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  1. JemC

    Beautiful walk in Mid Wales

    looks rather nice, wonderful scenery, i am going to that area near Knighton myself in June, hope the weather is as nice,
  2. Hi Eddie, you need to adjust these 3 knobs to achieve polar alignment the large one at the back for alt (up/down) the 2 smaller ones for az (left right) loosen one and adjust the other and vice versa depending on which way you need to move it,
  3. I've used a Celestron Travel scope 70 on mine, with a Canon 600d i imaged M42
  4. JemC


    You could also try something similar to what has been done in this thread, Minimal cost involved check out the images at the end of the thread,
  5. JemC

    2 books for sale

    Both books now SOLD Can be removed please Mods,
  6. JemC

    2 books for sale

    Replied, thanks
  7. I have these 2 books that i no longer require Sky and Telescope Pocket Atlas, (SOLD) and the popular Steve Richards "Making Every Photon Count" (SOLD) Looking for £10 each includes P&P Payment by bank transfer or paypal gift,
  8. if only i had a spare £1000 i would take it
  9. JemC

    Am I a dinosaur?

    According to the Oxford Dictionary, maybe not so imprecise after all 1.1 A visible impression obtained by a camera, telescope, microscope, or other device, or displayed on a computer or video screen. ‘Voyager 2 sent back images of the planet Neptune’
  10. JemC

    Off centre M42 in HaRGB. 100D and Star 71

    I like that a lot, lovely subtle colours, plenty of the dusty stuff, and really good on the core
  11. JemC

    Rosette Nebula, bicolour

    I'm no expert, and i have tried this target without much success, I must say though that it is a nice image, a really nice image, But! not to sure on the pink to be honest then again never seen it in pink before, i find red more striking (but that's just me)
  12. A fantastic set of images, well worth being up all night for,
  13. I can vouch for what @SteveNickolls says above regarding polar alignment, I took his advice and it really did make a difference, this is a little example in this thread that i managed using it,
  14. Thanks @thomasv for pointing this out, i ended up contacting GWR-Fasteners and they could supply what i needed, (great service as well) this is what i have ended up with, ( not the best image of it but you get the jist ) there is a big noticeable difference as to how much more rigid it is when mounted on the EQ6 tripod rather than the ravelli one i was using, as per usual just need the weather to play nice,

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