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  1. Hi Jason, Yes there is. There's a bit about updating here https://github.com/MarkGrimwood/Mognet-All-Sky-Camera-install/wiki#updating First bit is just the plain update, second bit is just to update GPS coordinates And by coincidence, I made some bug fixes today too. Just minor stuff this time
  2. With some help from Bob (jmrp) on GitHub who discovered the right settings, the code has been changed so that it can capture images every minute at night too. Only problem is that not all cameras can do it. It works with my Pi V2.1 NoIR camera modules and should do with the Pi HQ camera too, but it doesn't and does work with the WaveShare camera module. The solution lay in using --exposure off instead of --exposure night in the nighttime capture. There is a note in the raspistill documentation to say that whether it works or not depends on camera tuning
  3. A few little defects fixed and tested, and I've added a version history too. I've called it version 1.2 as I hadn't really recorded the updates before Fix history creation where an unused period containing only the initial files was being archived in the history section Fix minor defect in autodeploy and update that would display an error if enter was pressed with a blank entry instead of a response Change autodeploy to only copy the necessary files Change autodeploy so that the gps file is created in the execution directory Change update to copy LICENSE and REA
  4. Focus looks pretty good there. I know with mine I ended up settling for a close enough focus set in daytime The Pi Zero in my conservatory had a CPU temp of 25 at the time your image was taken, and the spare room one recorded 29 degrees. Looks like the Zeroes run cooler than the other models, so that might account for the change in condensation
  5. Thanks. It's looking good there, and it makes me happy to see someone getting good use out of it I did mean to link back to the GitHub page from the About page, so I'll do that when I do that little fix tomorrow If you want to capture MQTT data to add onto the image then look in capture.sh and newmovie.sh in back-end/pics/ as that's where the images are captured
  6. That's a known issue and does get mentioned in the wiki section. The cause comes from creating both day and night directories at the same time. When the changeover code in newmovie.sh is run it just assumes there was something in the directory to archive rather than checking. Along with checking the directory existance I should also check the count of files, and then only create the archive if there are more than four (the newly created directory contains image, thumbnail, mpeg and info files). I'll fix and test that tomorrow I've had similar happen with a router update and I've
  7. That's good news. Odd about the connection problem, but these things happen. Let me know if you find anything wrong other than the little bits I've documented already All we need to do now is fix the weather!
  8. I suspect it's March winds and April showers making up for being late this year
  9. Quite possibly. Tonight it's 22mph, tomorrow gusting 50 according to the BBC forecast
  10. If it's been working fine, then try the cron job removal and remote reboot first. And if that doesn't fix it then get the ladder out. But not tonight or tomorrow as it's a bit windy right now!
  11. That's odd. SSH onto it and type in vcgencmd get_camera That should tell you if the camera is detected and enabled. Both values will return as 1 if they are It could also just be a clash between the old and new ones. I'd intended for a clean install, so maybe first stop and remove the existing cron job, and then force a reboot sudo service cron stop sudo crontab -r sudo reboot -f -f After that it should have sorted any tangles that it got itself into Edit: Also spotted a couple of hours ago that I'd left a test value in the code. Instead of regenerating times at
  12. Let me know how you get on. I think I've caught all the major bugs and it runs nicely here on both Pi Zeros, and it should be easy to install now
  13. That's a good idea. I should also check into the modern webcams too as the only one I've got here that still works is an ancient HP one. I think it's about ten years old
  14. Have been tinkering with it some more and making a few minor updates. Most important though is adding the wiki page to document everything I can think of https://github.com/MarkGrimwood/Mognet-All-Sky-Camera-install/wiki Checked into webcam usage as well, and it looks doable. It uses the fswebcam command instead of raspistill, so I'll have to work out something in code to test for them. But most importantly test that a webcam can capture adequate night views too
  15. I don't know if mine will work with the ASI cameras as I don't have one yet. If not, then Thomas Jaquin's code probably will https://github.com/thomasjacquin/allsky His code looks like it's more suited to the better cameras and higher end devices, and is configurable for different options. Mine is more entry level. And that reminds me that I should really test it out with a webcam too as I don't know if they use the same instructions as the Pi cameras
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