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sol 19-9-16 10.35


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another smash and grab thismorring, 37 frames staxed with regi, seeings betterthan yesterday but still far from good, shot through horrible thin cloud. kit 120mm f5 frac, 1.5x barlow, lunt wedge, 1200d in mono and crop mode. the disc has developed quite a bit since yesterday ,i did get 5 min vis and there is a few small pores around the spots nearest center what my camera didnt pick up due to the thin cloud. hope you all have better skys than me,  charl.


sol 19-9-16 10.35 2.png


sol 19-9-16 10.35 col.png


sol 19-9-16 10.35 inv.png

crop of the action.

sol 19-9-16 10.35 2 crop.png

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thanks Dave, yer mate thay do, its bad here mate, i think i found the only bit of sky with cloud thin enoth to get some shots, its supposed to clear at 7pm here but looking a the sky i think my chances are- "bob hope and no hope". hope it clears for you.  charl.

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