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  1. Got a bit over an hr of data on this one before it hit the flip. First time imaging the Eagle w/ the CCD, I wasn't sure how the framing would look. I'm pretty pleased w/ the results. It's so bright, it was a challenge to give it depth with only B&W. Thanks for looking old Starlight Xpress HX916 Explorer Scientific 152mm mak-newt F4.8 on CG5 Baader 7nm Ha Filter, 19 x 5min subs with 5 darks, no flats or bias used M16 19x5min Ha by jsigone, on Flickr
  2. thanks for the comments. The halos in the Ha appeared in the DSS stacking but when I stacked last night data for the HaRGB I used nebulosity2 and it's much smoother. I had similar probs w/ DSS when I did the bubble last month. Tracking is still an issue for me, and I try to tweak settings to best overcome it, and is magnified even more on on this 2/3s chip. Last night wasn't as good as the other. But I'd rather put something on paper then nothing at all so I can learn from it and move on. I'll post up the Ha from nebulosity stack later after i get back from my cold bike ride
  3. Got to add some color to this with astronomiks RGB filters. R: 5x10min G: 3x10min B: 5x10min IC 410 HaHaRGB by jsigone, on Flickr
  4. I'd bypass the astrotrac for widefield, its a nice device but dated, I'd get the iOptron Smart EQ for $400 usd. Would be the BEST bang for buck with go to and everything for half the price of Astrotrac and ball head. http://www.optcorp.com/product.aspx?pid=17967&kw=3100&st=3 Older Canon FD lens won't fit on Canon EOS systems w/o a adapter w/ correcting glass which can make things fuzzy. M42 and Contax C/Y lens are bang on budget. So are some of the older Nikon Nikkor ED AiS but those are pricey, but great for AP. You can find Contax CY Carl Ziess 50mm F1.4 lens for around $250 and
  5. LOL same expensive hobbies but my bikes get bumped to #1 for me, Just got that super6 few months ago...LOVE IT! I get more use out of them then my AP gear. One day I'll upgrade my used $350 CG5 mount to an CGEM but not in the cards anytime soon so work within the limits of the gear on hand. I've been on a manual focus lens kick for the past yr or so, that helps keep that hobby expense a bit looser.
  6. Got a super clear moonless night and felt like freezing my hands off for hte 1st image of the new year. Never imaged this target before and glad it framed up well with my FOV. Got solid 10min subs from my CG5 all night and that was a blessing!! IC410 Tadpoles Ha, 12x10min by jsigone, on Flickr Snuck in this shot of Orion wide field w/ my ES Comet Hunter. Taken w/ Canon 450D, Yashica ML 28mm/F2.8 wide open for 15s (single image) backyard under the hunter by jsigone, on Flickr
  7. Did some trail and error on the stacking (newb to LRGB). I blended the Blue and Lum files together, then added that as the blue channel in the RGB stack. Then took the file into photoshop, blended the Lum file as Luminosity mode. After more detailing I found the wispy background.....YAY I'm happy 3min subs was enough!! Merope has a touch of purple but can't seem to get rid of it without effecting the color tone of the entire image so I'll leave it be. M45 L-RG(LB) blend by jsigone, on Flickr
  8. I feel accomplished I was able to get an image through all the filter before it hit the flip just before midnight. This is about the only reason I like daylight saving time adjustment. Doesn't seem 3min is long enough for the wispy details, I might have to do another night with the Lum filter at longer subs and try to blend it in. Stacked in DSS, PP was in Nebulosity 2. I didn't get to chance to layer it up in photoshop yet. This was done with 60& moon up. M45 LRGB v.01 color check by jsigone, on Flickr
  9. First time posting here in a while, I was trying to take advantage of mt first clear night since last week. Targets like this makes me wish I had an OIII filter to blend into some color. I got about 3 hours in this target before I had to get some sleep. Starlight Xpress HX916 Explorer Scientific 152mm mak-newt F4.8 Baader 7nm Ha Filter 27 x 5min 4 x 7min 2 x 10min NGC 7635, Bubble Nebula Ha, 3h8m by jsigone, on Flickr
  10. love this image. Really good details throughout it
  11. thanks!! Waiting for another clear night to try to add some Ha data.
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