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  1. Freddie

    Solar Ha 15th June

    Thanks for your comments guys. I see AR2712 is on it's way round the corner (if there are corners on a sphere) hope to give it a go in the next few days.
  2. Freddie

    Solar Ha 15th June

    Only just got round to processing these from Friday. Clouds here today at the moment but may get a glimpse later on if the weather man is correct.
  3. Freddie

    Proms + poss new AR 12-6-18

    Nice set Charl. Yep there is a new ar on the way showing some detail in WL. How did you enjoy the GP? I almost fell asleep!
  4. Freddie

    Imaging just keeps getting more complicated!

    Press "shift" and then click on the connect icon and it will save you having to select "on cam" as it will automatically select everything you had connected before.
  5. Freddie

    Drift Alignment

    When you say "for the first star alignment" I'm not sure what you mean as to adjust azimuth you pick a star due south at Dec 0 (which you say you did) and do the adjustments on that. Once the adjustments are done and you no longer have a V shape you are done in AZ and move to a star on the horizon for alt adjustment. Your comment about first star alignment (when you say you are only doing azimuth) is therefore a bit confusing.
  6. Freddie

    Sun Ha Work from May 28th UPDATED

    When using ImPPG (I use it for all my solar work and find it gives better results than other sharpening tools) I think you would get much better results by reducing the iterations to ~50 and keeping Sigma well below 2.0. Give it a go and see what you think.
  7. Freddie

    Sun Ha Work from May 28th UPDATED

    Stick with it John, you'll soon get the hang of the settings. I think ImPPG and no sharpen or high pass filters will give you the better results. It looks like the PS stuff is oversharpening and showing some noise. I assume you have a VERY low gain setting during capture so the initial unsharpened image should be pretty much noise free. What ImPPG settings do you use for your surface shots?
  8. Freddie

    Todays prom and AR action 3-6-18

    Good to see some more from you Charl. All set for the GP next weekend?
  9. Freddie

    The Sun - 3rd June 2018

    Some nice work there David.
  10. Freddie

    Sun Ha Surface 28th May 18

    Thanks for your comments John.
  11. Freddie

    Prom 28th May 18

    Thanks for your comments guys.
  12. Freddie

    Prom 28th May 18

    This is the prom I captured at the same time as my recent AR shot.
  13. Freddie

    Sun Ha Work from May 28th UPDATED

    Anything in particular you were not comfortable with?
  14. Freddie

    Sun Ha Surface 28th May 18

    Thanks for your comments guys. Looks like it's still putting on a good show up there but behind clouds for me !!
  15. Freddie

    Prom, AR2712. 30-5-18

    Missed these yesterday, good stuff Charl.

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