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  1. a great start, your image background seems very 'black' which may mean you have clipped some very valuable info, post processing is a huge learning curve its much better than my first attempt!
  2. some really great detail in there, suberb. cant wait to see the colour
  3. Yes this is how i've got it all set up ... *wishes*
  4. I was worried about the issues when building my obsy with rats and mice but I had the base high enough that my cats could get under there and act as vermin control to prevent the things eating my wiring! and I haven't seen any...yet
  5. you could always run them outside of the pipe in pvc and under the floor and up again at your 'work station', I had thought about it but settled for duck tape to stop me tripping in the dark.
  6. I would advice outside, it gives you full control if cables wear out or stop working, if they are in the actual pipe they are never going to move.
  7. Some progress this weekend, Got the shed wired up and the dimmers are working great, sorry about the photos they were on iPhone quick and under the red light are not brilliant. But when they are on the lowest dim they are great, I also wired them all separately so each has an individual switch (depending on which way Im imaging) So the 45a isolator switch into the garage mains Also re-felted the roof after the heavy winds and placed wood across to secure in the future, and painted with bitumen paint and its much better. Alarm fitted, just a standard shed alarm running off mains & battery
  8. info was mak 127 at f/11 (1.5m f/l) and the 35px-c on the heq5
  9. Best 300 frames out of 3000 stacked in Registax, no idea about processing so I just slid the bars until I got something that looked ok (in my mind) lol Going to wait until its high in the sky and image again. A higher res tif sun.tif and a low res jpg
  10. Taken last night around 10pm so it was very low unfortunately. One image without barlow and one with a 2.5x. Not sure about the processing when it comes to planets but heres the best I could conjure up. Both 1 min avi files with 50% stacked. 1.tif2.tif some low res jpgs
  11. Due to the adverse windy weather the felt has come loose, I was planning on putting batons down the roof to secure the felt but I didn't get chance. So thats this weekends job, Il post the destructive pics over the weekend. Rest of the shed faired very well.
  12. when voted off you must walk out of the airlock with no suit... it'll be in the small print lol
  13. thats exactly what I was after. Many thanks for taking the time! Im going to have to get a wall chart for the new obsy
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