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  1. And for a beginner I would recommend a GoTo and some additional software to do plate solving - learning to star hop, with such a restricted field of view and by the look of it, non-optimal skies- is a very quick way to put off a beginner as they 'can never find anything' (Cue debate on GoTo) Neil
  2. Aaahhhh, that explains the hailstones ?
  3. Or post your question at forums.sharpcap.co.uk
  4. SWMBO will be in bed by 10pm - that should give me a couple of hours at least
  5. I've got a couple of these on my SCT &Apo. I was under the impression that they were for SCT's and refractors only. The guys at Pegasus are extremely helpful, so just use email or their online chat to check with them directly. Neil
  6. I've got the Pegasus Focuscube - which is a newer version just has all the electronics in one place (one on my C11 and another on my 127mm APO), - take a look here: http://astro58.wixsite.com/havenobservatory/focuscube Regards Neil
  7. You might find the tables in this:- https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/616524-sub-exposure-tables-for-the-zwo-asi183mm-and-qhy183m-and-colour-versions/?hl=+asi +183 a useful starting point Regards Neil
  8. According to the Edge HD white paper, page 15, for the C11, optimal back focus distance is 146mm. See https://s3.amazonaws.com/celestron-site-support-files/support_files/edgehd_whitepaper_final.pdf. Neil
  9. I stand corrected - its the Bigger, Better Faster Telescope prog on Nat Geo at 1am? Neil
  10. Ah, got you. My problem was that EQMod seemed to lock up- usually while slewing, and the scope would continue to slew - only way out was to shut off mount and re-boot PC. Haven't had the problem since I got a new Nevada power supply (25a) Neil
  11. I'd be thinking that 5a is a little tight for mount and dew heaters - plus whatever else you have connected - heaters can pull 2 - 5 amps and I'm sure the mount will use 3 -4 amps when slewing. Had a similar issue until I upgraded my power supply. Neil
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