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Walking on the Moon

June 3, 2016: 50-pane H-alpha mosaic

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Finally AS!2 got through the data. Quite surprised how it came out, given the very up and down seeing.

Grey scale:


Pseudo colour:


Part inverted:


Part inverted + pseudo colour:



As ever, full scale viewing is advised :D

Some prom activity in the north-east, maybe something is lurking there.

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Thanks everyone!

30 minutes ago, Ewan said:

The Spicule detail is phenomenal Michael, what camera / scope was this ?

50 panes is really something to go for but well worth that result.

I used the usual combination of my APM 80mm F/6 triplet with Beloptik tri-band ERF, a Baader TZ-4 4x tele-centric lens, Solar Spectrum 0.3 Å H-alpha filter and ASI174MM camera

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