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  1. That is a fantastic capture with the equipment you've used - bravo!
  2. In my experience the iss is much brighter than other satellites. I assume there are a number of factors such as size and lower earth orbit, but its always a bright 'un
  3. Yup, the ISS was doing a flyover at that time. To check, I used the Sky Safari mobile app, set it to 20:54 yesterday and searched for the ISS (in fact I used have notifications set so it would tell me when there was a flyover). Obviously you could use Sky Safari to check real-time as well
  4. Brilliant, Loretta!* That should do it It's not you at all - it's all those people buying new equipment Ady (* obligatory Monty Python reference)
  5. "So I am a Jonah, no doubt." @teoria_del_big_bangdon't be like that - we're all scientists and don't believe in any of that superstitious mumbo-jumbo. "But I will try again" - actually, just to disprove the theory, would you mind not? I've got my fingers crossed that the next one goes ahead and I'd rather you didn't jinx it... But more seriously, Star Parties are great - been to the SGL one and the Bwylch Astro Camp and they were a hoot. I think this forum is such a great place because we haven't fallen into that modern 'social media'-age trap, and we treat peopl
  6. A word of warning... a 3d printer isn't a tool, it's a hobby! A very, very useful and rewarding one, though.
  7. @Budgie1and thanks for the detailed explanation - I'm tempted!
  8. Great pictures! What have you done to your EQ5 to get results like this?
  9. @Len1257, I have looked back on my records and used M5 x 40mm scews. I used 'shouldered thumbscrews*' for the tightening screws that you adjust from the outside, and countersunk screws from the mirror housing back to the outer threaded nuts. * If I was doing it now, instead of the thumbscrews I'd 3d-print thumbscrew adapters for standard bolts that are normally adjusted with spanners (like Thingiverse link - although these are likely m4 size)
  10. Mistakes I have made in DSLR focusing ; - display was set to lowest brightness in camera settings (from the previous session). Yes, really -exposure wasn't set to bulb. My old Nikon wouldn't change the live view dependent on exposure, but the Canon does - and so the star in live view is as bright as the exposure time will give you. I had too short an exposure, as I was going to set that after focusing. D'oh. Hope this helps, Ady
  11. Yup, the currently active listing is https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Telescope-Nikon-100-MM-For-1200-MM-/174525240117?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  12. All I'd need to do is want to take an astro photo with fireworks. Then I'd never see them
  13. I also have a diy astro-EQ, which I used to convert an eq-5 to goto. I bought the two programmed chips and a circuit board from Tom's website for £12.70 delivered and then made it myself. Had never done anything of that level of soldering before, but it worked first time (no-one more surprised than me ). The surprises keep rolling in as it is still going strong two and a half years later . Highly recommended. Ady
  14. A 150pds with associated bits would be way too heavy for an AZ-Gti. I have both.
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