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  1. SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    Will be booking Fri to Mon come payday and am looking forward to it already.
  2. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    It was nice to see you again Stephen and I'm glad that you both got home safely. I left today and was fortunate that the roads were clear despite the 4" of snow on the ground. It was great to see all of you at Sixpenny Handley and I had an enjoyable weekend despite the lack of clear skies. Have a safe journey home those of you left. Ade
  3. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Weather has improved massively overnight 😉
  4. Bino advice

    I have the WO ZS66SD and a pair of WO Binoviewers and the combination reaches focus without a Barlow if you put the BV nosepiece straight into the drawtube of the focuser. However in the interests of comfort I need to use a TAL 2x Barlow to reach focus with a 1.25" diagonal, even with the Tak prism diagonal which has a shorter lightpath. The WO GPC included with my set doesn't work with the ZS66SD but I can't remember in which direction I was short of focus when I tried to use it 🙄. Ade
  5. I also have the ST102 as a grab and go setup and tend to use the Baader Mk IV 8-24mm zoom most of the time to keep it simple. However, I have regularly used the BST Starguider 5mm in this scope (100x) and have found the views perfectly acceptable, but I don't tend to notice the false colour as much as some other observers, and as it's a personal thing your mileage may vary. It depends on how much the false colour annoys you on brighter objects. Ade
  6. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Snow has stopped although no sign of a break in the clouds. However an enjoyable afternoon was had here: https://m.facebook.com/thepennytap/ Well worth a visit if you stay here and as the only Dorset local at the gathering I'll certainly be coming back to visit. Hope the weather improves for those of you at gatherings elsewhere. Ade
  7. ADM Counterweight Kit £38

    Thanks @Stu if this had been a couple of weeks I'd have snapped it up. But, I've procured the individual parts for your counterweight design and have just given the parts to a local precision engineering company to put a 1/4" hole and thread into the end if a 1/2" threaded rod for me. Pick it up tomorrow then I'm sorted. Thanks for thinking of me though. Ade
  8. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    I'm starting to get ready and will be there from Friday @AstroGnome. It's lovely here in Poole tonight, hope you're enjoying the dark skies over on Cranborne Chase.
  9. Hi from Dorset

