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  1. I didn't mean to offend him. It''s just that when he said it's one he made, without giving any more info, it gave the impression (to me at least) that it was home made. Although looking at it, nothing could be further than the truth and is better made than all the skywatchers I own.
  2. Here's what picture of the scope and mount when I first got it. If you look closely you can just make out what I'm talking about protruding from the bottom, opposite the handle, and see there are no holes in the side. And I don't know what the person was thinking about who had the pier before me. He'd put the weight and tube rings on the wrong way round and painted the steel bar first, so it was completely unbalanced and unusable, and was a right pain to remove the parts from the bar and polish the bar to make it work again. It's a nice surprise to speak to the person who made
  3. Specifically made for each scope? More like he buys boxes of thumbscrews, looks what ones fit which scope and increases the price by 1000%
  4. Saying it's well made is a massive understatement too. I'm really impressed by your skill and take my hat off to you.
  5. Thanks astrobits, that does look like mine. Although there are no holes on the side, instead it had 2 bolt like attachments on the bottom. One was broken off and I've since removed the other. Collimation is indeed done with wing nuts and the bottom of the scope is enclosed. It looks like a well made scope anyway. Which is why I didn't think it was home made. You did a good job on it. The mirror needs a good clean but it still works, and it's good to own a scope with a bit of history behind it. Am I right in thinking it's an f5?
  6. What do you mean you made the scope? I don't believe this is a homemade scope. Have you got anymore info on it? If you made it.
  7. I will do. The mirror needs cleaning and I plan on doing it soon.
  8. I don't think the pier came with it because the scope had 2 bolt like attachments on it, which I presume attached to the original mount, and the clips have been moved on the tube rings. It is a rather interesting scope. The spider only has one vane and the tube has a handle attached, which is unusual and useful.
  9. I recently acquired a star 10 telescope, which I presume is an f5. Does anyone know anything about them as I can't find anything on the net?
  10. I do wish somebody would buy him a thesaurus so he could learn some new adjectives and stop describing everything as beautiful.
  11. Bumping before the scope, focuser and shroud are sold individually on eBay.
  12. Looking at it again. I would say your second picture is correct but everything is upside down. The base plate and the 1" adaptor.
  13. Did it tonight instead. Hope this helps.
  14. Have you had any luck fitting it yet? I'll take mine apart tomorrow and see how I fitted it if you haven't.
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