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  1. JemC

    Bookings Update

    Fingers crossed, i may be able to make it, was just wondering though how close to everyone else is the pod in long meadow? as that is not on the pitch plan?
  2. Seriously tempted with this, would this be a good match with SW ED 80 Pro ?
  3. JemC

    The insanely faint...

    Good luck with that Olly, Look forward to seeing what you come up with, James
  4. JemC

    HEQ5 Equivalents?

    there is one for sale on ABS located in Mansfield http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=140738
  5. Very well done, nice and smooth throughout,
  6. JemC

    Reputation count.

    I could be wrong, but i think it's when someone clicks the like button on something you have posted you get 1 reputation point
  7. JemC

    Beautiful walk in Mid Wales

    looks rather nice, wonderful scenery, i am going to that area near Knighton myself in June, hope the weather is as nice,
  8. Hi Eddie, you need to adjust these 3 knobs to achieve polar alignment the large one at the back for alt (up/down) the 2 smaller ones for az (left right) loosen one and adjust the other and vice versa depending on which way you need to move it,
  9. I've used a Celestron Travel scope 70 on mine, with a Canon 600d i imaged M42
  10. JemC


    You could also try something similar to what has been done in this thread, Minimal cost involved check out the images at the end of the thread,
  11. JemC

    2 books for sale

    Both books now SOLD Can be removed please Mods,
  12. JemC

    2 books for sale

    Replied, thanks
  13. I have these 2 books that i no longer require Sky and Telescope Pocket Atlas, (SOLD) and the popular Steve Richards "Making Every Photon Count" (SOLD) Looking for £10 each includes P&P Payment by bank transfer or paypal gift,
  14. if only i had a spare £1000 i would take it

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