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  1. Thanks, I'd found this last week and thought my luck was in, then realised it was only the middle bit too.
  2. Thanks, @carastro and @wookie1965 I have seen that one on Astroboot but the tripod is £24.60 and the delivery charge is another £13.50 making it over £38 in total which is unfortunately a lot more than just the plastic brace is worth if I'm honest. Astroboot don't have just the spread stopper at the moment, but I'll keep checking.
  3. Yes, mine too, I thought I'd decided the course to my next mount then this revelation comes along.
  4. The more I hear, the more I want one and the more the AZ100 is sounding like mount Nirvana for me . Then reality bites and I can feel the need for an uncomfortable conversation with she who controls the purse strings I am continuing to watch the development of the AZ100 with keen interest and the ever sinking feeling that it will only get more appealing and cost me some serious money and require some even more serious earning of brownie points. On a serious note, keep up the good work Derek I cannot think of another mount that I have looked at that ticks so many boxes and does is so incredibly well and looks so good to boot. Ade
  5. Thanks for looking that out and measuring it up for me David. It almost looks like it was made for the job of attaching a spread stopper to a wooden tripod leg.
  6. Me too, the cutting discs certainly beat a hacksaw when shortening bolts. The sanding attachments also made short work of neatly removing wood from the top of some tripod legs too, better than the hatchet job I'd have managed with a saw or chisel.
  7. I do find myself thinking exactly that quite often. I need to keep a tally of how often I think it, then maybe I'll be able to justify buying one.
  8. Thanks James, typically I've been over thinking it again. Why didn't I just think about cutting and drilling some ally angle? D'Oh, if there is a more difficult way of doing something, I normally jump to that first, will I never learn? Hi David, thanks so much for this information, I've just searched for "sprayhood mounting foot" and Google has thrown out loads of links to Deck Hinges, are these the same thing? The deck hinges do look very similar (albeit with two uprights rather that one solid one), they're quite close in dimensions, but most seem to only take a 5mm pin, whereas mine has a 6mm hole. They do look brilliant though and being marine grade stainless would outlast the wood of the tripod and would outlast me too, but at £8 a pair on Fleabay they might be a bit on the pricey side as three pairs would be needed. The key dimensions are the wooden part of the leg that they need to fit to is 15mm wide, and the hole through the plate needs to accept a 6mm unthreaded shaft, but I'd be very interested to hear what you can find. Thanks again, this is the closest thing I have found so far.
  9. The hole is 6mm diameter, the bracket is 32.5mm from top to bottom in the photo, 16.5mm from left to right and 10mm deep if that makes sense. Thanks Dave, I have been thinking about possibly getting one, but am not sure where to start. Then again I'm not sure how much use it'd get although I can see the benefit for producing handy little widgets like this. Do I vaguely remember seeing something a thread about the possibility of a 3D parts board on here where people with 3D printers might be able to help those without? I wouldn't mind paying costs if someone could print me three pairs. I've got some 19mm 90 degree corner braces coming next week that should provide me with an interim solution but they won't be as rigid as the part in the photo. I'm sure that I'll get there in the end.
  10. Thanks Alan, I'm hoping to fit the GP to it soon, but at the moment it's too much effort to get it off the top of the pillar mount. When the GPD2 comes into my possession the GP will be permanently mounted on it as a mobile setup. Thanks again, Ade
  11. Ah, that's right, I remember now, thanks for the correction. I was hoping to use it for a 4" f/11 and you warned me that you didn't think the AZ4 would be up to it as you weren't happy with that setup yourself, but I had it anyway and used it for a 150p Newt instead.
  12. Oh my, I've just done a bit more research on the Bogen tripod and have found out that it's apparently made from Mountain Ash but the bigger surprise was that one sold on eBay in its original form for £250!!!!! In May this year Apparently its still highly thought of in Large Format photography circles. If I'd known it was worth that much I probably wouldn't have thinned down the top of the legs to fit the EQ5 top plate, Gulp! Anyway, here it is in action with my Solarquest and LS60DS up top, it's stable enough for this setup and the AZ GTi with a 4" ST102. I probably wouldn't load it up with the Vixen GP and longer OTA as I don't think it would be stiff enough and would vibrate, whereas I know the TAL will cope with that quite happily, but never say never.
  13. Thank you, I've been searching Google and that certainly seems to be the right part but I can't unfortunately find one small enough for what I need, I think I'll have to make do with using a small corner brace until something more suitable turns up. Thanks Mike, I've had searched Astroboot but they didn't have any of the small parts. They had a whole AZ Goto tripod complete with spreader and leg braces for the round legged steel tripod, but not what I needed unfortunately.
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