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NGC6559 in Sagittarius Triplet.


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I took 3 Hrs RGB on NGC6559 (the interesting nebula East of the Lagoon) last night using The TEC140. Seeing down there was poor so I haven't anything worth showing yet in its own right but what I did do was add what I got to an older widefield of the Sagittarius Triplet. This really has lifted the 6559 region.

Base image, Tak FSQ85 at F3.9/328mm.

All three nebulae now have overlays from the TEC and, for the Lagoon, some Ha donated by Tom O'Donoghue with his FSQ106.

This picture has been growing steadily for three years! Now I need to tighten up the open cluster NE of the Trifid...



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Oh go away you, just when I thought I was doing well you go and post an amazing image like this. to make me re-think.....


Wow, indeed as has been said, loving the colours and the framing mate.

You need to invite me over to test my MN190 and I'll brink some real wine (english) :)

Superb Olly, simple superb.

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Gasp! This is really something Olly. I could pore over this image and its fine detail for hours. Really wonderful work. I love the colors and the rendition of the nebulae. A fine eye! Congratulations.


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