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Walking on the Moon

frustrating but exciting


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Have just been outside with my 8 year old staring at the sky - it's a wonderfully clear night despite the light pollution. Was pointing out various things to her - Dubhe, Merak and the big dipper, polaris, betelgeuse, rigel, onions belt, jupiter over in the east.

Frustrating as I have a brand new Nexstar 6SE sat indoors in it's box that I'm not allowed to open until my birthday on 17th...

Thanks for all the advice on my 'what scope should I get' thread - now just waiting to be able to get out and use it...

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You can use the time to learn some constellations, other than Orion and the big dipper. Depending on your skies, you can also try to locate some naked eye objects, like the planets, M45, M42, M31, M44 and maybe others.

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