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  1. One thing I do is leave telescope outside before going and then drive without heat on in my car. I keep my gloves on so my fingers are not numb in sub zero temperatures to assemble everything. This way my scope is cooled from the moment I set up. Other than that - I just keep everything organised so I can put everything together quickly.
  2. I was watching rain.. Not a single session this autumn yet. I accidentally checked the weather in London a couple of days ago and got exited, but then I noticed the mistake, and yeah, autumn storms. Had a good run in summer though. Found a nice dark site I can get in under an hour, so got a bunch of Messier under my belt. Mars was still a dust ball though, and then clouds rolled in. Got really unlucky with it this year.
  3. I use Jovemoons app. It shows in real time (you can set any date/time too) both the GRS and the position of the moons, you can also check the times of next transits. Very simple and easy to use.
  4. I've done quite a number of transfers from Barclays and Lloyd's to foreign accounts (both business and private) and there is no extra charge as long as you do it using online banking.
  5. I think any hobby can be money pit if you take it seriously. As Olly said, some can be even deeper than astronomy. I was speechless when a friend told me how much he spent on his newest fishing rods. I immediately thought - you could get Takahashi or two for that! And fish using a pole with a line tied to the end.
  6. I think I used my Xbox cam on w10. I'll have to double check it, as I used it half a year ago to check the collimation of a secondary mirror, there is a slim chance I used different laptop then and I can't remember if that one was w10. I have two other cameras (not webcams, sort of pointandshooters) I'm not using, it's kind of shelved project to modify them just for the sake of it. Might do it tomorrow. Just today I was thinking about cheap option for a guidecam, the one bobro linked looks interesting.
  7. If you didn't damage the mirror, then it should be ok. But it is likely it needs to be collimated. I'm not sure, but it might be the case that your scope doesn't have a central spot marked on the primary mirror? In that case the collimation would be harder, but still possible. You could test it at daytime, focusing on a distant target. Just nowhere near the sun!
  8. Good point. I moved from (insert manufacturer name) celestron to (insert manufacturer name) skywatcher. Just because my first scope was rubbish, and it was Celestron. If it was half decent, I think brand loyalty would have played it's part. So there you go.
  9. Same here, got 114 powerseeker on a wobbly GEM couple of years ago as a present, saw the moon, saw Jupiter, Saturn got hooked. Bought NEQ6 and 200pds... I think, if interest is there you'll research and upgrade. Even if it's flimsy, Eq1 is good enough to learn the principles of GEM mounts, and bird-jones 114 newt will show more than binoculars. Initially. If you are lucky
  10. Eq-1 is terrible. Wobbly. As a minimum, for astrophotography, I would look at eq3-2. If budget is tight, look at used ones, for sale section here or astrobuysell are good places to start. For viewing alt-az might be better, but as an equatorial type I don't know much about those.
  11. If it was real, whole regions of the UK would suffer from terrible draughts... At the moment one needs access to battery or two of AA guns to chemically seed the clouds. A squadron of aircraft would work too. Both are slightly difficult to source if you are not named Kim.
  12. Star wars? ,,,,?? £20 sounds reasonable. Make sure to look at what they do, and maybe get a Cheshire while you are there - it's a tool you really need with Newtonian telescope, they need collimation occasionally and it's really not so hard to do it yourself once you have right tools and an idea how to do it. Astro society guys is a good call, they would explain what's going on.
  13. Most likely. You will need to check collimation. I guess you don't have a Cheshire eyepiece? You could, however, use collimation cap. It's not so hard to DIY. Your boyfriend is a naughty naughty boy.
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