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  1. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hi Ian, Great to see you looking well, a glass helps..... I will be up in Chapel le Dale on the second weekend in December. The skies there are reasonably dark, but not as good as Galloway. Hoping to get to Drumroanin in March 2018. All the Best. Adrian
  2. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hi David, Rain seems to be the order of the day. I was up in Seawhaite in Borrowdale (Lake District) in mid-October, the weather was miserable, heavy rain and hurricane winds, the places where streams are usually present, were replaced by waterfalls, Derwentwater had flooded the marsh land to the south, the River Derwent near the village of Grange had overflowed it's banks. Many trees growing in the lake and river. I got soaked, the ground was very mushy. Spoke to a farmer, he was concerned about his sheeps' feet being in soaked fields getting foot rot. I can understand why Lesley has had to cancel the November Star Party, I know that she loves having us along, but given the amount of rain they have had since August, the campsite usually drains well, but there are limits. Just hope that the Spring Star Party will be a great success, with crystal clear skies, pies and mushy peas, and some soft drinks like whiskey. I will definitely miss meeting up with you mad lot! Cheers Adrian
  3. ADM 15" Losmandy Bar - £35

    Hi Derek, Funds despatched. Thanks Adrian
  4. ADM 15" Losmandy Bar - £35

    Hi Derek, If the ADM Bar is still available, I am interested and can pay!!! Cheers Adrian
  5. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hi David, Trust you are in the best of health. Will we have the pleasure of your company in November? Was it Keith Muir (mentioned in the BBC piece) who met us one Saturday lunchtime at the Kirkinner Inn about 7 years ago? We discussed light pollution, the steps the Forestry Commission was doing in Glen Trool and south west Scotland. Plus setting up plans for other forest areas. D & G Council are taking great steps to combat light pollution. My local council are trying to tackle the light problems, they have installed LEDs in my road, the lights put more "white" light on the street, but massive reduction in upward light......... great..... Anyway, I hope to be at Drumroanin in November, as usual pitch 19 for Whiskey, Ouzo ad Jaffa Cakes. Cheers Adrian
  6. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hi Ian, Suspect we could get 7 or 8 Bottles of whiskey for the price of a ticket..... See you in November. Cheers Adrian
  7. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hi Mike, I agree, we entertained Elizabeth (?) the Dark Sky Ranger, it just shows how the people that organise things are not included in discussions as to the way forward! People like Lesley and Ralph should be invited because of the efforts they put in. How can this group help the campsite owners. Maybe we should invite the Dark Sky Group to the Autumn SP to discuss our thoughts on how to progress the issues. I am looking forward to another Dark Sky bonanza.......at Drumroanin..... Cheers Adrian
  8. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Hi Mike, Thanks for the date, I was planning on phoning you this morning to establish the dates, because I am about to book 2 days at Astrofest in February. To those who are wondering whether to go to Scotland for stargazing in March 2018, the answer is a no-brainer YES Cheers Adrian
  9. 128 GB SSD PC. Am I Crazy?

    Hi David, I am currently researching the possibility of using an Eagle S astro computer. I see it it as a scope attached mini-PC that can handle the cable management side of things. I have seen one at Tring Astronomy Centre and it looks neat when the scope is attached to it. It definitely takes care of all the cables if you are imaging. You can load all the applications (to my knowledge) that can control the mount and do imaging that are Windows compatible. It also has 4 12v DC power sockets. It can be used with a tablet..... If you get one before I do, I would love to hear your initial thoughts. Clear Skies. Adrian
  10. Isle of Man Autumn Stargazing Camping Weekend

    Hi Hadyn, Great Ad......... Must get my preparations sorted out. Best Wishes to you and Christina Adrian
  11. Hi Stuart, I am interested in one of the Baader Neodymium filters 1.25" filters at £35. Do you still have one? Trust you are in the best of health. Cheers Adrian
  12. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hi Ian, To keep my memory from failing, I am off to Applecross tomorrow, so will be passing the A75 turnoff. Must remember to keep going up the M74!! The weather should stay brilliant for the next fortnight...... See you at Drumroanin in November if you are not going to IoM in September. Cheers Adrian
  13. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hi Racey, All the bookings are done via the Campsite, Lesley will be happy to help. Incidentally, you will be booking up at the Best AA Small Campsite of 2017. Good clean facilities, flat grass and horizons and dark, really dark skies are available. http://www.drumroamin.co.uk Great to meet up. Cheers Adrian
  14. Isle of Man Star Party September 2017

    Hi Hadyn and Christina, Well Done!! You are doing a lot of useful research for the IoM Star Party, which will pay dividends in September 2017 and for years to come. I have just finished my cooking course at the Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted, I can now prepare and cook in a commercial kitchen. The problem now is translating what I have learnt, to cooking on a MSR Dragonfly camping stove..... life is full of challenges. Keep healthy.... Cheers Adrian
  15. Isle of Man Star Party September 2017

    Hi Hadyn, I am currently talking to the kids about looking after the dog for the September period. I looked at the campsite website and did a search on the Dark Skies app. The skies look promising...... darker than Lucksall.... I will make my mind up in a week or two. Cheers Adrian