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  1. Hi Ships and Stars, Sorry I don't know your name. I have the following comments..... I think you would get a wider response by starting a new thread. The NE of Scotland would be a two day drive for at least 3 to 5 of the members who attend the Galloway Star Party, from London, Bridgend in South Wales and the Isle of Man (500 to 550 miles). The majority of attendees come from the Newcastle and of course from the Greater Manchester areas. Plus a camp site with electrics would be necessary for the astro gear and computers and of course heating in the winter months. And toilet facilities need to be thought about. I don't believe the astronomers would be overly happy about setting up in car parks or lay-bys, given the value of the equipment. Incidentally, there is sometimes a star camp organised that takes place in Perth. Anyway, we do get members from the Perth area who come to Galloway Star Party in Kirkinner and who greatly enhance the event with their knowledge and drinking abilities. So I wish you the best trying to organise a star party. Cheers Adrian
  2. Hi John, Given that the announcement has come from Julian, I would believe that it is true. i have informed Derek, so awaiting confirmation from Derek in the next 24 hours. I have sent a private message to Derek. It is sad that the weather has ruined a really first class star party. I was planning on going up this Sunday but given the forecast for wind and rain, I decided to delay putting the roof rack on the car. Wishing all those who were intending on attending the very best Adrian
  3. Hi Folks, It is 13 days to the start of the Galloway Spring Star Party...... if you are still trying to make your mind up about coming..... save yourself the agony and just book with Lesley the camp site owner. It really is a great friendly party, I spoke to Lesley on Tuesday and the site is drying out beautifully after a very wet winter period. She hopes that this weekend's promised storms miss the site. Some of the regulars arrive before the start and even remain after the end dates, it is so enjoyable. Some people bring astro gear and more important Whiskey and Jaffa cakes. Hope to see you all there. Cheers Adrian
  4. Hi Derek, I thought folk would like to know what it looks like early morning at a Spring Galloway Star Party...... Plus afternoons birdwatching at Wigton Bay and an Evening sky with no clouds. What could be better!!!!! Definitely worth the 800 mile round trip........ See you all there Adrian
  5. Hi Carole, I am going both days, so I will see you on Saturday morning if you are not too busy. I also hope to meet some SGL attendees and members of the Wycombe Astronomical Society. Cheers Adrian
  6. Hi Derek, Thanks for adventuring into organising the events....... Sorry to hear that Mike is not too well. Trust you had a peaceful Christmas. I wish we could get some clear nights over Watford. Thanks Adrian
  7. Hi Folks No stars at present as it has clouded over There is a very heavy dew. On one dob it looks like someone has washed the primary mirror and forgot to dry it!!!!! i am packing in for the night as I need to get away early in the morning Trust everyone who came enjoyed themselves cheers Adrian
  8. Hi Damian, Had not realised that you would be gone by the time I got back. Yes, we saw mist forming in the dips on the way back from the Isle of Whithorn earlier, ie. the period just as dusk was descending. There is a mist forming at low level now in to which the Moon is slipping, we can see the Milky Way and a number of constellations, but dew is forming at an alarming rate. Going to watch the Qualifying Round of the American Grand Prix, games room is now in use..... Adrian
  9. Hi Julian, Trust you got home safely with your load of gear. It rained at times during the night.... got up at 03:30 am this morning and we had clear skies...I looked at Orion in all it's glory...went back to bed after 15 minutes or so. Then up again at 05:20 am and it was clouded over except for one star in the North. The campsite was very soggy first thing, a number were up to watch the rugby watch and then group photo. I went to lunch at the Harbour Inn at Garlieston with Hadyn and Christina, excellent meal and then down to the Steam Packet in the Isle of Whithorn for afternoon coffee. The weather was fine, breezeless and perfectly clear. Tonight here is crystal clear sky at the moment with the Moon out and showing beautifully in a dark sky. The forecast is for clear skies for the next 6 to 9 hours, Galloway weather is totally unpredictable. Anyway, it was great to meet you again, trust you have some great images to process when you get a chance. All the Best, Adrian
  10. Hi, Not the best of the mornings..... Today will be the worst of the weather, but may be better tomorrow. Think the games room will see plenty of action from lunchtime..... Cannot complain because we have had 5 good days and 4 good nights so far. Did somebody mention Whiskey? To all travelling to join us today, take care as the roads may be slippy after the fine weather. Adrian
  11. Hi Ian, I have cancelled all my appointments for Thursday morning...... camera batteries will charge overnight on Wednesday and be ready to record this wondrous event. The weather for Wednesday is changing to GOOD. Maybe we will be lucky and have an interesting star party. Everybody is out looking skyward tonight, the only thing is that there is a breeze of 10mph to chill the bones. Cheers Adrian
  12. Hi Ian Glad to hear that your car now works Do you need an erection team available for your tent? According to Scope Nights tomorrow night shows good signs of improvement over the earlier forecasts of heavy rain Have a safe journey Adrian
  13. Hi Stuart, Currently viewing a beutiful morning after a good clear night, this is what one drives hundreds of miles for! The temperature at present is just about freezing. With these clear nights I might not have time to drink my whiskey ( or anybody else's for that matter! ) Have a safe journey.... Adrian
  14. Hi Mark and Steve So sorry to hear that you have had to cancel a good star party I am currently attending the 10th anniversary of the Galloway Star Party, we have had two clear nights with a heavy frost last night We are looking at clear skies tonight and hopefully Tuesday night but the forecast for the remainder of the week does not look promising, but in Scotland that means we will be having a number of whiskey tasting sessions were the weather is later seen as hazy...... Anyway, the people here are sorry to hear your plight and hope the weather in Herefordshire improves over the coming weeks All the very best Adrian
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