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  1. Breathtaking photo, man! I have voted. You ought to sign up for Election campaigning, lol.... John
  2. Hi, Thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind. John
  3. Hope you get it to work, Pieter.
  4. Hi, I'm not experiencing any issues with that with the EQ5, and as far as I can remember, my old EQ2 was quite easy to balance. That may be because I am using a smaller scope. What size is yours? Perfect balance isn't mandatory, just so long as it's close you won't be putting any appreciable strain on the mount. I used (when using the scope for finding galaxies) to slightly imbalance the scope so that it would always drift upwards a bit--that way I could push it up and down against my hand when scanning the sky. John
  5. Thanks! The motors came yesterday, and they fitted fine, as well. Now all I need is clear sky! John
  6. Hi, I'm really glad to be of help! It's just a nuisance they had to put that block on the mount to prevent the knob from turning more than 360 degrees. John
  7. Hi, 1st of all, Welcome to SGL! This is what they said: thing is, I had figured what was needed, and sent an email checking that it was ok to do. 'H Jon, Thanks for your message what you describe is normal for this mount especially if it's cold the grease will be a bit stiff it will over time loosen up also is the clutch full open?, if you have further problems the do get back to me.' So, you unscrew the small cross-head screw on whichever locking bolt you want to loosen. Take it right out, and put it to one side. Then, you get small hammer, and give the underneath of the locking knob a gently tap. It should lift up off the actual bolt that goes down inside the mount. Pull the knob right off. (It's ok, the knob is made of metal, so it won't break easily) You will see that the top of the bolt is a square, which fits into a series of kinks inside the knob. Loosen the main bolt, then put the knob back on again, checking you can loosen and tighten it without meeting the stump that prevents you screwing all the way round. When you are happy, just tap the knob back into place, and screw in the screw to make sure its firm. Hope this helps! John
  8. Hi, Just to report: following Brantuk's advice, I contacted FLO, and I got a reply very quickly explaining what was wrong. Turns out, the actual bolt that tightens the axis was too tight, so that the adjustment knob reached its limit before the bolt was unscrewed. 2 minutes' work was all that was required to solve the issue...thank you to everyone who has helped me with this mount upgrade; the motors arrived today, so I am (almost) ready to use the mount for some imaging and viewing......Clear Skies, All! John
  9. Hi, I guess it's a bit like Columbus going to America...It might prove useful someday! John
  10. Wow! The only time I have ever got any detail was when Venus was its closest--and even then, it was worse than this. Well done! John
  11. Ok, I will do that tmrw. Thanks everyone for the help, though! John
  12. It does turn, smoothly, just it requires a firm push. Its basically a but stiff. Not so stiff it wont turn, but not loose enough that a small imbalance will turn it. John
  13. Yh, the issue is that the Dec Axis, even now I've oiled it is too stiff to move around unless the scope is grossly off centre. That's why I'm trying to come up with a way to balance until the mount is 'worn in' (which is all that is needed, I hope). John
  14. Yep. I'm not chancing it landing on my feet, or the cement garage floor . I would not be in Dad's best books if that happened . I've hit on an idea which I think will work--taking the mount off the tripod, and setting it on the floor, then I can get someone to help steady it while I try to balance the axes out. When its done the mount should sit upright on its own. Then I can leave the tube rings in position and mark the counterweight bar, and all will be fine (I hope). Do you think that will work? John
  15. Sounds good. Hopefully I can get over the teething troubles and start some serious work soon! John