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  1. Moonshane's astroboot

    Go on then, I'll sort out payment in the morning. I'm keen to get the 12" in a state where I can at least use it this winter and this means that I don' have to fabricate anything. Ade
  2. Moonshane's astroboot

    What internal OTA diameter will the spider fit Shane? I have a 12" Dark Star Dob that's in need of a new spider but the 12" mirror is in a 14" Diameter tube so the mirror has quite a bit of breathing space. Would this fit or is the Orion tube a bit more slimline? Ade
  3. The WO ZS66 is a fantastic little scope and is a keeper for sure. I can fit everything I need for WL solar, terrestrial and astro viewing all in one small briefcase. Its perfectly happy on a Manfrotto 055 camera tripod too so travels with me everywhere. Durlston in Jan sounds good if the weather cooperates. Ade
  4. If this fits the 32mm Plossl, then I'll take it off your hands Shane. I don't wear glasses and find that the 32mm Plossl has a bit too much eye relief, I assume that this decreases the eye relief somewhat. PM me your PayPal details and I'll get things sorted. Ade
  5. I'm really glad that you managed to re-acquire your 120ED Martin. I remember you telling me about it and telling me how much you regretted selling it when we met up at Durlston earlier this year. I'm glad that you have both now been reunited. Ade
  6. Loads of items for sale

    Thanks, I'm not in any hurry. Ade
  7. Loads of items for sale

    Hi, Could you send me the measurement for the diameter of the Coronado focuser on the telescope side please. I'm looking for a helical focuser to fit a standard 2" fitting on the telescope side. Many thanks, Adrian
  8. BST Starguiders

    The 2" to 1.25" self centring adaptor does fit into the 2" extension tube. I do have a couple of eyepieces that won't focus and needed a low profile self centring adapter to achieve focus, but the BST eyepieces were OK. However, the 1.25" adaptor that @Charic is talking about is the stock one that is a 1.25" extension which fits straight into the draw tube of the focuser and won't focus if fitted to the 2" extension.
  9. You're not the only one that struggles with this, I absolutely hate having to adjust the secondary and struggle with it every single time, but I do get there eventually. Keep at it, you will get there in the end. Ade
  10. There is a group at Crewkerne (http://www.cadas.net). I found a webpage for a group at Yeovil but the events programme was about 5 years out of date so I'm not sure whether it's still active. In Dorset I only know of a group in Weymouth and another in Wimborne, both of which are probably a bit far for you to comfortably get to and from for an evening. Ade
  11. Nudging a Dobsonian

    I'd agree with @alanjgreen on this, the shortest fl eyepiece that I regularly use in my 8", 1200mm f/l Dob is a 5mm eyepiece which gives 240x. The shortest eyepiece that I own is a 3.2mm that gives 375x in the Dob, but seeing never allows me to use it in the Dob. The 3.2mm does however get used in my 6" 750mm f/l Newt and my short tube ZS66SD frac (388mm f/l) where it gives me 234x and 121x respectively. Most of my observation is done between about 50x and 150x and occasionally (though rarely) up to about 240x.
  12. Quark and filters as ERFs

    I'm not sure that the Baader solar film is suitable as an ERF for a quark as it's designed for white light observation, not Ha and I'm pretty sure that it will block too much light for the Quark, which sounds like that's what happened if the disc wasn't visible. Just been on the Daystar website to look at the Quark Camera and saw the following notice. "All Daystar Hydrogen a filter assemblies need to be used in conjunction with a lens cover and Energy Rejection Filter" at the bottom of the left hand menu bar under the product delivery timescales which seems to contradict the 80mm statement in the Quark flier. I've only started solar observing this year and am no expert but I think I'd be with @Davey-T in that I'd rather get a cheap refractor than try to use an expensive Canon L lens as I'd have thought that the lens would contain a myriad of plastic parts that could be damaged by the unfiltered sun if there is no ERF on the front of the lens.