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Neptune, Uranus, Mars...

Kokatha man

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Apologies, this site doesn't like me :( - I get so frustrated...posts disappear as I'm submitting them...I cannot find any auto-save tab or option...it picks me up on grammar/spelling that I know is patently 100% correct...saved passwords that work fine then stop working.....Lord, why me?!? lol

Anyway, without wasting any more words, 3 Neptune images & then an animation showing the new spot we imaged a few mornings ago...Uranus with 5 moons & a reasonable Mars outcome from the night before despite jittery seeing...

Maybe it's because all the typing is upside down from coming from DownUnder & it throws this website into confusion..! ;)







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Great images. The phase on Mars looking bigger each time I see it. Was the 610 filter for Uranus too ? Often if I write a long message I will copy it before i send. Though since the new revamp site. The software saving the messages has been useful. Though lost one recently strangely ?

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