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  1. It would look the same as the view from a place with no lights!
  2. In your first paragraph you say you set it up and it “does goto ok” but in your third paragraph you say it doesn’t slew to a planet correctly so I’m a bit lost there as to whether it does or doesn’t goto your target correctly!
  3. Having just seen your post on CN, if you are wanting to do some planetary imaging, there are two points. You are going to need to be able to track for a couple of mins and you don’t need to guide a CPC to achieve that if it is set up properly. I can keep a planet on my tiny ASI120 chip for well over 10 mins so if you can’t, there is something wrong somewhere. Don’t waste your time thinking about guiding. When you set up is the mount as level as you can possibly get it? When you GPS link, is the date, time and location it provides correct? Which option are you using for alignment? If you have your CPC set up correctly and there are no internal mechanical issues with it, it will track a planet plenty long enough to image.
  4. With an ST4 setup, selecting on camera is correct so no need to select a mount as such. None of that matters however because as I’ve said, you can’t guide a CPC unless it is on a wedge.
  5. Just make sure the mount is PERFECTLY level (as I said in one of your previous threads) but as I said above, you can’t guide a CPC unless it is on a wedge so you will not get anywhere trying to set up a guide scope unless it is.
  6. You can’t guide a CPC unless it is on a wedge.
  7. As was mine. Carry on the good work. Have a great weekend.
  8. When I wished the new setup luck, I was told none was needed. Has this now changed??!!
  9. Not sure I understand what you mean if you are saying you have taken 20 darks and flats, as 20 is a good number. So just to be sure there is no confusion, you only need to take one set of darks. 20 is a good enough number for flats so I would stick with that.
  10. If you mean do you need to take darks for each filter, the answer is no.
  11. To ensure good tracking with the CPC you need to ensure it is PERFECTLY level.
  12. You would be better served with an OAG on a 9.25
  13. It strikes me that the problem with your images is that however many likes you get you will always want more and therefore you will never be happy with your image. Over the months you have made many comments about the likes you get (or don’t get) and threatened to leave the forum at one stage as people weren’t giving you the approval you were looking for through your images. Maybe its time to determine what number of likes would satisfy your need for praise from others and once you have made changes to the image to achieve that number you can move on to your next target. Hope these thoughts help you come to terms with this as the number of likes appears to be something you spend a lot of time worrying about.
  14. There’s nothing there to buy so that shouldn’t be so expensive and it can’t cost much in postage to ship nothing!!!
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