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  1. I gave up with the JPEG images, no more JPEG's ever. It was clear last night, so took some more unguided, camera on tripod, focus and shooting in BYEOS, 36 RAW Frames of 10s subs, lens up to 35mm from 18mm, and now I have stacking going on! Not perfectly round stars, but there must be a fix for that? Thanks to all for the guidance.
  2. I thought you had it then when I looked at Autosave 1, then realised I'm looking at hot pixels. Autosave is still the same. Thanks for trying!
  3. Thanks Paul, It was very windy, but other than that it was on a tripod, and I never touched it guv. , apart from pressing the button....hmmm, but I had it on delay/countdown. I took another set at 1600iso, but that gives the same result.
  4. Thanks Chefgage, will do next time, I had thought I had Raw + JPEG set.. PeterCPC, It's registering 10, stacking 8, they all look ok to me. Same result just now.
  5. Hi All, I took 10x unguided 20 second lights at 800iso at f4 on a Canon EOS 500D with the lens at 18mm and images stored at Large JPEG so 4752x3168. Got a good set if images pointed in the direction of Hercules, but when I stack them in DSS the final resulting TIFF looks like one long exposure with star trails. I have tried cropping twice, tried various settings in DSS like changing the star count, but can't seem to get a normal stacked image, also tried stacking TIFF's after saving as in CS. Watched several Youtube tutorials and it looks so easy, looked here for a similar problem and can't find it answered. Feeling like the last moments of HAL 9000 now ... Any help please?
  6. I have an ETX 105 with meade electronic focuser, I want to mount the tube assembly with a dovtail onto a Celestron AVX. How can I then control the focuser from the laptop? I cant see any focuser control in Cartes du Ciel. I want to use an old Meade DSI C. and a Canon EOS 500D Thanks for any help!
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