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  1. Hi, Neil at Tring Astronomy Centre has a large selection of Astronomik and Baader (1.25" and 2.0") filters, most of the range is in stock at any one time. I buy the majority of my filters there as I get free advice and coffee plus biscuits..... They appear to have the filter you want in stock... A quick call to Neil can secure the filter for you. They are often very busy on a Monday, because lots of people have decided over the weekend on what equipment they want to purchase. I know nothing about the other filter you asked about. Cheers Adrian
  2. Hi, I have purchased a Baader Diamond SteelDrive with the SteelTrack Focuser Motor Drive for my 10" Orion Optics uk Dob..... I have it all installed and now in the process of getting it to work on the hand controller. I have put Custom in the Model set-up, the instructions in Section 4 of the manual state......"for Steeldrive Diamond, please select Custom and specify a gear ratio of 0.2291" Great, how do you set the 0.2291 on the hand controller????????? When I do the POS. CAL the focuser goes to 28.2mm instead of 25.00mm as stated in the instructions. (I suspect the measurement is incorrect because I cannot enter the 0.2291 figure....) Offers of help gratefully appreciated.... Cheers Adrian
  3. Hi Ken, Canada is West of Greenwich as you correctly observe.....but it is East if you are coming the long way round!! The longitude and latitude given are correct for the Tilbury Ontario Canada area. Starhunter just needs to change the East setting to West. Cheers Adrian
  4. Hi Grant, Glad to see that the SGL Autumn event does not clash with the Scotland's Premier Galloway Star Party which is Wednesday 15th November till Monday 20th November 2017. Of course, attendees can come earlier and leave later if they wish. This year I can attend both ............. great Hope to see you there. Cheers Adrian
  5. Hi Gus, I am interested in this item. If you PM your account no and sort code I will transfer funds to your account and forward by address details. Thanks Adrian
  6. Hi Stuart, The weather has been the main topic of conversation for the Galloway Spring SP, so meeting up with friends and having a wee dram is the order of the night. I packed up and left on Friday before the rain returned with the picturesque snow on the Galloway Hills. I went over to Chapel le Dale. It was raining and miserable when I got there at 15:20. It was wet and windy on Saturday, so I stayed in the centre and watched the Rugby matches, later attended the DAG Annual Dinner at the Hill Inn. The food is excellent but pricey. I arrived home yesterday afternoon in time to watch the England v Italy match. This is the first time to Drumroanin that the scope has stayed in the car. The wind and rain were non-stop for 10 out of the 11 nights I was there. Damage.... one broken pole on the 4 person Outwell tent, the two roof poles on the Kampa Utility tent broken, so I will be paying a visit to Complete Outdoors in Hemel Hempstead. Will have to wash the footprint and groundsheet from the tent. Plus drying the tent out, Guess what it is raining here now.... Anyway, I will be back to Drumroamin hopefully in the Autumn. Good to see you got home safely, hope to meet up later in the year. Cheers Adrian
  7. Hi Stuart, Sorry to see that you are arriving on Friday afternoon, as I am leaving on Friday morning. See you at the Autumn event. We are bracing ourselves for the storm, fortified by Highland Park, it is currently windless here, with a few rain drops peppering the tent. Have a safe trip. Cheers Adrian
  8. Hi Jamie, There is wind here, but the heavy rain of mid-afternoon as vanished. the weather should not stop you doing things, so Hadyn, Cristina and myself went up to the bird hide at Wigton Harbour, it had stopped raining there. We saw Mute Swans, Little Egrets, Widgen, Sholver Ducks, Shelducks, a Merlin on a post and loads of Pink foot Geese. It was very windy at the hide. It is getting dark now and we are preparing for Doris.... Doing tea will be fun with my fillet steak... standards have to be maintained at all costs! Julian must be sound asleep and dreaming of 10Micron! Have a safe trip. Cheers Adrian
  9. Hi, Morning has broken........ well, well... the sun is up, light cloud and no wind, where am i? "Drumroanin Camp Site" the voice from Heaven says. Having breakfast, Mike brought as requested stronger tent pegs. About to start replacing the slim pegs with these stronger ones in anticipation of the BBC Weather forecast for later today. Remember it is a beautiful morning here.... Cheers Adrian
  10. Hi Gav, Lesley will decide the best place to park you. There is hardstanding by reception but it is not necessarily the best place to do astronomy from. Mike has the first static van, so he might be agreeable share the space there which has a fence around and would help shelter you from the strong Northwest wind that is currently blowing. Next, there are stars about at present.... Venus is showing well. Orion is there, Sirius, Aldebaran, Pleiades, Capella, Castor and Pollux are among some of the early risers. The Pole star is not visible as there is some dark cloud to the north of the site. It is very breezy at present with the wind coming mainly from the northwest. I am off to tea and to watch the match on BBC TV. It is too windy to have a telescope up at present. Cheers Adrian
  11. Hi Mike, Hard at this moment in time to decide on what to bring astro wise... If you are camping then a solid tent with heavy duty pegs would be the order of the day. It is very windy at present, hoping the wind may drop. The sun is shining and it is not raining, it is very similar to last Monday here, except the wind was a lot stronger last Monday afternoon. Astro wise, a smaller scope would be better than a 22" dob because of the wind. Any scope will need to be well anchored. Warm clothes to protect you from the breeze. There is a small microwave here, which has been extremely useful, because the wind makes cooking outside entertaining.... I also used the Harbour Inn in Garlieston for 3 of my 7 evening meals so far. I will be visiting them twice more in the next few nights. Be careful on the roads. Cheers Adrian
  12. Hi Damian, When you are coming, can you leave the wind behind in South Yorkshire..... we have enough here to sink a battleship. This morning, it is cloudy, drizzle type rain, with the sun trying to break through the clouds and the wind. I have walked back from Wigton with Lesley and Bud. We came the scenic way across the old aerodrome, it was fairly windy there. One of the weather forecasts had the wind speed at 16mph. One of the lunchtimes this week they are predicting 40mph.... with speeds of 19mph either side of it. (surely, that's a mistake). It was windy last night. Julian went shopping in Newton Stewart this morning and says there was a light breeze there, but when he got back to Wigton the breeze was a lot stronger. The guide lines are holding well, with us only having to reset 3 or 4 of them. Julian said he saw the Moon and stars at 06:00am this morning. And, the Sun has just broken through 12:06pm ...... Hurrah.... Cheers Adrian PS there are thousands of geese around........ so pack some binos for the views.
  13. Hi Andy, Thanks for the offer......... I will be moving on Friday!!!! Thanks Adrian
  14. Hi Mike, I think the drizzle is not drizzle... good ... but the strong wind actually lifting the dew or earlier drizzle off the ground, because when you shine the torch there is no moisture visible above knee height. Have a good night's rest and see you later tomorrow. Cheers Adrian
  15. Hi Mike, If you have some red transparency film that would be great, if not do't worry. I nearly forget the caviar... it would go lovely with a ribeye steak......... Gee, that whiskey seems to be making me delusional !!!! Plus... clear skies. Drive safely. Cheers Adrian