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  1. I almost have all the bits for this project. Just waiting for some formica and heat shrink. All i really need is time. I will be spending a couple of hours of 3 to 4 evenings a week and perhaps the whole day on Sunday for the next few weeks.
  2. Collecting all the bits for this next build. Nearly have everything, just waiting on quick release clamps, aluminium poles and large heat shrink. Im really happy with the design. I will update with photos of the build and post a video of the build when its done. Here are some photos of one i made for myself a few years back. It performs great. Its rock solid, holds collimation really well. So nice to have a 10inch Dob that is easy to set up when i only want to do a short session. This one is the little brother to my 20inch. My friend is getting excited and so am i. I love building dobsonian telescopes. Cant wait to take it to him and have first light session with all the dobs set up.
  3. Heres a video of the Design. This is a copy of a 10inch i built a few years ago.
  4. Hello Reggie. Thanks for the Comment. I did indeed compose the music. Pete
  5. Hello Folks. Here are some Stargazing moments captured with a smartphone through various size dobsonian telescope.
  6. Oh how annoying. Im a single man so i dont have that problem. But its always clear when i have to get up early for work the next day.
  7. Here are my attempts at Astrophotography with a smartphone. Taken thought a 10 and 20inch Dobsonians. Most of the photos have been processed through photoshop. The eclipse photos where taken with a smartphone with a small screw on Samsung lens and a home made white light filter. I have more on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/astroramblerphotos/ Venus Messier 13 (Hercules Cluster)
  8. Had a fantastic time at what was my first star party. Thanks for a great weekend. Met some lovely people. Looking forward to next year. Pete
  9. Here is the top assembly attachment
  10. If your on a budget or handy with your hands. make your own truss attachment. This is tried and tested and works very well. Using a bicycle seat quick release clamp
  11. I use Aluminium warehouse. They are cheap. But make sure you select tube and not round bar.
  12. Having a great time at SGL 2018 a couple of hours clear and patch sky on Thursday night and last night but this is the view from the van now.
  13. Hey Ally. Your most welcome my friend. Fingers crossed for tomorrow night. I'm very interested in having a look though your scope. Let do it all again tomorrow. Pete.
  14. Nice to hear this. Ive never been to a star party, but ive taken my scope to many festivals and gatherings through out the years.The one thing that makes me smile is when im showing people a faint object and just before they look they light their Cigarette. "I cant see anything!"
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