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Friday night BBQ Buffet


Friday Night BBQ  

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Lucksall have offered to a buffet style BBQ in the Cafe for us on the Friday evening.

If you are interested, please select the number of people in your party so we give Lucksall an idea of numbers.

We'll also do the Patrick Moore bit in the Cafe as well.

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Bloomin 'eck - did you vote for 7 Matthew?


Lol no, that would have been me :embarrassed: :p Still undecided whether to tell the rest of the guys coming with me about the bbq, or whether to just rock up by myself and tuck in :grin: :grin:

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Have the good people of Herefordshire been warned to stock up on food before stargazerslocusts.com descend upon them?


The last time I saw a plague of stargazing locusts devouring everything in sight was at breakfast time in the cafe at SGL7 :smiley:

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