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  1. If you set the telescope mount to look at a fixed point in the sky, the earths rotation means that the object will have moved out of view in a very short time. Cheers Gaj
  2. Thanks Dave. That sounds spot on. Thanks. Must read the manual! cheers gaj
  3. Hi all, it's the first time this has happened to me but it looks like last night the camera started to frost up. Odd shaped areas apeared on the capture when running at -25C. They went as I allowed the camera to warm up. I just set a temperature of -25C and let it cool down. Should I slowly schedule the cooling or is there some other solution. Going to try again tonight and reduce temperature in small steps. Any advice would be appreciated. cheers gaj
  4. I thought I'd give Jupiter a go last night. Earlier in the week I knocked something together with a webcam I had in my junk box. The webcam is a iLook1321 v2 with the lens removed mounted in a new box to fit my Skywatcher 150mm Newt. I was using Sharpcap, which I have never used for this purpose, and only have a basic knowledge of. So, the problem was that I couldn't reduce the exposure enough to get a decent capture. All I could get was a white disc. At some point a message flashed up, which I didn't quite catch, with words to the effect that the camera didn't support something like - changing frame rate - that may be wrong - but something that would effect exposure. Help would be appreciated. Is it possible that with some cameras Sharpcap does not have full control? If the camera is no good, what cheep webcam should I be looking at <£50. It's not something I will be doing much of. cheers gaj
  5. You're just showing off now! All I have is clear blue sky! Something I would not normally complain about I might add. Well done. gaj
  6. Well there's nothing much else happening so I thought I'd give it a go with my Raspberry Pi camera. I have made an arrangement to allow me to fit any of my Canon lenses to it in place of the lens on the Pi camera. I have high hopes. The lens is a 70 - 300 zoom, the problem is that as I zoom the image goes out of focus. Clearly the distance between the camera sensor and the lens is not quite right yet. Nothing ventured! cheers gaj
  7. I think that 60mm would be the diameter. Can you tell us the make/model of the guide scope? cheers gaj
  8. gajjer

    Why me?

    Hey, the way I look at it is; without the bad. there would be no reference to what 'good' is. It does seem that there are times when everything seems to go wrong at the same time. It will come right though. cheers gaj
  9. Hi Han, yes I spotted that, I will keep that in mind. When I first got involved with microprocessors back in 1973 I would have been up for writing my own driver for whatever interface I encountered. But these days I can't even find the right files to load! Software has drifted away from me so rapidly. Cheers gajl
  10. Dohhh. Thank you so much. cheers gaj
  11. Following my surprising success with Carte du Ciel, ( well so far anyway ), I tried to install CCDCiel. I went to the Sourceforge site and downloaded CCDciel from this page https://sourceforge.net/projects/ccdciel/. When installed I couldn't find an exe, just a CCDciel folder with a 'data' folder in it. I feel I am doing something really stupid. Or not doing something moderately clever. Could someone point me at an idiots guide please? cheers gaj
  12. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Can't wait to get out and try again. Unfortunately I am going on holiday for a week. Rats! Gaj
  13. Stah old Thanks. I'm sure it's in the documentation somewhere but so far I have found it very hard work. Gaj
  14. Thanks. I'm not alone at least! Gaj
  15. Finally I get round to using EQMOD and Carte du Ciel. I have never used either before. I was really chuffed when I got to point at a target and the scope went off and found it. Small adjustment then Sync and off to another target and repeat. With the moon out last night I wasn't able to image the target I wanted to but I was happy having a little slew around. Later I changed to a different scope ( different focal length ) and repeated the targets and Sync. Then when I slewed to one target, the concentric circles slewed to the target as did the scope, then right at the end the circles jumped up from the selected target ( I would say it jumped a distance about the diameter of the concentric circles ). Tried again and it did the same thing. Baffled! Now, there are several possibilities I can see. One target required a meridian flip. I was looking mainly round that area. Did changing the scope cause a problem, trying to resolve two lots of sync. Was I right to save settings on shutdown? If I use a different scope next time does it start from scratch on alignment? So: 1: What is the likely cause of the jump? 2: How do you scrub previous alignment if you change scopes 3: Does the alignment get saved for the next session. I have a fixed pier, but remove the scope and pack away after each session. Hope someone can help. gaj
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