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  1. I've had plenty of rubbish nights. Not just with failing to find things from lack of planning, but with things like dew, changeable conditions, and neighbours forgetting to turn their lights off. Worst one was when one of them was decorating late at night and kept making the lightbulbs swing in the room! Auriga is rising in the north east at the moment, clearing the horizon around 8pm, and directly above Gemini at midnight. It looks like a distorted pentagon, and is easy enough to find. There is a very bright star at the top of it too, which is Capella. You might find that using Capella combined with Vega is better for alignment than Altair.
  2. Crème de la crème.

    First views of Jupiter and Saturn, finding the Ring Nebula accidentally, and looking at the moon when I had first light on the 8" dob and seeing how beautifully three dimensional it is But nothing has yet beaten when I was living in a dark sky site up on the Suffolk/Essex border, and watching the lunar eclipse by eye on a superbly clear night. As the moon dimmed through the red stages into totality the sky changed to an amazing carpet of stars, so many that I couldn't make out the constellations. That was also the time of Comet Hyakutake, which had spread its tail brightly across the southern sky. I didn't even own a telescope then, but that night I didn't need one
  3. Stargazing on Mars

    I haven't used it in years, but I know Celestia allows views from Mars and elsewhere https://celestiaproject.net/
  4. It's very easy to do. And even after having my 2 inch Panaview for six months I've still done it. And stacked the 1.25 inch adapter on top of the 2 inch. And not just as a beginner, I still do it occasionally when swapping in the dark I'm sure you'll enjoy using the 32mm Panaview. Some nights it's the only eyepiece I take out with me
  5. Having had a ginger cat, I've learnt that they can do this kind of thing just by being in the same room. Seems that the slightest draft will pick their hair when they shed and deposit in on everything
  6. While I was at work.....

    I've noticed in my town that the new LED streetlamps on the main roads are definitely less bright than the old sodium lamps that they still have in the side roads. The illumination is about the same even though they are mounted higher. The shielding seems to be much better too. If the local supermarket had installed them in their car park the same way, instead of just swapping the bulbs, and also turned them off at the same time as the streetlights, then that would be great
  7. Shooting the Aurora

    I'm heading to Iceland at the end of November and hoping to do the same too. Found this on an Icelandic website, which might help http://happyworld.is/northern-lights-photography-settings/
  8. Melotte 15

    For something you describe as 'experimental', that's a great image
  9. Where did that come from?!

    I've had that a couple of times recently. Last month I got back home at 1.30 one morning after a long day seeing family back in Suffolk to find that the sky was perfectly clear here and I didn't have the energy to go out and look. Another time was after a disappointing visit to a dark sky site and finding that the sky was better at home
  10. Recent images from THO

    Looks like you had great skies for it Did I see someone write their name in red light about five seconds in? There's a brief flash of something starting with CAMM I think
  11. Clacton is your nearest http://www.clactonastronomy.co.uk/ And there's a monthly stargazing event just the other side of Colchester at Abberton Reservoir http://www.essexwt.org.uk/events/2017/09/30/stargazing?instance=0 organised by North Essex Astronomical Society. They also have a regular stargazing event at Great Notley and a club meet just off the A12 at Rivenhall End https://northessexastro.wordpress.com/ They are more of a trek for you. If you fancy an excursion into Suffolk, there's the Orwell Astronomical Society near Ipswich http://www.oasi.org.uk/index.php
  12. Hubble for sale

    I don't think the Cloud Gun is dispersing the clouds very well. It seems to have pushed them over Essex instead! Maybe I should get one as well, then we could push the clouds out to sea
  13. 180mm Maksutov

    No worries. I did wonder if they would be in your planned budget, and if you already had accessories to use with them.
  14. By coincidence, the aurora was apparently visible from Scotland Thursday night. Maybe you will get to see it soon
  15. 180mm Maksutov

    There are two listed on AstroBoot (http://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot) this morning, at £600 and £640 for OTA only, both ex display models and apparently quite new. Might be worth looking at as the list price on FLO is £779