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  1. Just re-read my post and thats what i meant, the helical focuser on the WO diagonal rotates the eyepiece which drives me potty when using winged eyeguards.
  2. Thanks Gus, I hadn't really thought of that. I take it that you mean something like this (https://www.365astronomy.com/2-Non-rotating-Helical-Micro-Focuser-with-M48-thread-and-0.1mm-Scale.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn_ulxd2r3AIVBTbTCh35EQNuEAQYAyABEgIfafD_BwE) I did sort of try this with a WO erecting prism diagonal with helical focuser (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/diagonals/william-optics-125-90-degree-erecting-prism.html), but I just can't get on with the diagonal, it doesn't seem to deliver that same quality of views that I get from my WO mirror diagonal or my Tak Prism diagonal, despite the good press that this particular item seems to get. The WO is a pain as I use winged eyecups and the WO helical focuser of course rotate's the eyepiece, so a non rotating one might be a good idea. Thanks for providing food for thought. Ade
  3. I picked up a new to me Celestron Omni XLT 102ED a little while ago and was offered a Moonlite to go with it. Much as I would have loved it, the funds wouldn't stretched that far and I turned down the opportunity, much to my regret. The single speed Crayford on the scope is fine, but I really miss the fine focus facility that I'm used to on my ST102, WO ZS66 and Starwave 102 Fracs, so am looking to upgrade. First and foremost, I am visual only and have absolutely no desire to delve into the dark arts of imaging. I have a Lacerta fine focus attachment that I removed from a 6" Newt focuser. This would fit the Celestron focuser, but the action is quite tight and I'm not convinced that I'd manage to re-adjust to the same level of smoothness on the single speed focuser as has been achieved by the previous owner(s) if I chose to revert to single speed. So I'm considering the following choices. 1) Moonlite CR2 - The most expensive of the three options (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/moonlite-focusers/moonlite-cf-crayford-focuser-for-refractors.html). 2) Baader Diamond Steeltrack RT (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-diamond-steeltrack-focusers/baader-steeltrack-diamond-rt-for-refractors.html) 3) TS Optics 2.5" R&P Focuser (https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5769_TS-Optics-2-5--Rack-and-Pinion-Focuser---holds-Acc--up-to-6-kg---travel-95-mm.html) 4) TS Optics 2" Monorail Focuser (https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3945_MONORAIL-2--Refractor-focuser---e-g--for-Skywatcher-96mm-flange.html) These are in order of price, not preference. My head is currently telling me to go for either the Steeltrack or the TS R&P, but I can't decide. The ED100 is intended to be a forever scope for me, so I think it deserves a nice focuser. Are the Moonlites worth the extra cash over the Steeltrack? I've read comments about the Moonlites becoming slightly rough as the bearings wear through the anodising on the top of the drawtube, and that the Steeltrack has addressed this with two steel tracks under the bearings. Are these grumbles justified and something I should be concerned about, or are they just a case of people picking holes? In terms of load, I won't be hanging a DSLR or CCD off of this, neither will I be using many heavy 2" eyepieces with it at the moment. My only 2" eyepiece is a 32mm Panaview. However, I do often combine a 2" Lacerta Herschel Wedge with WO Binoviewers for solar observing and often use the binoviewers for Lunar, so I would like to minimise the chances of slippage with those two items. I'm not in a massive hurry to get this, but am keen to hear any feedback on the above focusers, or suggestions of others, though I'll state here that a Feathertouch is strictly in the realms of fantasy. Budget is £300 - 350 new though I'm happy to buy used as well. Thanks in advance, Ade
  4. AdeKing

    Tracer Lithium battery packs (FREE POSTAGE )

    PM sent re: 10ah battery
  5. AdeKing

    COMPLETED - FOUND - EQ5/HEQ5 16" Pier Extension Tube

    Item found, please can mods archive. Thanks
  6. AdeKing

    COMPLETED - FOUND - EQ5/HEQ5 16" Pier Extension Tube

    Hi Henry, Thank you very much for the offer, but I have just completed on a sale (this morning) and haven't yet had time to mark the post as found. Thanks anyway. Ade
  7. AdeKing

    COMPLETED - FOUND - EQ5/HEQ5 16" Pier Extension Tube

    Thanks, for the info. I spoke to a local engineering firm but the cost of making the part was more than half that of a new extension. I think I'll have to leave this one. Thanks for getting in touch though.
  8. Astro-Tech Voyager - Sale Pending
  9. Both mounts are still available. I've used the mount with an explorer 150p (5.5kg) on the moon at mags of 150x and found it easy enough to track using the slow motion controls. I haven't used it in a while but don't remember vibration being a major issue. I'm selling it as I just have too many mounts and need to slim down my collection at SWMBO's request. PM me if interested. Ade
  10. Longest i've had an astronomical scope is 3.5 years and counting (8" Skywatcher Dob) which was a 40th birthday present and as such is likely to be a forever scope. My first spotting scope was an Opticron Piccolo Mk ii. I've owned since 1987 so 31 years and I still have it boxed up somewhere. Got my first view of Saturn and Jupiter through it but I remember the view dancing all over the place on the alt az camera tripod I had at the time. Ade
  11. Longest is a 12" f6 Dark Star Dob at 1800mm long. Shortest is a WO ZS66SD, my most used scope. Ade
  12. AdeKing

    Hello from a place near Southampton

    I tend not to go too far from Wimborne and either stop at Badbury Rings on the Wimborne to Blandford Road (B3082) or to Knowlton Church on the Wimborne to Cranborne Road (B3078). I think the skies get better towards Larmer Tree gardens unless they have an event on when it's lit up like the Shard. Knowlton church can be a bit spooky and there are often people visiting a Pagan worship site there but apart from making them jump or them making me jump I've never had any problems. I tend to go with at least one other though. I'd recommend joining a local Astronomy group if you can. That's where I got useful info on safe dark sites from. Hampshire Astronomical Society are the group with the observatory I mentioned earlier.
  13. AdeKing

    Hello from a place near Southampton

    Hi Alvin, Did you by any chance end up at Stoney Cross when you had your unsettling experience? Steer clear of the car parks at Stoney Cross as our observing group (Fordingbridge Astronomers) have had reports of such goings on in that area. There was a group observing regularly at Turf Hill but I don't know if they still do. Fordingbridge Astronomers observe at Hyde Common near Fordingbridge. Further west, Cranborne Chase has very good dark skies. I believe that there is also a group with an observatory on the downs north of Portsmouth. I'm in Poole myself so tend to observe on Cranborne Chase and near Swanage when I want a dark site. I would imagine that up on the downs around Winchester would be good and not too far from you. @Rob and @Jonk might have some suggestions in the more immediate area. Two of the problems with the New Forest are the Southampton Light Dome to the east and then the light dome from Fawley Refinery towards the south east. I grew up in the New Forest but I remember much darker skies that what I see now.
  14. AdeKing

    Ade's Astro Clearout - Part 1 - OTAs

    No way, that' really rotten luck. It took me ages to write the post, sorry I didn't post it sooner. Ade

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