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  1. If it is the standard Heq5 that did not have synscan goto, I'm pretty sure i still have the control board from when i converted mine to goto knocking around somewhere, I don't think i have the hand controller though,
  2. JemC

    Basic HEQ5 battery pack

    I know what you mean, i'm the same when it comes to stuff like that, I have EQ6 Pro now, so it's surplus to requirements, If you pay the postage it's yours mate,
  3. JemC

    Basic HEQ5 battery pack

    Pretty sure i have one,
  4. Star Adventurer Astro-Photo Bundle for sale, Hi all, This is the earlier RED version,with updated firmware, it is in very good condition, Pretty sure i still have the original box as well, Just not using it as much has i thought i would,so might as well go to someone who can put it to better use than i have, Looking for £150.00 including postage, Prefer bank transfer, but will also take PayPal (buyer to pay fees or send as friend/family) Included items, Star Adventurer Mount, Ball Head Adaptor, Illuminated Polar Scope, Dovetail L-Bracket, Equatorial Wedge Counterweight Shaft with 1 kg Counterweight. scope,tripod,camera and strap not included,
  5. Hi Dave i have a set of motors and motherboard from non goto HEQ5 not really sure how to price these to be honest, how does £25 sound james
  6. have a look at this thread, i think this is what they mean ?
  7. The Obsey pt2, The re-build This is not one of those diy builds from scratch that most people do, this is just the re-build of the Obsey i picked up from Essex last week, Seeing as the weather was being nice this weekend i thought this would be a good time to re-build, Here it is all piled up ready to go, Obsey site was already prepared and my pier was already in situ and not really feasible to remove it so i was going to have to work with that, 1st job i was going to have to do was cut a hole in the floor section to go over the pier, So i placed the floor section on top of the pier plate with the assistance of my helper, while we held in place i got the wife to crawl underneath and draw round the pier plate, (had to make sure there were no spiders) hole cut and floor in place, Now it's just a case of screwing the walls in place, walls done, now the 1st roof section (the non-sliding bit) I did have words about the bare feet, Now to just fit the sliding sections, Rear section 1st Then the front sliding section, plus the polystyrene inserts, Here's a couple of small videos to show the roof sliding and the views i will have, Hope they work. IMG_1213.MOV IMG_1214.MOV It will still be x number of weeks before it is fully operational, before i start to put my equipment in there i need to sort out the security side of things, also need to find some clamps/fixings to secure the roof from inside, As it came with no door(it was joined to another shed and was accessed through that in it's old location) i also need to source one of those, plus a few other little tweaks and then it should be good to go. Regards
  8. JemC

    The Obsey

    I certainly am, I am hoping to have it up by next weekend all being well,
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