    Hi and welcome from another Dorset member too . Ade
  10. New Frac Decisions

    I'm keeping well thanks @Mark at Beaufort, enjoying your Berlebach tripod very much, makes for a rock solid setup with the SkyTee2. Thanks for your suggestion, I have been watching the TAL Apolar 125 on Astroboot for a while, but its over budget. The TAL Apolar is a bit of a catch 22 as budget can be stretched a bit if I wait until the end of the year but the TAL Apolar won't wait around that long. @Rob and @R26 oldtimer thanks for the votes and info on the AR127L. I saw a Bresser AR127L set up for solar observing at SGL SP 2017 and was quite surprised by the size of the OTA. I am amazed at the lack of CA in your iPhone image Rob. The AR152 is very tempting at that price but is probably larger than I want/am able to go at the moment. Thanks for the info about the BVs and the AA F11 @Fozzie. 450x with the AA F11 sounds amazing, the fact that you got 450x with a 4" is astonishing even if you don't get to use it that often. I think the SkyTee and EQ5 should be ok, but you're probably right about the AZ4 being undermounted. I do have a pier extension that I use with the AZ4 so that I don't have to extend the tripod legs at all and this could easily be swapped to the SkyTee. @Stu when I sat down and thought about it, my issue with the current setup is more to do with comfort related to eye relief rather than exit pupil. I do have some floaters, but they are not too bad and the BVs help with that aspect. Its more the lack of eye relief associated with short focal length eyepieces and the desire to be able to get higher magnifications with longer focal length eyepieces. I'll have to take a look at a GPC, I didn't realise that they were significantly different from a standard Barlow. @mikeDnight out of the three choices, the AA 102 F11 is the one that I considered to be the premium choice. My only uncertainty was whether or not I ought to go for a slightly larger aperture, though I'm not sure how much difference I'd notice with the extra inch of aperture. @Timebandit I have actually considered both the 120ED and 100ED as I know they also have a loyal following so the suggestion is a welcome one. I'd only discounted the 120ED on the basis of budget as it really is quite tight but can grow slightly the longer I wait. I wasn't aware that the 120EDs were BV friendly though, that is something worth remembering. Getting something that can be managed by the AZ4 would be a bonus, though is not an absolute necessity. Being manageable on the EQ5 and SkyTee are however definite requirements. @garryblueboy thanks for another thumbs up for the Starwave 102 f11, I'm beginning to lean in that direction. @Paul73 another vote for the 120ED and thanks for the helpful info about getting the Bresser 102mm with the updated focuser, I'll bear that in mind if I go in that direction. Thanks for the glowing recommendation of the Starwave f11 Steve, the red tube does look absolutely gorgeous and the fact I'm getting reports of excellent optics is almost sealing the deal. Thanks to everyone for your input so far, its currently tipping in favour of the Starwave 102 f11 as its in budget, albeit at the top end. The 120ED is another contender if one comes up used within budget but I'm not expecting that to happen really. The Bresser AR127L is looking like the third choice with the Opticstar ARC127 the outsider at the moment. Lots of thinking for me to do. Ade
  11. I've decided that at some point over the next couple of months that I want to sell on two of my Newts (150p and 130pds) and a small Mak (Heritage Virtuoso 90) and pick up a longish focal length Frac. I've currently got a WO ZS66 and a ST102 which get a huge amount of use, but as I enjoy lunar and planetary observation I find that I'm struggling with the small exit pupil required with high magnifications on these two short tube fracs. Mount wise, I have a SkyTee 2 on a Berlebach Uni 18, an AZ4 on HEQ5 legs and an EQ5 that always gets passed over in favour of the AltAz mounts, so whatever I get needs to be suitable for these mounts as I don't want to upgrade the mount, though I suspect that the SkyTee will handle almost anything in this size range. I'm also strictly visual and to be honest don't find the CA obtrusive with the ST102 (though I know that some people hate it) so I have no particular bias towards Apochromats and given that I'm looking for a longish FL tube, I expect that CA should be pretty well controlled. I don't particularly like the 90mm Mak that I have so am not keen to go down the Mak route, despite their reputation as "Planet Killers." I also enjoy Binoviewing so that is also a consideration. If I can find a BV friendly OTA that doesn't need an OCA to reach focus, so much the better, though I'm not holding out much hope. As above, the main uses will be for Lunar, Planets, Doubles and WL Solar, and though I do often look for DSOs I tend to do this with either the 8" or 12" Dob, depending on how energetic I'm feeling. I've narrowed my choice down the the following three OTAs, two of which are very similar, but am keen for opinions on these or other recommendations fitting the criteria above. Top budget is £400 with negligible (if any) wriggle room so there will be no Taks here unfortunately. I have no worries about buying used if there is something worth waiting for. 1) Opticstar ARC127 f/9.5 - £245 2) Bresser Messier AR127L f/9.5 - £312 3) Altair Starwave Classic 102 f/11 - £385 Is there any reason to choose the Bresser over the Opticstar as I understand that these two are effectively clones? Is the Hexafoc Focuser on the Bresser much of an improvement over the focuser on the Opticstar? Given that I already have a ST102, would it be better to go for increased aperture and focal length with one of the 127mm choices or would the Starwave 102 be the better choice? I know that the Starwave 102 OTA is very highly regarded here at SGL and I class it as a premium scope so would expect build quality and finish to be better than the Opticstar and Bresser offerings. I have to say that a red Starwave does tick all the eye candy boxes and it looks like a cracking scope but would the larger aperture be an advantage? Any help that you can offer or other recommendations would be gratefully received. Ade
  12. COMPLETED - solar system imager

    PM sent
  13. Baader Classic Ortho 18mm

    Thanks for the heads up, mine was delivered this morning. I've been wanting to try the BCOs for a while and this is my second, not that I've had chance to try the first one yet. Hope I like them.
  14. Any DIY-ers with a BH postcode?

    I wish I could help out as I have a BH postcode, but sadly lack the space or technical knowhow. However, I have sent a PM regarding a possible line of attack. Ade
  15. Skytee2 Mount mod & testing

    @Knighty2112 I'm interested in doing the same mod to my SkyTee but have a quick question. On the end of the SkyTee that you've just modified is the end adjustable in the alt axis or does it only fit in a particular way making the placement of the new holes absolutely critical? Ade