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  1. Beautiful walk in Mid Wales

    looks rather nice, wonderful scenery, i am going to that area near Knighton myself in June, hope the weather is as nice,
  2. Hi Eddie, you need to adjust these 3 knobs to achieve polar alignment the large one at the back for alt (up/down) the 2 smaller ones for az (left right) loosen one and adjust the other and vice versa depending on which way you need to move it,
  3. I've used a Celestron Travel scope 70 on mine, with a Canon 600d i imaged M42
  4. EQ3-2

    You could also try something similar to what has been done in this thread, Minimal cost involved check out the images at the end of the thread,
  5. 2 books for sale

    Both books now SOLD Can be removed please Mods,
  6. I have these 2 books that i no longer require Sky and Telescope Pocket Atlas, (SOLD) and the popular Steve Richards "Making Every Photon Count" (SOLD) Looking for £10 each includes P&P Payment by bank transfer or paypal gift,
  7. if only i had a spare £1000 i would take it
  8. Am I a dinosaur?

    According to the Oxford Dictionary, maybe not so imprecise after all 1.1 A visible impression obtained by a camera, telescope, microscope, or other device, or displayed on a computer or video screen. ‘Voyager 2 sent back images of the planet Neptune’
  9. Off centre M42 in HaRGB. 100D and Star 71

    I like that a lot, lovely subtle colours, plenty of the dusty stuff, and really good on the core
  10. Rosette Nebula, bicolour

    I'm no expert, and i have tried this target without much success, I must say though that it is a nice image, a really nice image, But! not to sure on the pink to be honest then again never seen it in pink before, i find red more striking (but that's just me)
  11. A fantastic set of images, well worth being up all night for,
  12. I can vouch for what @SteveNickolls says above regarding polar alignment, I took his advice and it really did make a difference, this is a little example in this thread that i managed using it,
  13. Thanks @thomasv for pointing this out, i ended up contacting GWR-Fasteners and they could supply what i needed, (great service as well) this is what i have ended up with, ( not the best image of it but you get the jist ) there is a big noticeable difference as to how much more rigid it is when mounted on the EQ6 tripod rather than the ravelli one i was using, as per usual just need the weather to play nice,