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  1. And still going in 2015 in a few spots but I think they went bust a year or 2 ago
  2. Hi Steve Depending on the distance of your 2 mounting disk the bolt is a M12 by however long you need it. Anything longer than 45mm as this is distanced of the thread in head and adapter plates. I got 50mm hand wheel bolts for my set up. The adaptor plate comes with the mounting bolts but you will require to take off the 10mm locating square pillar on the tripod head and screw it to the adaptor plate also be careful about which way up as well as one way is for the NEQ6 and the other way up is for the HEQ-5.
  3. I have a very similar set up a 6x6 ft double doored shed on a caster subframe there is plenty of gap around the pier which I put a foam floor tile which acts as a collar, then a draft excluder dog around the pier base plenty of air coming through the door as well. I also run a de-humidifier at only 3rd power very economical and absolutely no sign of damp and dries out a dew sodden rig in a matter of a couple hours and absolutely no mould. if a wooden shed needs to breath so insulation is not needed unless you intend to have a warm room in there, then a porous waterproof v
  4. yes that will be ok all i ask if not collecting in person that postage cost is covered it should be inexpensive as it not going to be very heavy to post.
  5. Due to a telescope upgrade I now have some surplus kit for sale either as a job lot sale for £440 Or will split A Sky-watcher Evostar-80ED DS-PRO Apo Refractor with original case and comes with the 28mm let eyepiece and also a 9mm Let eyepiece. Optics in excellent condition but the previous owner has scraped off some of finish on the main tube as shown in photo this is reflected in the asking price of £300 An 80mm bahtinov mask. £5.00 A Sky-watcher .85x Reducer/Flattener for the ED80. £85 SOLD A Sky-Watcher Auto Focuser kit which includes both the Hitec-Astro DC F
  6. Surplus to requirements Zwo EFW mini 5 position filter wheel used only for a couple months (no filters) for sale £100 NOW SOLD Any questions please ask Paul
  7. Hi Steve yes i am with you there how much things cost. will not go into detail just in case but double doors on the outside just look like shed doors but hide a few security features inside.
  8. Hi Steve If you are going to beef up security may i suggest concentrating on the door, as it is the weekest link if could you can gett a dead bolt fitted in the door or eaiser putting a decent padlock top and bottom so they cannot get a lever in and crow bar the door open and also to slow them down as you will not stop a determind thief. to give you an example the Hanst astronomy club who have an observeatory in a secluded setting have been broken into a coulpe of times. All they did was put a bar through the wall either side top middle and bottom with bars across the door inside and out
  9. For Sale An Altair Planostar 0.8x Flattener/Reducer for Starwave 80ED Doublet refractor only £50 + P & P It is not required as i already have the correct one , This was supplied by the original owner of the Altair Wave Series 115 F7 ED Triplet APO telescope that i purchased from him.
  10. Hi Steve i will take £430 and i will arrange for a courier to deliver as the tripod will be of no use to me as i already have one from my neq6 mount. Best regards paul
  11. Hi Wonder star i have an HEQ 5 pro complete with tripod and weights ect. for sale £450 it has been cleaned,tuned and regreased by the previous owner. I bought it 3 months ago as my travel setup but due to a back problem it is no longer required. The only fault is a small crack in the side plate location this will not affect the operation of the mount at all the crack is about 15 mm long see photo's Best regards Paul
  12. Hi john This is how i have mine setup, From the camera i have a 3 mm gasket/oring made from vitron rubber to get the cmos sensor aligned correctly then the filter wheel then the 18 mm supplied extenstion ring and an 5mm revelation extenstion ring also note you already have 6.5mm from the sensor to the fron of the camera see phot below for my set up all this screwed directly to telescope draw tube.
  13. As an ex-Maplin employee back in good old days . Maplins are still good for odd bits and pieces but not as cheap as they use to be. Apart from what stuart has already said above, Amazon is good if you have Prime service the only other supplier that has impressed recently is LINDY good quality cables and good P and P.
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