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    DSO Nebulae

    Collection of my attempts at imaging various nebula
  2. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  3. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  4. May just be me then. I still get a 404 error on anything beyond page 1.
  5. Is there a problem with the site? Only one page displayed for Atik 383L entries and I know I submitted one....(which cannot be found by searching the camera or photographer)
  6. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  7. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  8. Must say I agree with the comments made. I asked a similar question when moving to ccd imaging and had started with DSLR, then (briefly) modded DSLR, then CCD. After modding the DSLR, first impressions were spectacularly improved from the umodded version. However, the DSLR was far, far too noisy to really pull out details of faint nebulae from my VERY light polluted suburban garden. Response to my initial inquiries were really juxtaposed and confusing, in fact I believe it was Olly whom almost put me off my eventual purchasing of an Atik 383L+ I think the phrase used was "hardly a light bucket". I did eventually buy the Kodak 8300 chipped camera, mostly because I wanted to lose as little FOV as possible and avoid the mosaicing and keeping an image of larger nebulae that would remain recognisable as the intended target rather than a segment of it. Yes I agree darks are simplistic. Flats however, well maybe it is me but I cannot seem to get these right and this may be due to me being useless or perhaps an issue with the getting the right exposure length with my setup and not catching shadow from the mechanical shutter? I would also favour a mono chip and good filters. I think this is particularly pertinent if you are imaging from bad LP and wish to capture faint objects. Not looked back at the decision though, the camera is excellent, the user not so much! Now its just the issues of guiding, seeing and weather to deal with! All the best with your decision
  9. Anweniel

    trunk 2

    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  10. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  11. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  12. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  13. This image taken with William Optics Megrez 90 and Atik 383L+ in Walsall 23/11/14 3x1800s Ha 3x1800s Oiii 3x1800s Sii
  14. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  15. Hopefully Walsall Astronomical Society approved soon
  16. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

  17. Anweniel


    From the album: DSO Nebulae

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