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  1. Wow!! that is incredible! how did you know about the broadcast? what else do you download Alexandra
  2. I just buy mine (easier) https://www.firstlightoptics.com/other-science-gadgets-models-toys/solarcan-ready-to-use-solargraphy-camera.html Alexandra
  3. First, well done on the Solarcan, it is always so exciting to break it open and see the paper with lines on. Second, don't angle the next one keep it straight. This is a camera obscura https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camera_obscura Therefore, the image is produced upside down. So to raise the height of your solar tracks you need to maintain the can in a straight position but you must move the pin hole upwards. I tried this this year and managed to get more tracks but still not high enough. I made my hole exactly half way between the middle and the top. I tried to get it higher but
  4. Hi Richard, if you click on the link above you will see what I bought https://www.firstlightoptics.com/other-science-gadgets-models-toys/solarcan-ready-to-use-solargraphy-camera.html all the information is at the bottom of the page. It is Ilford's photographic paper Alexandra
  5. My Solarcan finished on the 21st December and on Christmas day I cut it open. It was a little wet inside with 1ml of water but I think that was from all the storms we had in summer. I had to let the paper dry in a drawer for half an hour and then it scanned in OK. I am much happier with the position of the pin hole this year. Last year I used the standard in the middle, this year I added one half way between middle and the top (3/4 upwards) and this worked a lot better. I still think I could raise the hole higher. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/other-science-gadgets-models-toys/sol
  6. By the way, you only need to expose for 6 months, everything else thereafter is just overwriting previous exposures tracks. There is nothing to be gained for leaving it for 8 and half years, unless of course you live in the most cloudy part of the world in existence Alexandra
  7. I buy all mine from FLO Luke My next one is due off on Christmas eve. Like the above image all the summer trails are knocked off, so this year I experimented by not using the hole that comes with the can and I have placed another half way up the can to see if I get more of the summer trails. We shall see....... This was last years attempt which I was pleased with but disappointed with at the same time. I would be disappointed after 2 and half years too! 2019-12-24 Solarcan by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr The can from FLO Alexandra
  8. Luke, the reason for not seeing the proms in the single stack and seeing them in the double stack is because the dynamic range changes. The eyeball in single stack can see the proms more easily but the dynamic range is large and therefore bad for the camera. In double stack the whole image is darker but more even and therefore the dynamic range is closer together so the camera can see the surface and the proms together. The Chameleon is excellent for the PST (better pixel size for resolution) but the Newton's rings are horrible! I'm getting there with the help of software for pattern sup
  9. I have a recent comparison but I was still getting used to the PGR Chameleon and the Sun wasn't that brilliant either so the images are a bit dull. This is with the PST. Single stack Sun_115002_22_11_2020_f colour by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr Double stack 2020-11-22 full disc 1-6x Chameleon f colour by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr Alexandra
  10. Oh that is the best transit I have ever seen!!! are they Sandhill Cranes? Alexandra
  11. These are just brilliant! Alexandra
  12. You always get the most beautiful and stunning Calcium K images and animations Alexandra
  13. Thanks guys x6gas, yes 3 wins (2014, 2017 and 2020) but never the main title, there is always a challenge I can hope.... I still have a long way to go to match the amazing work of others like Christian Viladrich, Alex, Valery, JP etc but that is what keeps you fighting. However, most of the time it is more satisfying and fun to just stop, sit and enjoy the Sun with your eyeballs and sketching pad, and most of all, showing others. Alexandra
  14. Thanks guys for the lovely wishes, it does mean a lot I am always looking at your images even if I don't comment all the time. I love to see what everyone is doing. Moderating Solarchat these days seems to take a lot of time up Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020- Our Sun - Winner by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr Alexandra
  15. Absolutely stunning work!! I am loving your CaK results Alexandra
  16. Cracking animation! is that a transitory pore opening up and disappearing? what was the timescale? Alexandra
  17. That's fabulous! not many people do CaK animations and it does produce this strange surface effect, nice work Alexandra
  18. Absolutely fabulous images! thanks for sharing Alexandra
  19. I have also found that I can't remove the dust bunnies from my ASI174 and flats don't work that well either. However I dropped my camera the other week on the floor with much cursing but the bunny shifted and is gone! hooray! however I don't recommend dropping your camera deliberately. The dust is on the inside and can't be blown away and I find it the most irritating camera I have ever owned. A friend had success by using an anti static gun for use on records (do you remember them) and it helped it to unstick off the window. Alexandra
  20. Tej, I had exactly the same problem. don't use oil. Use the rubber boa, I had never heard of one either but found one in a local hardware store. It comes with full instructions on the packet I had tonnes of loctite on mine and sadly had to enlist the help of the hubby as I was not strong enough to do it. What I found a huge help was using a hairdryer. Let it blow on the area (not too close - like you would to your hair) for 5 minutes. When it was nice a hot the hubby went for it and it just shifted straight away. Alexandra
  21. I think Michael says it all. Flats are very hard to get right. I think taking a flat near the centre is OK in most circumstances, but when you have such a close up with huge lights and darks it will compensate in the opposite direction. I once chatted with Emil about this and he seemed to indicate that it would never work well. Also, do you have two images here and doing a composite? if so, you don't need to use a flat on the over exposed image as dust bunnies never show on the black of space anyway, then use the flat on the disc part only as you aren't using the black space area for that
  22. Wow!! maybe the Basler and FLIR versions have better cooling systems for the chip! I need to check my temperature of my ASI174 next time I am out, maybe it needs a cooler attached? it probably has Covid-19 Alexandra
  23. Yep, your prominence is full of little dots. All my images are full of little dots and it puts me off using it. I have to use very aggressive de-noise on all my images to get rid of them. I thought I was just being useless and maybe not stacking enough, but I have never seen others having this problem you see. I regret not spending the extra couple of hundred for the Grasshopper or Basler version Now I see your prom image, it does look like mine. However I don't see a weird condensation look when in live view like you showed before. All my grain comes when I try to post sharpen the stac
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