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  1. What direction should I look and what time should there be some good ones tonight? (24/04/2012)
  2. Have you got the full resolution images as these would be the most beautiful wallpapers :-)
  3. it was an incredible night up the fell :-). didn't realise how bad the light pollution was around preston until we were up there, the sight was amazing. We saw quite a few shooting stars too! Spotting objects was quite hard as there was a hell of alot more than I was used to (due to the light pollution). Looking forward to the next meet up. I learnt quite abit. Thankyou JasperUK
  4. im good for it mate. I'd need to follow someone up there as I normally get lost :-/
  5. I am. just need some notice on the day. email is andrewsean.powell@gmail.com
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