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  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows where a good place to buy used Astrophotography gear? Looking to buy a good mount to start astrophotography. I'd prefer to spend as little money as possible without skimping on quality. EQ6 mount is expensive P.S. I'm in the USA Thanks!
  2. Yeah currently the only telescope I have is a Meade ETX 90 which I've had for about 15 months. I am looking to buy a new one, It does get confusing trying to figure out which telescope is the way to go. Thinking about doing planetary and lunar imaging over DSO
  3. Haha! I'm perfectly fine with just taking pictures of the moon. I am definitely what you would call a novice when it comes to astrophotography. Just trying to get my feet wet. EQ mounts aren't necessary for planetary images correct? If I wanted to start with the moon and planets do you have any good suggestions for that?
  4. My knowledge of astrophotography is very limited. I've only ever attempted photographing the moon and Jupiter and Saturn. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Hello! I'm looking to buy a new telescope, one that I can do astrophotography with. Currently, I'm looking at the Skywatcher ED80 telescope. If anyone has this scope or would know how well it would perform, your input would be very helpful! I'm looking to do all kinds of astrophotography DSO, and or Planetary imagery. Looking to pair this scope up with an EQ5 mount as the NEQ6 is pretty pricey. Thanks!
  6. I was under the impression that you needed a larger telescope to Increase the amount of light for deep sky Thanks!
  7. Hi! I am looking to buy a new telescope, one that will work for astrophotography. I've heard that Dobsonian telescopes offer the best bang for your buck in terms of aperture but is it even possible to track objects with them? Any advice on what kind of telescope I should buy would be extremely helpful. I'm looking to spend no more than $1000 on the scope alone. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for your input! I have been using my SSSS4 camera to take lunar and planetary images but have run unto some issues. First, I have a hard time finding objects such as planets with the high magnification. With the moon, it's easy to find but the quality is so bad. Any tips would be helpful! thanks!
  9. Hi, I was just wondering how different the setup for DS imaging would be compared to Planetary Imaging. I am starting to get into Astrophotography at a very basic level and through gifts I've acquired what I think is a pretty decent "astrophotography arsenal" for a beginner. However, my telescope seems to have it's limitations, it is a Meade ETX 90. I've heard people say you can get some decent lunar and planetary images with that telescope, but deep sky imaging is basically out of the equation due to the mount. My question is what would be a better option to do lunar and planetary imaging with? I have a Canon EOS Rebel XTI D400 and I do have an adapter for it. I also have an Orion StarShoot Solar System 4 color imaging camera as well, though the SSSS4 camera seems to be stuck at 480p resolution when I know it can go higher. Any insight or advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
  10. Messier list is a great idea! Especially the double cluster, and Praesepe. Auriga is full of interesting clusters to take a look at. Good luck! Caleb
  11. Hey everyone! I bought a new camera for imaging the planets, moon, etc.. It finally was clear enough to use it but I ran into a few issues. First I tried on the moon which was too big because the camera has an equivalent to a 5mm eyepiece. People said to take a bunch of overlapping images and not to use a focal reducer as that would affect the quality. Second, I tried on Jupiter, but I couldn't find it! It seemed impossible to find with the high magnification.. I thought maybe focal reducers? if anyone has any answers please let me know. Also, the camera is an Orion Starshoot solar system imaging 4 camera, so which focal reducers would work? Thanks! Caleb
  12. Hi, I recently purchased an Orion star shoot solar system 4 imaging camera for my Meade ETX 90. It works well but the moon was too big, someone said I need focal reducers. Does anyone know of any decent focal reducers that would work? Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone! I have a meade etx90 telescope and was hoping to do some imaging with it. I am having trouble finding a good camera for that telescope. I realize it's not the best setup for imaging but any suggestions would be helpful. So far I have looked at ccd cameras such as the orion starshoot solar system 4 camera. Thanks! Caleb
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