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  1. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Great pics on this thread and I love the timelapse video Gav, great work. Looking foreward to next year already.
  2. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    This was my first star party and I had a wonderful time. Thanks to all those who were involved in organising it, and thanks to those who gave some wonderful talks. I have a new found interest in the moon after @michaelmorris reminded me of loads of geology stuff that I'd long since forgotten. I'm also considering trying some time lapse photography as I already have the basics. Thanks again, it was great to meet a nice bunch of like minded people. Ade
  3. Weird orange sun 16/10/17

    I noticed that the sun looked odd as I was packing up at Lucksall this morning. The colour was still reddish when I got home at 14:00. Not quite as weird as @MarsG76 posted, those images make me think of War of The Worlds, which I was listening to driving home. Ade
  4. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    I turned in just after Orion started appearing above the horizon because of a dewed up frac and a partly dewed up primary mirror on the dob, but I'd had several hours of observing and went to bed happy. Stretched my legs at 04:30 but wall to wall cloud so back to bed now. Ade
  5. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    Cloudy here at Lucksall at the moment Charl, but we live in (ever diminishing) hope
  6. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    Managed to catch some clear patches when I woke up at about 5:30 this morning, fingers crossed for tonight.
  7. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    I was wondering the same thing, to cross the Severn crossing or not? Hmm.
  8. I have both an RA finder and RACI finder on different scopes and use these in conjunction with a Telrad/Red Dot Finder (RDF). I use the Telrad/RDF to point at the right area of sky and then zero in with the RACI/RA finder. If there is only one finder on the scope I personally find a straight through finder easier to use as you can keep one eye open and get a target star into the field of view which you can't do with a RACI/RA as you're looking directly at the tube. However, getting yourself into a suitable position to use a straight through finder can be tricky. I agree with @John that for a low cost a Red Dot Finder is probably a better investment than a cheap/low quality straight through finder.
  9. I have not used this finder myself, but Seben seem to get mixed reviews with some products getting good reviews whilst others getting dire reviews. I have the Seben 8-24mm zoom eyepiece myself which is actually really quite good considering the low price tag. Regarding the finders, a RA finder will show an image that is the correct way up but that is still mirror reversed (L & R are the wrong way around). As you said above, RACI finders will show a fully corrected view (right way up and correct L & R). You used to be able to pick up the Skywatcher 6x30 finders really cheap (£16 incl postage) from Astroboot, but now that their postage costs have increased they come in at about £20. Hopefully someone will be along shortly that has experience of this finder. Ade
  10. Observing Hood

    I've been very happy with my solar hood. Quick delivery and quick and efficient email notifications regarding order updates. Ade
  11. WANTED - Telrad

    Text removed as meant for PM not for forum. A
  12. Help Wanted

    Thanks for offering to help @Ally8446 I'll come and find you. I'm there from Fri lunchtime until some point on Monday. Ade
  13. Bring and Buy sale?

    I've got a 130pds with rings and dovetail, a cheap 130p with 2" focuser and a Heritage Virtuoso 90mm Mak new and boxed. If I can sell them at Lucksall it saves me the hassle of postage later on. Ade
  14. Help Wanted

    I have this same issue with my 8" dob. I'm also struggling with the secondary alignment and would be appreciative if someone could assist with the secondary alignment.
  15. WANTED - Telrad

    I haven't forgotten about this but I'm struggling to locate them in the garage at the moment. I'll clear stuff out at the weekend and have a proper look. Ade