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  1. Thanks Ill give that a go makes sense. do you have any idea on what might have caused the cross? i assume i've touched something i shouldn't have but knowing what is the tricky bit. Now i have got a sensor to work mono modded, i want to get it spot on... well as spot on as you can, trashing a perfectly good camera Thanks Michael. Matt
  2. Hi I recently tried mono modding my 700D... that sensor is dead now. I think i damaged the blue data bus getting the glass off, which seems to be the main issue with that camera and the 600D. I then got a 450D as the glass looked like it pretty much drops off those, which it did, happy days. I removed the CFA using glass polish and a cotton swab, wrapped some cotton around a toothpick to get closer to the edge, but wanted to keep a good distance from the bus and gold pins. i have attached my result and have a few questions maybe someone can help with 1 is it meant to be red? i have seen other pics like this but as there is not matrix shouldn't it be grey? is there still a layer to polish off? 2. there seems to be a cross of dead pixels that has appeared, any ideas on what could have caused this? 3. the image is combined with flats, which i thought would remove the cross and the dust, but both are still there. any ideas on why that might be Thanks in advance, and for all the previous posts, its a really interesting topic :) cheers matt
  3. Hi all, I am hoping someone might be able to help with a possible way to shoot dark and bias frames on a DSLR (canon 700D) without the need to cover the scope or camera, ideally using APT scripts My thinking is that the camera, has a noise reduction mode where it will take the light shot, then with the shutter closed it will take a dark frame and subtract it from the light. So could you take a series of dark frames on ATP and lock the shutter down? If anyone knows I would love to know. Would be great to automate the lights, park the scope and have it run darks and bias, without the need to go out to it and cap up at 3.-4 in the morn Thanks Matt @astro_pics_uk
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