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  1. Yes because as it says, the files you are using are a compressed format.
  2. It’s just an alternative prediction from another data source.
  3. Yes you can. How you then stack the two sets will depend on the stacking software you are using.
  4. That’s what you would expect!!! The data is mostly dark so the histo is to the left. You then use levels and curves to stretch the histo to fill across to the right leaving a small gap on the left to avoid clipping the data.
  5. An alt az Mount is absolutely fine for visual and planetary imaging. Eq is only needed for long exposure work.
  6. Did you use the same reference sub for each of the 4 stacks?
  7. You may need to narrow it down a bit and say which apps you are referring to!!
  8. Accurate PA is very important for imaging. Close will however do if you are just visual.
  9. The mount will only drive in RA when it is tracking. If the mount is not accurately Polar aligned no amount of star aligning will be able to compensate for poor PA. Poor PA will cause a drift in DEC over time and as the mount will not drive DEC when tracking, star alignment obviously can’t overcome that!
  10. PA and star alignment are not related. PA aligns your mount and allows it to accurately track by just rotating in RA. Star alignment just tells the mount where the stars are. Having good star alignment WILL NOT compensate for poor PA in any way.
  11. All using a ROI of 640x480 does is use a smaller area of the chip. It doesn’t change the resolution as the pixels are still the same size so no loss of detail. Your frame rate and exposure are obviously linked. At an exposure of 1/60 of a second you can capture 60 frames in a second but if you change to 1/10 of a second you will now only capture 10 frames per second.
  12. Me, I’m always happy. Sorry, not having kids myself I didn’t realise they stop you from typing an additional 6 letters
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