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  1. I have the Bader Hyperion 8-24mm zoom on my grab an go ST102. I love this eyepiece and it is attached to the ST102 pretty much permanently. I also have the Seben 8-24mm mentioned by @Bobby1970 which I use with a Skywatcher 130P that I keep at my folks place for when I visit, and I am constantly surprised at how good this eyepiece is for the small outlay, it really is a nice zoom eyepiece. I can't help with the two that you linked to though. Ade
  2. No, unfortunately it's not under warranty as I purchased a used one. I had a good look at these earlier and the bend in in the area where the tab is, so I think I might leave well alone given your experience. I've given up with the flexible control on Azimuth as it just gets in the way of the counterweights when moving the scope to different targets. I think I'll just have to live with this small flaw, as it still works fine. It's just me being pernickety I guess.
  3. Thats a shame, I wish I'd posted this some time ago now, but C'est la vie I guess. I've seen your post regarding the broken SkyTee, did you ever get any reply from Skywatcher? I'm now hoping that mine hasn't suffered damage which will cause a similar fate Both bent slo-mo controls were on the same side of the mount, with both being on the end of the shaft that has the squared off sections, rather than being on the end which is solid and round, if that makes sense. Fingers crossed there's no serious damage, but I'm not confident enough to attach the 8" Skyliner tube to it, but reasonably happy with the 6" f/5, as it didn't cost me many pennies. Thanks for your help again, Ade
  4. Thanks John, I was hoping you'd share your wisdom regarding the mount. I didn't dare hope that it would be that simple, and didn't want to open it up only for something to spring off into the depths of the summerhouse, never to be seen again. I'll possibly give it a go tomorrow and see how I get on. Thanks for your help, Ade
  5. Hi All, I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help me with a problem that I have. I've recently obtained a used SkyTee II but have only just started using it as I've had to save the pennies to upgrade to the ADM Vixen Saddles. I was reluctant to trust my OTAs to the standard saddles following a near miss that I had with the standard saddles. Now that I've started using the mount, I have noticed that the shafts on one side of both of the slow motion controls has been slightly bent at some point. It may have been damaged in transit, I'm not sure. Whilst this doesn't affect the operation of the mount, I'm afraid that it annoys me somewhat when I'm using the control knobs attached directly to the end of the shaft. It is less of a problem when the flexible cable controls are attached, but being slightly OCD about things like this, it still niggles me that the problem is there. Are there any guides out there showing how to strip down the slow motion controls of this mount as I'm a bit reluctant to strip it down until I know what I expect to find. I'm hoping that I'll be able to remove the slow motion shafts and gently bend the shafts back into shape using a vice. Thanks in advance for your help, Ade
  6. Jules, I have this mount, albeit in a modified form, but I am very happy with mine, it gets a great deal of use with a ST102 and I find the goto and tracking to be very good the majority of the time. I found that both of the stock tripods (aluminium and steel) were rather wobbly, though the steel tripod was more stable than the Alu one. I had an adaptor fabricated to allow me to connect the GoTo head to an EQ5 tripod, which has improved the mount no end, though the lump of steel making up the adaptor has added a significant amount of weight to the setup. There is a thread here: I've found that if you're careful to level the mount before you start, and are careful with centering the stars during alignment that the mount works very well. I now use the 12mm Skywatcher eyepiece with illuminated reticule for alignment and find that the GoTo places targets within the field of view of an 8mm eyepiece (62x mag) of 5mm eyepiece (100x mag) on my ST102. There is also a thread on here where a number of forum members use the AZ Goto or newer Star Discovery mounts to produce some stunning images. There are several threads on SGL giving tips on how to maximise the accuracy of the mount, but can't find them at the moment. I'm more than happy with mine and will keep it until it eventually fails. Hope this helps, Ade
  7. I keep my 8" Dob in either the summerhouse or an unheated garage. This means that it is never that much above ambient temperature. I normally put it outside with the end cap off for about 20 minutes before I want to start observing and I've never suffered from this problem. However, looking at your signature i can see you're located a lot further north than me, which might change things a bit. Ade
  8. If I didn't already have one of these I'd snap this up. Its a lovely eyepiece with a wide FOV and excellent sharpness across the FOV. This is easily the most used eyepiece in my collection. Hopefully someone will take this off your hands soon. Ade
  9. Does anyone know where in the UK I can obtain a flexible slo-mo control to fit a 7.5mm shaft on an Astro-Tech Voyager mount? I know that Astronomics in the US stock these, but I'm looking for a supplier on this side of the pond, as I suspect that the shipping cost will be significantly more than the cost of the part. It would appear that most flexible controls in Europe fit a 6mm diameter shaft. I have a couple of Skywatcher ones which are indeed too small for the Voyager and whilst I could drill the hole out to 7.5mm, I'm not convinced that there is enough metal there to do this. Any help would be gratefully received. Ade
  10. I'd love these and am very tempted but will have to revisit on payday and hope they're still available I'm afraid. I've had a few big spends this month and the discetionary funds pot is empty. Roll on payday 🙁 Ade
  11. The AZ4 that I recently got from @Saganite already had the second bolt in place, I didn't realise that it wasn't a standard feature, but looking at this thread and the AZ4 marketing pics around, I can see that it's not. It makes me happier knowing it's there though I've never had a concern with the security of the main bolt.
  12. I had to look this up, but that's very funny Steve 😂
  13. Apologies, I was in the same situation and had been watching it for a couple of days telling myself that I couldn't justify it and hoping that someone else would buy to remove the temptation, but in the end I just gave in.
  14. Happy to help, though after the spending I've done this month I think it'll be Beans on Toast for every meal for the next month at least......that'll play havoc with the local weather system