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  1. catman161

    Obsy Design Question

    Fox and Vivian is silk there James in terms of roll off roof over the existing building I think it might make construction a little difficult but is certainly something I can ponder.
  2. catman161

    Obsy Design Question

    Hi All, I’m thinking of converting my roll off shed design to a more permanent, yet still small obsy. Currently roll off shed as as below which is ok but would like to convert it to a small permanent shed with gold down walls and preferably a style of roof that is either fold down to the side or roll back garage door style but where the door, or roof goes down behind the back wall of the structure. I don’t have the space for a roll off roof behind the shed as I have an outbuilding directly behind which can be seen in the pictures. Any help on how to engineer such a roof would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance Felix
  3. catman161

    Mars 6-8-2018 IR RGB

    Good amount of detail there Steve nice one
  4. catman161

    My new DIY ALT/AZ Mount a Panther Clone

    Mick, it’s been a while since I’ve logged on. You’re work is absolutely stunning. Such awesome skill and craftsmanship. I bet that runs beautifully.
  5. catman161

    Jupiter from 15.07.2018

    That’s very nice Pete. Probably the best I’ve seen this season. I haven’t had a chance with any planets presently purely Cos of location of neighboring houses and their choice of massively tall conifers. I don’t hunk I’ll do get a decent chance of an image until 2022. I am enjoying visual on the smaller DSO’s on my new C9.25 though
  6. catman161

    Jupiter 26-03-2018

    very good effort considering the low altitude and terrible seeing conditions we have been experiencing.
  7. Now FOUND. Can be moved to Complete Mods - thanks.
  8. Hi Guys, Am looking for a TV 2x Powermate in good condition. The 2 inch barrel version please. Let me know if you have one up for grabs. Thanks Felix
  9. catman161

    Niche Planetary Scope - withdrawn

    Drop me a message for details if interested. Pics are too large to go on here. Happy to email some
  10. Hi All, Am just putting the feelers out there really. I have a very niche Planetary scope that there are not many of about. Am thinking of selling but just wondered if there is really any kind of want/need from other amateur Astro people out there for such a nich OTA. It’s called a Planeta Truss Cassegrain and is Native F18. It is in brilliant condition and comes with various accessories. Please PM me if seriously interested as it is a rather pricey piece of equipment. Thanks
  11. catman161

    Right Angle Finder Clip.

    Oh yeah, undoubtedly. My grab n go is alt/az and my other setup is permanently set up so polemaster is useful in that situation. Agree the RA addition if you’re out and about at dark sites is brilliant.
  12. catman161

    Right Angle Finder Clip.

    I initially started out doing something very similar but in a much more crude way years ago by fitting a plumbing part called an end stop to a Nikon right angle finder and just push fitting it over the polar scope on my old NEQ6 - worked a treat. Now I use a QHY pole master camera. No more achy back or cold/wet knees
  13. catman161

    Telescope Trolley

    A couple of years back I had the same idea and ended up building it all myself after sketching out some ideas. I am in no way a skilled carpenter but the project turned out ok and I learnt lots along the way. Havent looked back since. I now leave everything permanently mounted and also cover the OTA as well as an extra precaution and have a dehumidifier in situ within the roll off shed. I went for the option of placing the shed on brass wheels that are intended for electronic gates. Each wheel has a load carrying capacity of 500kg. I just flip the cut out in the floor and push the shed back and off I go. I stand in the shed controlling the scope via EQMod on the laptop.
  14. catman161

    My new DIY ALT/AZ Mount a Panther Clone

    This is lovely work Mic

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