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  1. The way I resolved this issue on my Canon 550d (almost) is by removing the SD card out of the camera. Someone on here Carol if I remember correctly suggested I try. Since then I don’t keep a SD card in. I believe it’s a electronic signal being picked up in the frame. Give it a try Gerry
  2. Hi Alacant Whats the benefit of the guide camera being binned? Thanks Gerry
  3. I think the issue is more the length of your exposures. 20 seconds is not enough to get the detail you need. The background in the first picture is too bright. In photoshop try to get the black levels to around 30 that will help to see more detail in the galaxy. Kind regards Gerry
  4. I'm still on dslr and if price is no option God willing I would probably go mono there is still a temptation there to go one shot though. So even if you don't have a permanent setup you would say it's still faster? So using Ha on red and Oiii on blue and normal green for improving star colour and size? Learning a lot Thanks
  5. Love it when people go against the flow I have to say it's quite convincing just a quick question if I may. With the first picture if you needed to improve on it would you increase time on rgb or spend more time on luminance or h Alpha? Is there a sound ratio to colour and luminance that you follow? Thanks Gerry
  6. Here is how to fit the rail in case you've made a mistake somewhere. It shouldnt slip regardless of how much weight on it. Might be worth checking if you have that problem.
  7. Did you tighten them? If not you must but only to the point where the mount doesn't wobble side to side if you try and shake it while on the tripod. It should be solid.
  8. I can't say if it improved it but I can say it does not slip and polar alignment is fine on my setup as before. It's absolutely rock solid. The modification would in my opinion help to hold things firmer as your not holding the weight of the mount with the end of a bolt but it has a proper support. It's a great mod and I wouldn't be without it. I changed mine as the bolt started to bend and I couldn't turn it by hand anymore. When I dismantled it the bolts had started to damage the mount even though it's not that old. 3 years roughly. Hope that helps. Kind regards
  9. If anything I think the polar alignment stability is about the same. Not sure about when heavily loaded as im using a skywatcher 150pds on mine. The three lateral screws I tightened the so there was no wobble but beyond that I have had no issues.
  10. I'm pretty sure it won't work with a Newtonian Unfortunately you will need one if you want to do imaging.
  11. I don’t think that you can use a SCT coma corrector on a Newtonian I doubt they would be compatible. Someone will give you the technical answer I’m sure. Kind regards Gerry
  12. From my understanding the CLS CCD is ok for galaxies as well as nebulas whereas the UHC is not. I use it for galaxies and although I'm no expert and my colours are not always right I always use the CLS CCD as I have full spectrum like you a modified Canon 550d. I don't think it will affect the galaxy too much it just removes a lot of yellow which can be adjusted afterwards. One of mine from earlier this year with the same filter. Gerry
  13. Then the choice of camera? I was thinking about the 178mc but maybe 178mm would be good. It's to completely change the fov so I can get some smaller galaxies and maybe even some planetary nebulas. I noticed the 183 has the same sensor size of 2.4 does that mean if I crop I get the same image size? What about quality of image?
  14. Well that convinced me I think. So now I just have to save more money for filters and filter wheel. Now you say it I've heard this before and it does make perfect sense. I'll be saving for a mono now if it means saving time. Thanks for taking the time to explain that.
  15. Now it makes sense why it was so good. I would love to do mono but it's a question of time but seems like a lot more time needed? I seem to have a couple of sessions when it's clear maybe 3 hours and then call it session done anyway very nice well done.
  16. That is really nice. So you have the colour version. I've been thinking about this camera too especially for galaxies like the one above.
  17. Looks fine now you just need to process it. Have fun! I use cs2 photoshop which is free. Let us know if you need any further help Gerry
  18. Can I ask what equipment are you using as that might help others to answer more deeply. I just do what works!
  19. Either is fine and yes apply the same to all. Median will also work fine too.
  20. You will probably end up with vignetting in the picture. I wouldn't leave the out.
  21. Yes the bias can be added on DSS and the bias is subtracted automatically from the flats.
  22. Yes choose median for the Lights bias and flats and stack them. If you have over 12 lights you can use sigma clipping otherwise use median. Let us see the result Gerry
  23. That’s a lovely picture! Yes I’m pretty sure something is there and as you say dark nebula matter probably. Glad to have resolved that.
  24. Ok used HVLG never downloaded that before! Very useful. Here is my latest result. I think it’s much better. Let me know if you see anything else Thanks Gerry
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