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  1. Latest Met Office UKV run is in. Doesn't look good. Good luck everyone. Cheers Ian 04UTC, Wednesday, Cloud cover:
  2. It can't hurt can it? Whether it will improve anything, I really don't know being such a narrowband. But if you do, do report back if it improves the image at all. Cheers Ian
  3. Love them, very good. Anyone know who the photographer is? Cheers Ian
  4. Noted, thanks Kev. I'll try via the handset then Cheers Ian
  5. Indeed. I really like the look of the DSSR software (new release the other day) as I'd like to do day long time lapse of proms. Just waiting on a EQDIR box for the mount. Cheers Ian
  6. For the OP, how about a SkyTee2? Would be solid and you could get two scopes on it Cheers Ian
  7. Ant, Yes, Y800 if using a mono camera. Also would go with the DMK21 if you can handle the speed the sun will move out of shot. PST is monochromatic, so although colour will work, mono will work better. Also easier to get a good exposure too. Remember, at dawn, the sun will travel at a non linear speed due to atmospheric refraction, so a tracking mount won't help much immediately after it breaks the horizon. Also bear in mind that the luminosity will also change quickly at dawn. So the faster you can get your 1000 or so frames in the bag, the better. You'll have to keep checking the exposure be
  8. Camera also needs a shoulderless 1.25" nosepiece to get to focus. DFK isn't ideal for PST, a DMK would be much more suitable, but if it is what you have, it's what you have Cheers Ian
  9. Search the electrical inter web for a book named "Turn Left at Orion", sit outside, find your way around. Next, a quality pair of low power binos to get a better view. Then, finish your education, get a good job, then think about scopes. All IMHO of course. But is what my eldest did, and now he has more kit than I do, has darker skies (mid Wales) and earns double what I do now and is only 23. The git Cheers Ian P.S. the sky isn't going anywhere.
  10. Put an EP in, get to about the right focus *then* tighten the focuser grub. After that, don't use the scope visually. Sorted. Cheers Ian
  11. IR thermos require a surface of sorts as they detect reflected or emitted IR from said surface. But we are not really interested in surface temps as they don't affect the seeing, they are just the heat source. We are interested in the difference between the *air temperature* above the surface and the *air temperature* at the objective. This difference, the deltaT, is a direct measure of the local turbulence you'll see at the eyepiece. Bottom line, you are looking through about 80km of atmosphere (the air) plus any suspended particulates (smoke, ash, insects, haze etc). It doesn't matter what
  12. Not even that Seriously, the more the public facing side of the Met Office hears the public's needs, the more likely it'll happen. Cheers Ian
  13. Exactly right Carole. A "duvet"? I like that. Maybe we should measure clouds by their "Tog" rating rather than their thickness and water content But yes basically. At night, all the outgoing long wave radiation (we call it heat) is absorbed and reflected back again. So indeed acts as a duvet as that works in a similar fashion. Cheers Ian
  14. Sorry Luke, I wasn't clear (been a long week). I meant to say that *calculating* seeing and trans is well understood and easy to do. It's actually quite cheap in computer time to do as well. Agreed. We have all seen the graphics showing "percentage cloud cover", you can even get them on the Met Office site now. I envisage the same but for trans and for seeing, do it in shades of blue or something. Then on the website for site specific forecasts, instead of maps, have a graphic much like 7timer etc. It is easy to do, honestly. Just needs the will to do it for real. And that will only come if en
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