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  1. AR2680 Ha 15th Sept

    Thanks Stuart. Thought I would wait until Friday to reply to that !!
  2. IC1396 The Elephant Trunk Nebula in HST

    Very nice impactful image there Dave.
  3. NGC 7822 Bi-Color HA OIII

    Nice shot and interesting to both compare your two versions and the post by Goran.
  4. NGC7822 - First image of the season!

    Nice image and interesting to see the evolution over the various versions you have posted.
  5. M82 Ha

    Thanks "Tomato". I've started to work through my L subs now. Captured over 12 months but I just added a few subs here and there if I was imaging with my Ha filter so not as bad as it sounds. Conditions haven't been great though over the last year.
  6. NGC891, TEC140.

    Very nice as usual Olly. Hope you and Marcel get improved conditions soon.
  7. M82 Ha

    Thanks for your comments guys. Much appreciated. Yes, definately in focus, I don't think the detail in the jets would show up if not!! The processing has concentrated on the galaxy and the jets in particular to try and get them to be as clear as poss without over sharpening. The stars have therefore ended up a bit bigger than I probably could have made them but in the final image they will play no part as they will be replaced with RGB, assuming I ever capture any!! Obviously when I blend this into the R, I may end up processing it slightly differently.
  8. Sol HA WL Proms AR2680. 17-9-17

    Nice to see something from today Charl, nice job. Full on clouds here.
  9. AR2680 Ha 15th Sept

    Thanks Pete.
  10. M82 Ha

    Thanks for your comments guys. The weatherman isn't too hopeful I will be adding RGB to this any time soon !!!!
  11. PHD1 problems

    RA aggression default is 100 and it will only impact RA (which is fine) so that will not impact this DEC issue. RX (max RA?) just defines the longest RA guide pulse so again will not impact DEC. To be honest, if you need a guide pulse of over a second in RA or DEC you have some issues. I agree it looks like this is related to your sticking issue you have posted about.
  12. M82 Ha

    The subs for this (21 x 20mins) were captured over the last year. M82 was my "I'll just add a couple of extras" target whenever I was imaging with my Ha filter hence the subs being spread over a year. I think I've got to the point of diminishing returns though so it's time to stop. I do have a tendency to have lots of projects on the go but never decide to stop and produce a final image. I also have a reasonable number of L subs but have made the mistake of not getting any RGB and it's now getting quite close to the top of the tall hedge at the north end of the garden so I hope the weather is kind over the next week or so.
  13. A small bit of Sol 15-9-2017

    What's the new toy?
  14. AR2680 Ha 15th Sept

    Thanks for the comments guys. Pretty much clouded out today.
  15. A small bit of Sol 15-9-2017

    Maybe some subtle changes over that period but it looks like conditions weren't as good for the second shot so hard to tell.