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  1. Yep, I've just learned that to, pity it can't do it really, Strange thing is it's stopped doing it now, the only thing i did different was to reset all the custom settings that were in the DSLR ? Strange
  2. This is my 1st attempt on this target, It's not going to win any awards i know. Overall i'm happy with the fact that i captured data and you can tell what the target is, although without doubt there is room for improvement, also my processing skills are somewhat lacking to say the least, this image was taken with Sky-Watcher evostar 80ed (blue tube version) EQ6 Pro Mount Modified Canon 600d + 12nm HA filter (cheap version) All controlled with ASIAir Pro 24 x 5 minutes exposures ( 36 were taken but 5 not used ) Darks, flats, bias frames were also used,
  3. I don't think i could do that, i'd worry that something goes wrong or the weather changes
  4. Nice capture, I've just done 3 hours on his target but not tried to process them yet,
  5. So you don't have any problems with that tablet with the pro even though it only has 2GB RAM and ZWO recommend 4GB for the pro with Android
  6. As per the title, what are these all about ? Can any body explain in layman's terms how i go about stacking and processing type of files please Many thanks
  7. I would say you would be way over the mount limit, the EQ2 only has load capacity of just over 4kg, the 200PD-S alone weighs 8.8kg, I'm afraid if you want to go with the 200PD-S you really need to upgrade the mount first,
  8. I didn't use autorun, will next time though, i just assumed it would automatically save images to either sd card on pro or dslr
  9. No i don't think i used autorun ? and did not know about the other button, like i said Ah well lesson learned, i did think it would automatically save an image to dslr though, i take it that's not the case ?
  10. Just been out with my ASIAir Pro for the 1st time to set everything up, Test Run. my setup is as follows: EQ6 Pro ED80 Blue tube version Main camera Canon 600D Guide Camera ASI120MM Mini on QHY Mini guide scope Everything connected up no problem, Polar aligned worked, Guiding worked, took images, it showed them on the preview screen, but it's not saved them anywhere? not on the SD card or the extra drive that came with it not even saved any on DSLR even though i had save images to DSLR simultaneously ? turned on I'm not to concerned about them not being saved as
  11. was wanting one with a dovetail foot ( i think that is what its called, like the finder mounting on the ed80
  12. can the base be changed on the red dot finder?
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