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  1. AdeKing


    Glad to hear that you didn't float off Dave
  2. AdeKing

    A big thank you

    Yes, thanks to all who have worked to organise this year's star party and make it such an enjoyable event despite the inclement weather. The marquee with the provision of a bar on Fri and Sat made it a an outstanding success and I felt that it brought everyone together in one place. Thank you all, I've had a brilliant weekend and even managed an hour of observing dodging the clouds last night.
  3. AdeKing

    The Tea Tent has grown, and moved.

    The marquee was a fabulous idea and gave a decent and sheltered place for everyone to meet up and socialise. Thank you.
  4. AdeKing

    How's your weather.

    That's good to hear Stu, hope you get chance to observe tonight and have a safe journey home tomorrow.
  5. I really need to get a move on with mine but need to magic some spare time to do it from somewhere.
  6. AdeKing

    Your thoughts on a scope thinning please.....

    I'd go with this advice too.
  7. AdeKing

    How's your weather.

    When the river got to within about 18" of the top of the bank I'm afraid I did a "Brave Sir Robin" and I ran away. I hope that the levels go down soon and that everyone stays safe.
  8. AdeKing

    How's your weather.

    Wind has dropped right off here too Gina and so has the temperature. Much more October like this morning.
  9. AdeKing

    How's your weather.

    Wet at Lucksall this morning.
  10. That's very impressive Peter, especially given the brisk northerly wind.
  11. Yes, the wind was a killer. I only took a ST102 as I figured that the ED100 would be too long and act like a sail, so your f15 would have been a definite no go. Hopefully we'll get up there again soon. Ade
  12. Thanks to @Panda Alvin and @prusling for braving the wind last night and meeting up at Badbury Rings. I had a good evening and hope that the others did too. We used the cars as windbreaks and spent the evening cowering behind them to keep the scopes, cameras and ourselves out of the rather brisk northerly wind to make the most of the beautifully clear sky. I kept to relatively simple targets and managed to see both Uranus and Neptune as well as Mars and a handful of favourite targets including: M31, M45, Double Cluster, M13, M92, M36, M37, M38, Albireo and Almach. It wasn't a night for dedicated planetary or close doubles observing buy I was satisfied with what I achieved. Hopefully we'll have less wind next time. I'd forgotten how exposed Badbury Rings is. Thanks guys.
  13. Beautiful clear skies up here but you're right about the wind, it's very strong so we're cowering behind cars to make the most of it. Not a night for planetary observing that's for sure. Ade
  14. Weather forecast has deteriorated slightly with clear outside now showing partly cloudy between 20:00 and 23:00 whereas earlier it was clear from 20:00. I'm still going to chance it but won't be offended if others drop out.

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