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  1. Poor seeing but great image non the less. Bob
  2. Sold! To a gentleman called Binosaurus Rex. Cheers Dave, hope you enjoy them. ATB Bob
  3. Ok then, how does £350 posted sound? Come on boys and girls, these really are first class.
  4. For sale are my Lunt Engineering 16x70 Binoculars. "Lunt Engineering's 11x and 16x Magnesium binoculars feature large 70mm objectives, premium quality fully multicoated optics and Bak-4 prisms in a remarkably light magnesium body. An excellent choice for astronomy! The rigid magnesium body is sealed against the elements. The degree of protection is rated at IPX-7, meaning they can withstand water entry for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water so it will easily survive a damp night and if you drop it in the mud you can wash it off under a tap! Also, the binocular interi
  5. Theres a camp site on the A65 from Long Preston to Cowan Bridge area. Think it's called Pine Lodge or something like that. Sorry if that sounds a little vague, but you will be up near the three peaks and it's pretty dark and not much light pollution. ATB Bob
  6. Hello and welcome to a great site. Loads of help available, so ask away. ATB Bob
  7. Hello and welcome. Plenty of help on here when you need it. ATB Bob
  8. Welcome Jim, Great site this. ATB Bob
  9. Welcome, enjoy the site. ATB Bob
  10. bob4026

    hello all

    Welcome. Ask when ur ready, theres plenty of help and knowledge available. ATB Bob
  11. Know the feeling well... waiting for a new set of binos...
  12. bob4026


    Welcome, Great film eh? Good site this. Loads of help when you need it. ATB Bob
  13. Welcome... Germany is a beautiful part of the world. Have holidayed in the Harz, and the Mosel. You are very lucky. ATB Bob
  14. bob4026

    Holland Calling

    Welcome to a great hobby, and a great forum. ATB Bob
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