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  1. OK, so you now need to sharpen the stacked image using something like Registax or ImPPG. Not sure what you mean about doing the same with planets. If you are referring to the edges, then yes on a planet image the edges will still be choppy but the planet itself should look fine. The key to all this though is to just use AS!2 to stack (don’t tick sharpen) and use something else to sharpen the stacked image.
  2. The edge “choppiness” is normal and is a consequence of image drift during capture. What did you use to sharpen the image after stacking?
  3. AS!2 should be set to surface not planet. Also best not to sharpen in AS but in a specialist sharpening prog. such as Registax or ImPPG
  4. It will definitely track without aligning. There is no doubt about that.
  5. Yes it should. That’s the same as I do, though I select solar rate, when I do my solar imaging. How is your PA?
  6. The combo does not have the internal Barlow.
  7. Depends what you want to use it for. Visual or imaging and which type of object?
  8. It’s probably odds on that you will need a tilt adaptor as Newton rings are a strong possibility if using your ZWO ASI cams.
  9. This is for the actual rocket not the ISS.
  10. It will be on this path and mag 0
  11. We are right down in the SE corner on the coast so should be ok here as it is reasonably dark by 10pm. Will probably get clouded out instead though!!!!
  12. Should be visible over the U.K. 20 mins after launch.
  13. Plenty of us Brits on Solar Chat.
  14. Thanks for your comments guys.
  15. You can use photo merge in PS if you have it or Microsoft ICE (free download) is also good.
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