I screw the camera into a T-ring adapter, then that screws onto the CC, so I guess it would be the T2. My CC looks like the left hand one in the diagram. John