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Hello From Rotherham


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Hi all, completely new to all this. At the mo I have a pair of ancient binos, some warm clothes and that's about it. I'll be doing plenty of reading and asking plenty of questions before I take the plunge later this year with some decent kit.


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If Rother Valley Optics are within range take a wander around their place and look.

Do not take money/wallet/credit card just look.

Ask about astro groups and pay them a visit if possible.

Thanks guys :)

I actually went on Saturday, I didn't buy a scope but did come away with Turn Left at Orion & more questions than I went with. I'm going to start a thread in the beginners section with as many of them as I can, just need to get what I want to ask down in some sort order!

One thing, before I start throwing my cash around I'm going to book onto an open day for Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society open evenings at Hoober Observatory.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. No rush to get kit as the stars aren't going anywhere and will still be in place when the new scope arrives. As you currently have binoculars, you might want to take a look at this site which is full of useful information along with a monthly target list of objects for you to find.

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay here.

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