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  1. This could explain it https://cseligman.com/text/atlas/ngc70a.htm#7054 NGC7054 is probably a misidentification of NGC7080
  2. Mognet

    How's your weather.

    Still unseasonably warm in Essex. Cloudy but no rain yet. I've had a storm head since lunchtime though, as have my girlfriend and her daughter, so I think we in for some heavy weather soon.
  3. I like the idea of a clockwork tracking mount, but I'm curious as to how they have damped the vibrations so that it doesn't affect imaging
  4. Mognet

    Ani ya wi yv Pleiades

    I was wondering that. I assume they were asked how many they could see rather than if they could count twelve. And probably being asked to draw the pattern as an additional. Thought I'd do a bit of Googling to find out more about it, and I've come across a couple of educational references to using Alcor and Mizar http://www.academia.edu/4982885/An_Ancient_Eye_Test_-_Using_the_Stars_GM_Bohigian_Surv_Ophth_08_53_5_ (ignore the download bit, just scroll down the page) There's a reference in S&T to fourteen naked eye stars in Pleiades https://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-news/many-pleiades-can-see10222014/ Mel Bartels says 13-14 under dark skies, and it's possible to count 22 under exceptional skies http://www.bbastrodesigns.com/pleiades.html Ernest Thompson Seton, the founder of Boy Scouts of America, claims thirteen are visible. Not yet found a direct reference for Pleiades as a warrior eye test, but it's plausable And there's some more mythology, including several different explanations of the missing seventh star http://www.pleiade.org/pleiades_02.html, an outreach report including some Navajo mythology https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/202332-a-night-for-cultural-astronomy/?tab=comments#comment-2139681
  5. Mognet

    Ani ya wi yv Pleiades

    That sounds like a reasonable explanation. I do remember as a child being told that they were called the Seven Sisters, but I could definitely count eight of them at the time. These days I can just about count four. I also need to wear glasses to see them as anything but a faint misty blob now too. I did see a comment on SGL a while back that some cultures used Pleiades as an eye test for their warriors, and they would be accepted if they could count twelve. Most of the mythological tales usually have six or seven, occasionally eight https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pleiades_in_folklore_and_literature
  6. Mognet

    I've been Microsofted....

    Flight mode should disable both wifi and bluetooth. It is possible to turn either off independently too, although this means digging around a bit. From the Win10 notifications icon on the task bar, there are a bunch of buttons displayed. Bluetooth can be turned on and off easily there. Turning off the wifi card is less easy. For that you need to click the network button there, then just after the list of available networks there is a link that says Network & Internet settings. Clicking on that will take you to a settings screen, and then under Wifi there is a switch to turn it on and off. Hopefully one of those will stop unplanned interuptions to your imaging runs
  7. Mognet

    3D Printers

    I'm still wondering how they can do it for that price. I've just looked on Ooznest, and just starting with five of the cheapest stepper motors would cost nearly £50. Then there's the board, screen, hot end, extruder, heated bed, framework, etc. £85 for a printer is very tempting, even if upgrades have to be made later
  8. Mognet

    Astronomy Pet Pictures.

    Mara helped me unpack my dob when I got it. She sometimes climbs in the base and curls up when I'm out observing. Grey does that occasionally too. Spike just watches from the conservatory as she prefers to stay in the warm these days
  9. Mognet

    Came across this handy little gadget

    I've been using one with my NIkon D3100 for a while. Very useful gadget as I can set it going while I do some visual stuff. Wouldn't be without one now for astrophotography. Pity I can't get an equivalent for the D3400.
  10. Mognet

    Which AZ Goto 'Scope?

    It might be worth going to a local astro society observing evening to talk to a talk to a few people and try out different scopes to find out how easy they are to use. There's one not far from you at Great Notley. Their next evening is the 15th September https://www.northessexastro.co.uk/events/star-gazing-at-great-notley-sept18/ I've not been to one yet, so I don't know what range of equipment people will take there
  11. It's not that obvious from the screenshot and description, but I'm taking my original Nikon specific dew shield and replacing the lens attachment, which was only made to fit one specific lens, and replacing that mounting with an idea taken from the bladed iris used in camera lenses. This will be spring loaded so that it will fit and grip a range of lens sizes. Hopefully that will make it clearer. I should have it finished early next, so you'll definitely see how it works then.
  12. I've got a couple of designs on here already, but I'm working on a dew/light shield that can fit multiple sizes of camera lenses, and unlike the first one won't be tied to a specific lens. It's based on a camera iris, with the top ring able to rotate to control the contact arm positions A quick screenshot from OpenSCad showing a partially exploded view of how far I've got. Just need to add the spring box, arm for the rotating ring, side walls and shield. The full thing will be posted once I've printed it
  13. Mognet

    Skywatcher 200p

    You'll probably need the 1.25" adaptor as that's the one that fits the eyepieces supplied with the telescope
  14. Mognet

    Skywatcher 200p

    Hi, and welcome to SGL The black dot and lines, which are from the secondary mirror and spider vanes at the front of the scope, usually appear when it's out of focus. It should be something simple. First thing to check is that it's in focus. There is a pair of focus wheels in the unit where the eyepiece goes. Just turn them until you get pinpoint stars. Second thing is to check that you haven't put the 1.25" adaptor on top of the 2" adaptor
  15. That's an amazing Jupiter!

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