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  1. Thanks for the help people. Now, which method to try first.....
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking at getting my telescope prepared for use now that the nights are drawing in and noticed that my primary is in a bit of a mess after a few years of living in my shed. Are there any guides that one might use to bring it back up to standard? I'm fine removing the thing as out of curiosity, one of the first things I did with it was strip it down and reassemble it. I'm more interested in maintaining 'good practice' while handling it and the products to use (like DI vs RO water). Thanks in advance.
  3. Well it may look clear but I think I'll be blown away if I go out any time soon.

  4. What equipment would you use to carry out such an upgrade??? A holey sock perhaps.
  5. Binos are a great place to start. They're fantastic at helping learn the constellations (often overlooked) and break you in to being outside for prolonged periods of time at strange hours. Just make sure you get a tripod as well as it'll make the experience that much easier. If you decide you do enjoy it then you can pop down your local astro club and check out what everyone else is using and see what you like. Though it's likely they'll have slightly more expensive models than what you're looking at, you'll get the idea.
  6. I'd recommend that you go for the Dob. I looked through both when buying a scope for the first time but from the other perspective (DSO first and then maybe planetary). I decided on the 10" in the end but as a cost effective all rounder you can't go wrong. The fracs are great for planetary & lunar but you'll fall off as you start looking towards DSO's. So you may have to make a choice based off that.
  7. Hi Jay, Welcome to the lounge. Well done on beating the rain as well!
  8. I'm not too fussed about my hands to be honest. If they ever get too cold to function I have an emergency set of gloves on standby. My legs and feet are the important bits. They're more difficult to get layers on and will get uncomfortably cold quite quickly. I wear a fetching pair of thermal trousers with jeans on top more often than not. I suspect a pair of lined walking trousers would be the upgrade on these. For my feet I have a pair of thick thermal socks and wear walking boots. This does that trick for me. I also have a decent hat and the expected body layers, and I take the obligatory
  9. Although they are fantastic suggestions above (especially Stellarium), You should get your hands on a copy of turn left at Orion (TLAO) and a diagonal (ala here) they will both address those points you make. And congrats for your wife's trip to the moon
  10. Is that an Orion monster dobsonian in your trousers or are you just glad to see me.... I'll get my coat
  11. While I didn't struggle with my cross haired finder scope, I do find my Telrad an absolute joy to work with. This is a horses for courses question though, some people will love the magnification that a Telrad can't compare with.
  12. Hi Puglets, Welcome to the lounge.
  13. Just put one of these on. Will maintain 100% of your night vision every time. It work with just about everything as well.
  14. I can't believe the deceit from you people!!! Not telling the wife about ordering new scopes, putting your viewing sessions / research in front of her need for company while watching TV, questioning her ability to always be correct...about everything! Shame on all of you.
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