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  1. Just had a quick look with my 102 f/11. Windy so the view was trembling on the whole time and there was light cloud building so I couldn't see any colour in Neptune, but according to sky safari I was looking at the right thing.
  2. I saw that you were looking for one, and that prompted me to get my Starwave out and in use for a couple of nights between the clouds. Herschel Wedge wise you won't go far wrong with the Lunt 1.25" Wedge for the money. If you're looking for 2" then things get significantly more expensive. @Stu swears by the Baader Cool Ceramic one, but it was too pricey for me. The Lacerta 2" Herschel Wedge is more reasonably priced and I've been very happy with mine, though it is a hefty chunk of metal. Ade
  3. I have one of those too, an Altair Starwave flavoured one that I picked up from Jonk earlier this year. They certainly are lovely scopes and it works beautifully for WL Solar though it doesn't get as much use as it should as the shorter length of the 100ED is more manageable. It''s got a nicer build quality than the 100ED and I'll certainly be keeping it for the forseeable future. I hope you enjoy using yours as much as I do mine. Ade
  4. It was lovely this morning. Quick shot with an old Samsung Galaxy A5 from my front garden. Earthshine very clear.
  5. AdeKing

    18mm Baader Classic ortho wanted

    Thought that might be the case but thought I'd let you know.
  6. AdeKing

    18mm Baader Classic ortho wanted

    There is a BGO 18mm on the for sale board if that's any help.
  7. Thanks for that info, I've wanted one for a while and had been holding off, but I picked one up from Currys last night.
  8. I'm a bit late coming back to this, but thanks to @kev100, @prusling and @Grumpy Martian for braving the cold easterly wind and gathering on a rather breezy ridge in the middle of Purbeck. We had a good night of observing despite the early cloud giving a poor start and the near full moon washing out a lot of the DSOs. Unfortunately my first attempt at imaging was a dead loss, so I won't embarrass myself by posting it here, I'm impressed by Peter's image that has been posted. Hopefully we can have a repeat in the not too distant future, and I'll try to pay more attention to the moon phase next time. Thanks again for turning up guys, it was nice to meet you Kev and good to get together with you again Peter and Martin. Ade
  9. Peter and I are planning to get there quite early to make the most of the forecast so will be there from about 19:30'ish. The car park on top of the hill overlooking Steeple is where I was intending as it looked like a very good location when I visited on Monday afternoon. Looking forward to meeting you @kev100
  10. AdeKing

    Thoughts on the Startravel 102

    I got one of these as my first refractor and despite now having several Fracs, including an ED100 this one still gets loads of use. To be honest, I don't find the CA too bad, even when lunar observing, but I think that CA annoyance varies from observer to observer, it doesn't bother me much on the example that I have at all. This little scope has given me some cracking views of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, WL Solar and loads of brighter DSOs. In terms of performance compared to cost, I think that this little OTA scores pretty highly and I'll certainly be keeping mine. Ade
  11. Hi Kev, I'm still intending to go along, but have been holding off posting as I didn't want to jinx the weather forecast. I know that @Grumpy Martian is down this weekend, so there could be three of us or maybe four if @DaveS can make it. Looking at ClearOutside, the forecast for Sunday is better, but lets see how it changes as the week progresses. I'll probably bring an ED100 on an EQ5 and a DSLR with iOptron Skytracker with some bins. Ade
  12. This was my first scope although I still have it. It doesn't get as much use as my refractors but is still regularly put to use particularly when I want a back to basics session. As @domstar said they are too bulky to hide away easily after an upgrade hence why they tend to get passed on. A great scope if you are happy to work at finding your targets manually and learn to find your way around the sky.
  13. AdeKing

    Nothing to see here

    Glad to see that I'm not missing anything.
  14. Can I interest anyone in an observing session on Sat 17th November, weather permitting. I'm considering one of the sites on Purbeck, either the campsite suggested by Dan at Steeple or the car park on top of the ridge at Grange Hill, Steeple suggested by Demon Performer. If its only a couple of us then we'll use the car park, but if a number of us are able to go then I'll contact the campsite. Obviously weather dependent, but let me know if you're interested. Ade
  15. Thanks Dave, the issue was even worse with my Lenovo tablet and I had to keep the tablet powered on all the time and so invested in a powerbank for it. Phone wasn't quite so bad but I guess its probably the same issue.

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