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  1. Nice little session for me, finished now. M11 looked fantastic at high power, lovely V shapes showing up. M13, pretty impressive and resolving well into the core with averted vision bringing out even more stars. Couldn't quite get the Propeller although hints of it showed up. M27, main core shape plus the outer reaches showing a little with OIII M57, excellent again with OIII Caroline's Rose, beautiful swirling faint stars, larger than I remember but then I probably saw it last with a 4" Finally the Veil. Pretty impressive given the skies here (Mag 19). The Witch's Broom sweeping through 52 Cygni, although there wasn't enough contrast for the split in the broom. The two hooks in the Eastern Veil were visible though nothing like as clear as I've seen under dark skies. No real sign of Pickering's Wisp, and I drew a blank on the NAN. All in all a very rewarding little session, probably the nicest views I've had of the Veil from home.
  2. Yep, 9mm BGO for me at x177 is best. Need an 8mm BGO really, 7mm is a bit too much
  3. Saturn looking as good as I've seen it this apparition. Cassini etched black against the rings, A, B and C rings clear and lovely surface banding on the planet. A number of moons around too, need to check which ones in a bit.
  4. Nice out there, shorts and T shirt for me too. F8 is out, Saturn looking really nice just now. Watching a film now, will pop out for a bit later on.
  5. Fantastic Marvin, what an excellent night! I love that area of sky, just so much to see and so many wonderful target! Thanks for the report, a really good reward for all your preparation!
  6. Sounds like a good plan!
  7. Looks like there are two, close together Gerry. G185 at mag 14.5 and Bol 124 at mag 14.7. This chart is down to mag 15.
  8. Wonderful stuff Neil. As you say, very different perspectives between the dob and refractor, both have their attractions. I agree, seeing the whole Veil in one field of view is lovely. M8 is a corker under good conditions, glad you got a good view of it. I may, emphasis on may, have a chance to get the 14" away somewhere dark soon, so if it is clear I will see what I can see in that area too.
  9. Good stuff. It sounds like they may have changed the packaging to make it more obvious ie paper both sides. Granulation is very seeing dependent. I think Rusted mentioned earlier that mornings and late afternoon can often be the best times as the atmosphere has yet to heat up, or is starting to cool down. It's ironic because you might think midday would be best as the sun is highest, but it rarely is.
  10. The continuum filter can help bring out features such as faculae and granulation. If you have a narrowband filter like a UHC or OIII you could try these too as they can help improve the views if you don't want to buy more stuff already! One thing I've seen is people not knowing about the clear protective film which sits on one side of the solar film when shipped and should be removed. I assume this is still used, but worth checking as it reduces the quality of the view. Some comments in it towards the end of this thread.
  11. Not sure if this helps Gerry, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 degree circles overlaid on the Bubble. Couldn't see any larger structure in Skysafari, although that doesn't mean it is not there of course!
  12. Great report Gerry, it's amazing what you are picking up even though conditions are not that good. Excellent suggestion from Mark, that would be a good challenge. G1 is brightest I think, mag 13.7 and quite a distance from the core, a few others below mag 15 that I could see here.
  13. You will be very welcome Steve. SGLSP is a very relaxed atmosphere, people are very helpful and friendly and your level of experience really is irrelevant; everyone is just keen to share their enjoyment of the hobby.
  14. Nice one Knobby. It looks like the white oval feature I spotted on the SEB a while back is still there. Will have to try for it again sometime soon. It's interesting how the shadow is elongated towards the limb, diagonally upwards and to the left in the picture.
  15. Just trying out a new lens and dome for my cheapo All Sky Camera in the garden tonight, and was quite pleased with the result. I can tweak the focus a little better I think, but it seems a fair bit sharper than the previous effort. As you can see, my skies are often not kind in terms of vapour trails creating poor transparency and also poor seeing. The results I got with my Genesis down in Dorset were better than I get around here, which is, I guess down to both the houses and planes. Ho hum, such is life, it's fortunately not always like this!
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