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Hello From Midlands


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Hi All,

Just signed up and hoping to get cracking with some solar observation, need some help on purchasing set up therefore will be posting in the Getting Started section for Help and advice.

Thank you,


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Welcome to the lounge.

You can observe the sun with any telescope with a solar filter on the front of the scope, e.g. a filter made of Baader foil. This will show you a white sun and you can see sun spots, but no granulation.

If you have a refractor, you can buy more advanced solar equipment and see a lot more. I hope you will get a better answer from those with more solar experience.

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Hi Stergio and welcome to SGL - I look forward to seeing what people recommend for you as I am in a similar boat for a visual solar setup for my Mum. I think I've decided on what she needs, but always willing to change my mind :D

Look forward to seeing you around :)

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