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Planetary imaging showcase 2015


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Please use this thread to showcase your best images captured during 2015. Just one post per member but you can include up to 5 images if you want.

The thread is for all imagers novices and advanced. 

Please keep details to a minimum - scope and camera possibly along with a few comments.

The thread needs to be packed with images so please don't respond to the postings 

Showcases from previous years

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Wow, I can't believe I missed the showcase threads until now.

Lets see what I can dig up.

Actually it was my best year so far in terms of getting better planetary results which I put down mainly to the ASI120mm being a better performer than my other cams.

Shame though I don't have a lot to choose from but here goes......

All imaged with a Skywatcher 150PL and ASI120mm, possibly a DMK41 for one of the images, maybe.

Possibly my best ever Jupiter, not sure.


Sorry about the cropping. :D


Obligatory Saturn, tougher than I remember.


So here is a double moon transit in 3 channels, I think it was probably taken on January 2.


This one is not the best pic but it's of the triple transit last year, conditions were not optimal.


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Thought I'd revive this thread with my 'Covid Collection'. All images captured Between 1st April and 6th August this year with Fullerscope and Altair 224c or 290m plus APM 2.7x barlow (at various powers). Now I have goto functionality on my EQ6 I will have a pop at the ice giants in the next couple of months and add them to this.


Planetary Showcase (1).png

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