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  1. Hi Hadyn, Great Ad......... Must get my preparations sorted out. Best Wishes to you and Christina Adrian
  2. Hi Stuart, I am interested in one of the Baader Neodymium filters 1.25" filters at £35. Do you still have one? Trust you are in the best of health. Cheers Adrian
  3. Hi Ian, To keep my memory from failing, I am off to Applecross tomorrow, so will be passing the A75 turnoff. Must remember to keep going up the M74!! The weather should stay brilliant for the next fortnight...... See you at Drumroanin in November if you are not going to IoM in September. Cheers Adrian
  4. Hi Racey, All the bookings are done via the Campsite, Lesley will be happy to help. Incidentally, you will be booking up at the Best AA Small Campsite of 2017. Good clean facilities, flat grass and horizons and dark, really dark skies are available. Great to meet up. Cheers Adrian
  5. Hi Hadyn and Christina, Well Done!! You are doing a lot of useful research for the IoM Star Party, which will pay dividends in September 2017 and for years to come. I have just finished my cooking course at the Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted, I can now prepare and cook in a commercial kitchen. The problem now is translating what I have learnt, to cooking on a MSR Dragonfly camping stove..... life is full of challenges. Keep healthy.... Cheers Adrian
  6. Hi Hadyn, I am currently talking to the kids about looking after the dog for the September period. I looked at the campsite website and did a search on the Dark Skies app. The skies look promising...... darker than Lucksall.... I will make my mind up in a week or two. Cheers Adrian
  7. Hi Hadyn, Glad to hear that you and Christina are keeping well. Trust that you are not doing abnormal mileage on the island, establishing the the darkness of the sky!!!!!!! You could still take the same amount of astro gear, Christina is fit enough to run after the camper van....... Hope to meet up in September. Cheers Adrian
  8. Hi Ian, Good News about the Award for Lesley and Ralph, shows that hard work is recognised and awarded. Great to hear that the petrol station has re-opened, it is usually cheaper than other petrol stations, only wonder if the rebuilding will push the petrol cost up? Trust you are in the best of health, see you in November. Cheers Adrian
  9. Hi Folks, Just to let you know Lesley and Ralph have now received the award for running the Best Small Campsite in the UK 2017, at the Annual AA Caravan and Camping Awards There is an article plus photo in a local newspaper showing the hard working pair holding the awards. Lesley added "We have a group of loyal customers who come year after year and new visitors who all say they'll definitely be back in future...." It is not hard to see why people are so keen to return to Drumroamin camp site the home of Scotland's Premier Star Party. So a big thank you to Lesley and Ralph is in order for ensuring that we have a great time there.... I love going there even when it is an 800 miles round trip, those dark skies on a crystal clear night are worth travelling those miles........ Congratulations... Adrian
  10. Hi Hadyn and Cristina, Well Done!!!!!! I must review my packed diary. Trust the weather will be great on the IoM in September 2017. The camp site is in one of the darkest places on the island. See you soon. Cheers Adrian
  11. Hi Dave, The extension tube has arrived safe and sound..... must be the packaging you did..... 1st class transaction. I will be using it with my new Baader SteelTrack focuser. Thanks for the good comms and the mint condition of the 50mm extension tube. Thanks Adrian
  12. Hi Hadyn, Hope the members of your IoM Astro group will be happy with the arrangements after tonight's meeting. Looking at the Dark Sky app on my iPad, the north west of the IoM has fairly dark skies, better viewing than SGL at Lucksall, but not quite up to the standard of Galloway. Plus, the daytime viewing the beautiful land and seascapes of the island. Thanks for the PM.... I must respond soon. Even though I am retired, I have been every busy over the last few weeks. Currently trying to get tent poles to replace the ones broken at Drumroamin.....!!!!!! All the best with the star party planning. Cheers Adrian
  13. Hi Steve, Well done!! Would it be possible to include the instructions in the next edition of "Every Photon Counts".... as more and more people are becoming PoleMaster addicts..... Cheers Adrian
  14. Hi Doug, I have an ES 24/82 eyepiece, known as the grenade.... and it does not cause any problems on my Altair Astro 115mm APO Refractor standard Rack 'n Pinion geared focuser. Also have an ES 14/100 eyepiece, weighing in at 890 grams and no problem neither. I have changed the focuser on my Orion Optics uk Reflector within the last 10 days, but have not tested it out properly yet (i.e. a night's gazing) done short tests during the day and the eyepiece seems to stay rock solid in the Baader SteelTrack focuser and the SteelDrive motor seems to cope with the weigh during these short tests. Only a long night with changing temperatures will really test it out. Can you order clear skies for a few nights while I try it out? Cheers Adrian
  15. Hi James, After reading your message above, I looked in my diary and have have both SGL and Galloway already marked. There is another star party being planned by Hadyn for the Isle of Man in September 2017, which I might attend once all the details have been finalised. Could be a busy 3 months later in the year. I must admit it would be interesting to meet up again at SGL, even though Daz has banned me from the cooked breakfast club!!!! I am a great fan of the Galloway event, given the really dark skies and flat horizon, plus the whiskey tasting sessions on the odd cloudy night... (Spring 2017 mostly cloudy so plenty of whiskey tasted) All the Best, Adrian