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  1. The Obsey pt2, The re-build This is not one of those diy builds from scratch that most people do, this is just the re-build of the Obsey i picked up from Essex last week, Seeing as the weather was being nice this weekend i thought this would be a good time to re-build, Here it is all piled up ready to go, Obsey site was already prepared and my pier was already in situ and not really feasible to remove it so i was going to have to work with that, 1st job i was going to have to do was cut a hole in the floor section to go over the pier, So i placed the floor section on top of the pier plate with the assistance of my helper, while we held in place i got the wife to crawl underneath and draw round the pier plate, (had to make sure there were no spiders) hole cut and floor in place, Now it's just a case of screwing the walls in place, walls done, now the 1st roof section (the non-sliding bit) I did have words about the bare feet, Now to just fit the sliding sections, Rear section 1st Then the front sliding section, plus the polystyrene inserts, Here's a couple of small videos to show the roof sliding and the views i will have, Hope they work. IMG_1213.MOV IMG_1214.MOV It will still be x number of weeks before it is fully operational, before i start to put my equipment in there i need to sort out the security side of things, also need to find some clamps/fixings to secure the roof from inside, As it came with no door(it was joined to another shed and was accessed through that in it's old location) i also need to source one of those, plus a few other little tweaks and then it should be good to go. Regards
  2. JemC

    The Obsey

    I certainly am, I am hoping to have it up by next weekend all being well,
  3. JemC

    The Obsey

    Well, that was a long day, Left home this morning 07:30, drove down to Bovey Tracey, dismantled the obsey, loaded onto van, drove back home and finished unloading into back garden 21:00, first part of the adventure complete, I'm ready for a brew,
  4. JemC

    The Obsey

    Ok here they are, once i have it home will take a few of my own,
  5. JemC

    The Obsey

    In the famous words of Bilbao Baggins, I'm going on an adventure! Almost 2 years ago i got rid of my old shed with the intention of replacing it with a R O R shed, Well a lot has happened since then, but no R O R shed No way i could build one, my DIY skills are rubbish. My mount and scope plus other bits have sat in the garage ever since, mainly because it's such a pain to drag everything out and set up only to be thwarted by cloud/rain, so i decided that they would stay in the garage until the arrival of R O R shed, so fast forward 2 years..... Well! while browsing some astro sites i happened across an advertisement which said something like wooden observatory for sale, 7ft x 7.5ft, buyer to dismantle and remove, so me being in need of one had a look at the pictures he posted, that will do nicely i thought, so i contacted the seller and asked for more info and pictures, It's not a roof that rolls off onto supports, it turns out 1/2 of the roof rolls over the other 1/2 with a front section of the shed that drops down, I was happy with what i received from the seller, he couldn't have been more helpful and seems a really nice bloke, Right then, where are you located mate i asked, Bovey Tracey he replied, to be honest, i had never heard of it, so time to consult google maps.. Well it turns out it's only about 270 miles one way from my house in Lancashire (so round trip of approx 540 miles) Time to make a decision, do the positives outweigh the negatives, is it going to be a cost effective solution in getting my R O R shed ? after doing some calculations and a little more contact with the seller, the answer to the 2 questions above is YES I have hired a box van for this coming Saturday,shangied my brother in law to accompany me and.. I'm going on an adventure to Bovey Tracy to dismantle it and give it a new home in sunny Lancashire, even though my DIY skills are rubbish i feel i have to give this a go, All in with the cost of The Obsey (as it is now known until i can think of something better) and with the hire van/fuel and brother in laws dinner it's going to set me back approximately £570 and a day out, I'm well chuffed with that, the cheapest quote i had to have one built was £1000 I have a couple of pictures of the obsey in it's current location if anyone would like to see them, Sorry to waffle on so long, Thanks for reading JemC
  6. @ollypenrice Is this the site you mean ? http://www.astropix.com/html/j_digit/laymask.html
  7. Absolutely not one of my favourites, and you have done a good job on this in spite of the conditions, i like the subtle pink, thanks for sharing,
  8. Sorry Matteo, the one i have is for Heq5 not Eq5
  9. I think i may have one, will have a look through my bits and bobs,
  10. pretty sure i have a copy knocking about somewhere? will have a look for it later
  11. As far as i know, you only have to pay for Sharpcap pro, you can still download the free to use version
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