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  1. Thansk Andrew. I put it out a good 45 minutes before going out to use it to cool down, so that wasn't it - I think as others have said it is just the conditions that were present last night.
  2. Thanks guys. It's a case of learning what is and what is not good seeing - just because there are no clouds is no guarantee of anything. I have found the bit in the manual that says how to check the direction of final approach and change it so I'll check it out later tonight when I am back home.
  3. Thanks Stu. It was around 8 p.m. I was out there so it was quite early on.
  4. Well as I finally turned 40 yesterday I got to unpack and use my Nexstar 6SE for the first time. Luckily it was a clear night last night, although the moon was so bright it was killing off being able to see most things. I got everything set up, and aligned really easily. A few questions that I have as a result of my first nights viewing: 1. When I did my alignment I used the right and up method for final approach to centre an object. I noticed though that when the telescope did it's final approach on goto it seems to go right and down - is this normal out of the box? do I need to change something in the settings or do my alignment differently? 2. I found that when I was viewing Jupiter with a 32mm EP (GSO Super Plossl) I could see a lot of detail albeit very small, but when viewing with my 9mm EP (Celestron X CEL LX) there was less detail to be seen but obviously bigger - is this right or am I imagining things? 3. I tried using a 2x barlow with the 9mm EP on Jupiter - I didn't manage to get it focussed though (didn't spend long enough trying to be honest as I didn't have a lot of time) - is it normal that the focus is a long way out when you change to using a barlow? I know that viewing Jupiter was not ideal conditions for me last night as 1. it was quite low in the sky at the time I was doing this so more atmosphere to go through, and 2 it was quite early in the evening so the conditions were not great. Thanks guys. John.
  5. Have just been outside with my 8 year old staring at the sky - it's a wonderfully clear night despite the light pollution. Was pointing out various things to her - Dubhe, Merak and the big dipper, polaris, betelgeuse, rigel, onions belt, jupiter over in the east. Frustrating as I have a brand new Nexstar 6SE sat indoors in it's box that I'm not allowed to open until my birthday on 17th... Thanks for all the advice on my 'what scope should I get' thread - now just waiting to be able to get out and use it...
  6. Just had a call from my wife saying my 6SE has been delivered. Now for the long wait as I'm not allowed to open it until my birthday on 17th lol. I have also bought a few accessories and was wondering if there is anything I have missed that is a must have - I have bought: Power Tank, Dew Shield, XCel 9mm EP, GSO Super Plossl 32mm EP, set of basic colour filters and moon filter.
  7. Thanks. I'm not sure if I'm going to get it or not - I have heard that it is a pain to use as you have to align using the app and can't use it in conjunction with the handset as neither knows what the other has done.
  8. Hopefully a quick and easy question - sorry if it has been asked before but I couldn't find it - what are the differences between Skyq Link and Skyq Link 2? I am looking for the right product to use with a Nexstar 6SE that I have on order thanks.
  9. Thanks - but to be honest I think the money paid for having it align itself isn't worth it - the nexsrtar 6se is better value
  10. Thanks guys. The more I am looking at this and reading I think going with the 6SE is the best option to start with...
  11. Thanks. I do have some very good manfrotto photography tripods. Camping is with a large folding camper (think bottom half of a caravan with a tent on the top) so space isn't at a huge premium. Will check out those URL's. John.
  12. Thanks guys - I would prefer a goto scope for all of us really - I probably trivialised what I put in point 3 above - I'm sure the kids would love to just stare at the moon but it's something I where I want to get as much out of it as I can and go exploring for different things myself too. I guess this will be my toy that I will be wanting to include the kids with so as to try and capture some new interest from them! The photography side of it is listed as a lower priority but it's something I will I am sure have a go at from time to time - mostly it will be visual observing, but I have a good variety of DSLR's and mirrorless cameras that I could use as I used to do a lot of photography anyway, so they will get hooked up for sure at some point. I guess what I really want to understand is whether the EQ3 goto mount is a real faff to set up over choosing any 3 stars to align with from a Celestron 6se for example, and if it is a faff, is it worth it in the longer run? thanks all.
  13. Hi guys. I know lots of threads like this exist but I wanted to ask a few questions before making my first purchase. A bit of history - I have been hankering after a telescope for a while now, and my wife recently suggested that as I turn 40 in a month, I could get a telescope for my birthday with the family chipping in to pay towards it. There are a few things that I need to get from it: 1. reasonably portable - wife wants us to be able to take it when we go camping with the kids so that they can get some enjoyment from it also (8 year old twins) 2. easy to setup and use - realistically if it takes me an hour to set it up each time it won't get that much use especially if it is going to be used with the kids. 3. Needs goto facilities so that the kids don't get bored waiting for me to try (and fail) to find anything worth looking at 4. would like to be able to do photography but this is lower priority than the above list. I first started out looking at the likes of the Celestron nexstar 127slt but ruled it out due to the reviews I have read about the mount being so poor, and it taking time to settle down when focussing because of vibrations etc. Next up I looked at the Nexstar 4, 5, and 6 se range, and kind of settled on the 6se as it has the better mount than the 4 and 5, plus it's got the bigger aperture, although it doesn't have a wedge on it as standard. I have just confused things though when I came across the Skywatcher Skymax 127 EQ3 Pro Synscan Goto - it's around the same price as the Nexstar 5se but has an equatorial mount. http://www.365astronomy.com/SkyWatcher-SKYMAX-127-EQ3-PRO-SynScan-GOTO-Maksutov-Cassegrain.html Or for around the same price as the Nexstar 6se I could get a Skywatcher Explorer 150P-DS EQ5 Pro Goto - which would probably not fit the small and portable buckets but seems like the best scope of all of the above. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-150p-ds-eq-5-pro-goto.html What I don't know is how easy the Skywatcher scopes would be to set up and use - the mount seems like it needs more work to set up as it has to be pointed north, aligned with the pole star, and then the goto setup doesn't seem like it would be as easy as the celestron 3 object alignment where you can point it at any 3 objects and it figures out what they are for you. I'm a little worried that I wouldn't end up using it as it would be too complex! I'm also aware that I will need a 12v battery pack for whatever I get, and dew shield, and other eye pieces undoubtedly. Can you please let me have your thoughts on what I should be purchasing? thanks John.
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