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  1. I like that a lot, loads of detail, I just love mono images
  2. That's a new object for me and a great image, I love the colour.
  3. I bought loads of imaging equipment the other year and have hardly used it due to work commitments and the weather and I must admit that I've been tempted to pack it in and sell up a few times. The things is that when I do get chance to get out it makes it all worthwhile so I'm going to stick with it and pray that the weather picks up.
  4. If you don't get a trade would you be interested in selling?
  5. Hard to think of just one event. The 2004 transit of Venus has always been a highlight. I remember seeing a Perseid shower sometime in the 80s from a very dark sky and that was pretty amazing. Again in the 80s I saw the aurora borealis from my back garden in Derby Comet Hale-Bopp was spectacular The images from the Voyager probes were really special. I'll stop there as there are so many.
  6. Hi Ozzy, Welcome to SGL, what telescope do you have? Here's a few suggestions to get you started Turn Left at Orion is a good book for beginners. Philip's 2021 Stargazing Month-by-Month Guide to the Night Sky in Britain & Ireland will show you what's in the sky each month. Stellarium is a free planetarium software For weather forecasts Clear Outside is pretty good. I also use Metcheck and Meteoblue. Making Every Photon Count - Steve Richards is a great book for those wanting to look into astrophotography Good luck & clear skies in your astronomy
  7. Excellent image. I have the Esprit 100 too, they are great scopes and I'd love the 460ex I just need to convince the wife..............
  8. Well done x6gas, Spongey and matt_baker and everyone else who submitted an image. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing all the different images. I'm looking forward to the next set and I might have a go myself.
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