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  1. I've recently taken stock of how much kit I have sitting around that is unused because I've moved on to other things so its time for another clearout to raise some more pennies for a Rowan AZ100 mount. William Optics Binoviewers - £200 posted via RMSD First up a pair of William Optics binoviewers. These were purchased as my first foray into binoviewing but have since been replaced by a pair of original Baader Maxbrights which I prefer as they use a T2 connection and so I now use a Baader T2 Quickchanger to minimise y lightpath. The binoviewers are optically clean (just a few sp
  2. There was a tatty Telepod with a metal tripod for sale on ENS recently that I toyed with the idea of purchasing, but opinions suggested it was best with small diameter short tube scopes and I decided that it wouldn't offer anything that my existing Manfrotto 393 head didn't already do. Interesting to hear that you found the heavier duty Gibraltar mount underwhelming too @John. I have often pondered over the usefulness of these types of mounts for scopes.
  3. That tabletop dob mount looks a pretty good match for the Equinox 80 Martin. How do you find it in use? I've been thinking about one for the ZS66 for a while.
  4. Thanks for the tip John, I'll bear that in mind if I ever get around to using it.
  5. A new-to-me Manfrotto 405 geared 3-way head after some minor Dremel surgery to convert it to a 2-way head a la @johninderby. I've been after one of these for a while and managed to pick this one up off MPB.com. In really nice condition and looked pretty much unused. Hoping to get a chance to use it soon. The altitude sticker on the side is looking worse for wear since I removed it to convert it to 2-way but it is easily replaced though expensive at £8 per sticker plus P&P.
  6. Thanks Jeremy, now I just need to find a handle for it Thanks John, it's actually surpassed expectations, I didn't expect it to cope with the ST102 so well. Just right with the DSLR and spotting scope with the right head as well.
  7. I've recently received a new-to-me Berlebach Report 723 tripod from @Telescope40. Whilst I do have an ED100, ED120, 102 f/11 and 80mm f/15, when I sat down and thought about things I realised that the majority of my observing tends to be grab and go with either my Lunt LS60, William Optics ZS70 or my humble Skywatcher ST102 which I actually think punches well above its weight. Up until now, I've used fairly heavyweight Manfrotto photo tripods for grab and go, these being a Manfrotto 058B or a Manfrotto 028B, the issue with these two is that whilst they are pretty stable they are also
  8. Sorry I've been reviewing reports written by graduates all day so reviewer mode hasn't yet switched off.
  9. I haven't seen Jeremy either Paul but he's probably talking about Handles somewhere here in SGL that is probably why the Met Office haven't seen him either ....Sorry Paul
  10. Very nice Nigella, I managed to get a quick look in H-a and WL yesterday but it looks like there was a lot more on show in H-a today than I saw yesterday. Unfortunately no chance of seeing the sun today. Ade
  11. It fits a treat thanks @Alan White, I've been meaning to get one for a while but I'd put it off cos they're quite expensive for what they are. I Had a proper look at the damage today and it's not that bad, worst bit is on the polarscope cone and that I can touch up with Hammerite Wild Thyme.
  12. Thanks, I found it at Altair Astro
  13. Good choice, I found the Olympus DPS1 8x40 to be an excellent pair of budget binoculars for birdwatching. Enjoy the binoculars and ASI Air.
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