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  1. Photographing the ISS

    1300mm should give you something decent. High frame rate cam is a must as it is not easy to track and you'll do well to get very many frames with the ISS on the chip.
  2. NEQ6 does it automatically track?

    Hand controller also allows you to select different rates, solar, siderial etc
  3. Moon Stacking

    AS!3 will stack individual files e.g. TIFFs, JPEGs etc. Not sure if will accept RAW but if not just convert the individual files into TIFF and load however many indiviual files you have into AS!3 and away you go.
  4. Help required

    Which scope?
  5. Std focuser not the best but ok. Tricky to colimate but holds well once set.
  6. No detail, I think I need advice

    Which Baader filter are you using?
  7. Are you then using DSS to align the individual stacks or something else?
  8. What are you using to stack and align the images?
  9. Click on both ends of the line to mark the end points then go to "filters" "cosmetic" "remove line"
  10. AA will align even if some images are flipped.
  11. Heads up New AR 21-12-17

    Full on clouds here too. Solar minimum is 2020.
  12. First try at RGB in AstroArt6

    I think you will find that the "misalignment" is just due to the stars being different sizes/shapes on the R, G and B files. You can select the same star on each file to measure and check. You also have some hot pixels which you should be able to remove when stacking if you select the appropriate filter on the "extras" tab.
  13. Sorry but the above is not correct. What Peter is looking for is the correct filter for what he intends to image. If you have a bit of a google search you will see that this is the correct filter for imaging his specific targets.
  14. I believe this is what you are looking for Pete and as you say is specific for those planets. Wtratten 25 is actually the other option. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p524_Baader-1-25----Farbfilter---Rot.html These are best for scopes less than 350mm. If you have 350mm+ then the IR685 would be an option but not with 350mm (14") or below.
  15. Ideas for guiding?

    Any cam with a ST4 guide port to capture the image and then PHD (which is free) A ZWO ASI120 (USB2) is in your price range as an example. Link the cam to your finder if you don't have a suitable guide scope.