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Sol 1-9-16 08.45 more new action


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cracking skys here again thismorrning, the seeings spot on, the new action is two spots/pores in the middle of the disc, the new group is looking fantastic in the vis, i sat and watched it for 30 min and could deff see movement, its a very dynamic AR, i found it hard to pull myself away and take some pics.  kit- 120mm f5 frac, 1.5x barlow, lunt wedge, 1200d in crop mode and mono. 100 frames staxed with regi and adjusted in photoshop. thanks for looking, and hope you all have clear skys.  charl.


sol 1-9-16 08.45.png


sol 1-9-16 08.45 col.png


sol 1-9-16 08.45 inv.png

close up 1

sol 1-9-16 08.45 cu1.pngsol 1-9-16 08.45 cu1 inv.png

close up 2

sol 1-9-16 08.45 cu2.png

this is from some 1080p video i took at 10.30, 300 frames, 10% staxed, by thistime the thermals was getting mighty strong.

sol 1-9-16 10 30 v.png

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Thanks for the great views Charl, been waiting for the forecast clear skies which may just be arriving.

Must get straight into imaging today when it clears, messed about doing visual yesterday then clouds arrived and I never got any images.


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