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  1. I am not convinced by these as you are still moving the mirror. I think a focuser fitted to the visual back is better.
  2. Thanks for continuing to update this great bit of software.
  3. As said, just use the grabber and it will take all this subjective guesswork out of it!!
  4. If you use filter wheel runner it is stand alone so you don’t need to worry about cams and if you need the cam and the wheel operating together. That will then tell you if there is an issue with the wheel or just a software setup issue.
  5. Have you tried Bahtinov grabber? If not, give it a go, it takes the guesswork out.
  6. My EFW2 works fine on W10 through Artemis. Have you tried just the filter wheel runner?
  7. An image would be useful so we can see what you mean by fat.
  8. Atik say on their website it has been delayed and will not be available until the summer.
  9. Some context on why you want to do this and details on the cam proposed for this may help you get some replies.
  10. I like FireCapture, AS!3 for stacking and R6 for sharpening.
  11. A for me. Tighter stars, a little (but not too much) sharper generally and a touch more vibrance to my eye.
  12. I would give all those a go and experiment with Ha blended into red and Ha as a luminance to see which you prefer/works best.
  13. This is without doubt the best image ever taken of this target and is probably in the top ten of any astro images ever taken.
  14. Not the exact same mount but does this help?
  15. Can’t comment on the question but you may get a better response in the “mounts” section.
  16. You may want to describe your home position so people can check it is correct. If you haven’t checked and corrected cone error you would be better doing a 3 star align as the last align takes any cone error into account. Other than from the house, what are you using to supply power to the mount? Is it at least 12v and enough amps?
  17. Not so bad for your set up but at the kind of image scale you will get with that kind of setup, the max of 3 mins for Jup is a bit misguided.
  18. Any initial expert tips you want to share with us?
  19. The mount will track at sidereal rate as standard. You can improve tracking by using PEC but you would need to train it first.
  20. It could be less stable when lowered as the feet will not be spread as far apart.
  21. Is the image flipped as the edge rind is from 9 to 12 not 12 to 3.
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