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  1. Imaged with a c9.25, ZWO ASI224MC at 12 degrees altitude and ADC. Difficult to make out detail at this aperture but more seen than at opposition. Used winjupos to derotate after the usual stacking of recordings. I hear will be better in 2020 - Martian dust storm and earth weather permitting
  2. Irrespective of dust storms - just goes to show seeing is everything. I have processed the images with identical profiles in registax and equivalent tweaks in photoshop to prove the point. ADC was used for all sessions.
  3. Very humid night on the UK South Coast with minimal breeze. My ADC helped a lot with the low altitude of the planets. Look forward to the Martian dust storm clearing up some more before Mars starts shrinking again as an imaging object.
  4. Thanks guys and yes I forgot to add in a skywatcher dual speed crayford focusser. I dont usually have any problems achieving dslr focus without the focal reducer but adding one in causes me difficulty.
  5. Dear all, I am relatively new to the concept of backfocus. Please can you advise which spacers would be required for the following combinations of equipment: 1. DSLR to C9.25 and 0.63 Focal Reducer 2. ZWO ASI224MC to C9.25 and 0.63 Focal Reducer 3. ZWO ASI224MC to Altair starwave ED80 with 0.8 Focal reducer many thanks in Advance. Please be gentle with my ignorance
  6. I have started imaging late this season due to house moves. Saturn is pretty tough this year.
  7. Somehow manged to coax reasonble detail with the help of an ADC despite the altitude of 14 degrees in West Sussex. I have looked at the firecapture log and a bit confused as to how it works out that the image was taken at f40. In the image train was a c9.25 scope, a skywatcher dual speed focuser, a x2 Barlow, astrosystems holland ADC then the zwo asi224MC camera.
  8. Wow, the experts can do so much better than me with even average data in average seeing
  9. Jupiter taken on the 26th May. Images derotated in Winjupos from 5 avi's caught in firecapture then sharpened in registax and finished in photoshop. ASI224MC camera on C9.25 scope and x2 Barlow
  10. In retrospect was a little bit unlucky on the 26th May in needing to stay up with the kids a bit and missing my chance to have imaged the impact on Jupiter that evening 3 hours prior. Enjoyed the good seeing for a bit. Then gave up when I had a go at Saturn and got put off by it's awful appearance at it's low UK altitude. Anyway the image is derotation of 5 avi's - each 20% of 5000 frames. Programs used: firecapture, registax, winjupos, PS. ZWO ASI224MC, C9.25, ADC and x2 Barlow. I have probably oversharpened the image - I am not used to getting so much detail on my imaging runs.
  11. Yep will have another go with the winjupos
  12. derotated with winjupos. still havent got the hang of photoshop and of course the moon io gets smeared
  13. yes I used a x2 Celestron Xcel barlow
  14. Jupiter from the 8th of April 2017. 6 x 2 minute avi (50% of 3000 frames each) derotated in Winjupos. C9.25 with ZWO ASI 224MC and ASH ADC.
  15. Jupiter from the 8th of April 2017. 6 x 2 minute avi (50% of 3000 frames each) derotated in Winjupos. C9.25 with ZWO ASI 224MC and ASH ADC.
  16. Seeing has been horrible over this weekend and on the 25th of March 2017 - the planet shimmered on the capture screen making focussing almost impossible. I gave up using the barlow lens on my C9.25 and stuck to an unbarlowed capture before packing up. Hope the weather and presumably the jet stream calms down.
  17. thanks guys, I stacked for each about 200 x5 sec subs. I set the gain at 350 for my 224 camera, I think you might have to tweak this for the 1600 however. I think that the cloudy nights fora as well as the offical zwo fora will have tips from established users, NOt many users of cooled 224's around as most have gone for larger chips like yourself which makes sense if concentarting on dso
  18. Thought I would exhibit my 1st attempts at cooled CMOS imaging. I admit I am mainly into planetary imaging but could not resist paying a little extra to get the cooled version of the 224 when I decide to upgrade. Anyway I decided not to guide but use the technique of stacking lots of short exposures - termed lucky imaging on the zwo forums.I am sure things will improve with improved attention to focus and may be some flats (lots of artefact). As a planetary guy I used my C9.25 with 0.63 focal reducer and used firecapture to obtain ser files which were stacked in autostakkert. m13 uncropped_234028_g4_ap36.tif deepsky_234934_g4_ap17 stretchedps.tif deepsky_002743_g4_ap17 stretchedps.tif deepsky_230529_g4_ap20 m20pscropped.tif
  19. C9.25 and ZWO ASI224MC. Probably overprocessed for some but was pretty mediocre seeing and worse since
  20. Hi there , I need some help in making an off axis solar filter for a C9.25. As you can see the resultant aperture is tiny. Would making multiple off axis areas around the central obstruction increase effective aperture and give a reasonable result?
  21. Thanks for the advice guys.A lot of this is over my head but I have an idea where to start on the next clear night
  22. Thanks Guys, for some reason I limited myself to 60sec captures so will increase to 2 minutes and possibly derotate in winjupos. What do people mean by a decent histogram? What would be a reasonable gain as people like Chris Go suggest ramping it right up to increase frame rate? I think my fl was really 4700mm but for some reason the firecapture software said 9700mm. I only had a x2 barlow and a crayford focuser in the imaging train!
  23. Thanks Guys. Yep I used a x2 Barlow and the focal length according to firecapture was 9700mm. This image was from a stack of 50% of a total of 1779 frames. Gain 259 and histogram on capture kept to max 88%. I have just tried to stack 70%of the frames and didnt really see much benefit in noise reduction. I am finding it difficult to reduce noise with gaussian blur in photoshop , noise ninja etc without removing some of the fine detail that I want to see. Oh well perhaps seeing will improve. I also have a few other avi to process from the same night so may share the results when I have more time
  24. Here is a picture I took tonight with an ASI224MC camera on my C9.25. Can someone please give me some processing tips for getting more detail out especially on the pale belts? stacked in as2 with x1.5 drizzle then put through registax 6 and photoshop Jup_230619_g5_ap27_Drizzle15regps.bmp
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