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  1. Carole, Alan has just said in the previous post that he has already tried 2500!!
  2. Maybe I have made a poor assumption here that when Alan says he has changed the step size he knows how to do that. If he has changed the step size by actually changing the exposure time then that isn’t going to help too much!!!! Could explain a lot.
  3. No, in his very first post he says he has “even adjusted it to 2500”
  4. Alan has already tried a step size of 2.5 seconds so I really don’t think increasing that any further is the answer, and it looks like he has the problem sorted now anyway as he says the mount is now moving and it wasn’t before.
  5. As Mount is set to “on camera” in PHD, it look like the commands are not getting through for some reason. Have you tried using the manual move option in PHD to see if there is any movement?
  6. Thanks for the comments guys. Weather lady got it wrong!
  7. Managed to pull this out of a set of AVIs captured on Saturday. Captured with FireCapture and processed with ImPPG and PS. Weather lady says I may get another chance on Monday, fingers crossed.
  8. Sorry, no idea. I have stuck with Artemis as I couldn’t see any advantages for me with Dusk so have stuck with what I know best. To be honest, I got the feeling that they were testing and changing it but then just got to the point where they had hit the date they wanted to release it so just stopped and released it!!
  9. Nice. Do you use imppg as it looks like you have sharpened the background (particularly in those prom shots) and with the right settings in imppg you can prevent that.
  10. Anyone using Starnet for star removal? Looks pretty good from what I have seen so far.
  11. Nice. Carole “carastro” posted her capture of it just a couple of months back.
  12. In your first post above, you say you bought “a new open box” item yet in your supplier review you say “Recently I purchased a Celestron 127Mak on Alt/az goto mount. This was described as a good used item in original package with damage, and cosmetic damage on the accessories.” It was therefore obviously a used item (as clearly described by the advert) and therefore I think you are stretching it a bit to blame Celestron for the corrector plate issues.
  13. Now fully released on their website.
  14. But that still won’t give the mount pointing information.
  15. Nothing new to report as there has not been a new beta since They have been working on the Mac version which is taking some time but a new Windows beta is expected soon with a possible release in late Feb.
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