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Walking on the Moon

New setup (90 mm) in very good seeing


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Finally a cloudless day of very good and steady seeing - I got to field-test my new 90 mm mod with Lunt 50 etalon. All shot with PGR Chamelon 3 mono (ICX445), processed and aligned in ImPPG.



Seeing got a bit worse during capturing this:


30-second intervals, 70 minutes total:

I'll add the remaining two animations soon.

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Fabulous images and I love the animation.  The movement of the material in a prominence shows you so much more  than you get from a still image.  It never fails to impress me how dynamic all the prominences are.  More please!   :thumbsup:

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Thanks everyone.

The setup is described here: http://solarchat.natca.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=19238

The larger of Sunday's prominences:


30-second intervals, 2:23 h total (with a short break).

I also captured material for animation of the lone sunspot, but nothing was happening there (and seeing started getting unsteady), so here's just a single good frame:




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