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Darks & flats - software

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OK, I may just be losing the plot here, but help!

Just how does one create a master dark frame and master flat frame for each observing session? I used to be able to do this using Registax, but I now want to use new tools such as AS!2 and maybe even Pixinsight (possibly), but certainly i AS!2's case it needs a master dark/bias/flat frame - not the video sequences that I capture

OK, so on each observing session - and in my particular case - its planetary imaging:-

i) take lights of object - in this case jupiter - usually 1min video in SER format using Sharpcap

ii) Put lenscap on scope and take darks @ same exposure  gain settings - again 1 min video in SER format

iii) replace cap with light panel and take flats with exposure set to fill ~30% of the histogram - 1 min video in SER format.

 - I'll investigate bias frames later - just trying to build a workflow for AS!2 at the mo.

I'm hoping to build a library of darks at different temperatures for each of my cameras

So how do I best convert the SER video files into dark & flat frames for use in AS!2? What software to use and what settings


Thanks in advance




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Typically there is no need for darks/flats in planetary imaging. I don't take them and I don't know anyone that does.

If you really want to create them, load the dark or flat avi into AS!2, click on create master file, give it a name and hit ok. It will save the master file. Having said all that though, just don't bother with them for planetary.

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