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  1. Not quite as good as Paz's sun, but I got the moon with my phone up to a 5mm eyepiece.
  2. It's a repeat of a Horizon programme from 2012/13. It's a good one though Available on iPlayer now
  3. The haze and closeness of the moon made it hard to get much detail from Jupiter on Tuesday night. It seemed easier tonight even though the sky was worse
  4. Reading these tales makes my youngest cats claws in the leg surprises while I'm observing seem positively benign!
  5. My brother has something very similar to this, which I think he bought in the late 70s or early 80s. It's been a few years since I've seen it, but I think his is yellow. He still uses it sometimes too
  6. There's also the North Essex Astronomical Society that meets at Great Notley and Castle Point Astronomy Club near Hadleigh Abberton reservoir also hosts a stargazing meet about once a month that is organised by NEAS. I haven't been to any of them yet, so I can't say what they are like. I should do as EEAC in Burnham is only 11 miles from me
  7. The weight/mass thing explains why I'm not a physicist!
  8. A quick back of an envelope calculation says yes, if you can spin that million mile long broom handle round your head in a period of less than 33.73 seconds. Basically it's length of broom handle times 2, times pi, and divided by the speed of light I'm now wondering just how heavy that million mile long broom handle will be Hope you have strong arm muscles!
  9. They've had something similar running for a few years. Not sure how long. A friend of mine goes there and she loves it
  10. Coleridge definitely had a better grasp on the use of language, even if his astronomical knowledge was slightly off I suspect the Mail article was written with the help of Google rather than actual knowledge. Fortunately they do have this later in the text
  11. It's a bit like fishing in that it's not always about catching fish. It's a place of mental escape. You can't worry and stargaze at the same time And citizen science does have it's uses to the professional science community too, as this call for help with the eclipse shows
  12. Conditions weren't great last night, and mist and cloud were beginning to appear when I was packing away. But I did manage to capture Jupiter with the major moons just as it rose above the houses Taken with a SW200P dob, 10mm EP and a Samsung Galaxy S6. Something seems to have eaten one of the moons though. It was there when looking through the eyepiece!
  13. I normally observe from my garden in the middle of town which suffers from light pollution even after most of the streetlights go off. So to stop me seeing the scope and the rest of the world out of the corner of my eye I stitched together a cone from a mousemat and cut out a section to keep my breath away from the eyepiece. Seems to work quite nicely, and is now dark enough round the eyepiece to block most of the stray light. Made some dew shields for the finder scope while I was at it. It's not fogged up since
  14. They should have bought them from a proper clock shop, not the dodgy guy with the market stall! Psst Anyone want to buy a Shmolex watch? Genuine quality replica. Good for GPS satellites
  15. My girlfriend calls it sky watching. It works for me too