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Walking on the Moon

A 'Good Friday' to solar image


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A couple of quick images in Ha and CaK from home before loading the car up for our yearly trip to the Highlands of Scotland.  Mrs DrRobin was less than pleased that I was imaging over brekkie especially as I wasn't packed.  Just as well I did, it took 5 1/2 hours (slow trip) to get here, by which time it had clouded over.

Ha, 12 pane mosaic, Zenithstar 80, Quark, ASI174, 0.5x FR


False colour




CaK to follow later.


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Thanks guys, it was a good 30 min session.   Hello Jarrod, nice to see you back posting.

Now the CaK, Zenithstar 80mm, Lunt CaK module, ASI174.


Two close ups, with a 3x Televue barlow.



Not much promise of sun for Sat/Sun, but looks good for Monday, good job I brought my imaging kit.


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5 hours ago, lunator said:Robin very good images. I hope you get some opportunities on Monday as well :)



Thanks everyone.  It has rained non stop today, from brekkie to our pre dinner drink in the bar.  There was nothing else for it, put all the waterproofs on and spend 3 hours chasing up a Munro (3,000 ft hill).  Needless to say my solar imaging gear didn't go.  Monday looks very promising, so whatever activity Mrs DrRobin plans it will have to wait until after some sun has fallen on my camera.

Hope everyone else fairs better for Easter Sunday.


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