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  1. Hi Peter, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the comments, that is a great idea for those cloudy nights! Paul
  2. Hi SGL Looking for some advice and suggestion please, maybe someone has done something similar. Last year I started running some astro sessions for my daughters brownies for some badges. It went down so well I started doing them for the school and a couple of cub packs. This year I'm starting to do it again as it's proved popular and been asked extend to adult groups. I'm happy to do this when it fits around work and previously I've used my own kit which requires a lot of setup etc. This year I've got hold of a couple of cheap refractors that people have pretty much donated and these are great as no collimation for example but still need to be put on a mount that needs to be setup and equatorials are not god for the small kids and they are a bit dangerous! Oops says a 9 year old who flips the clutch and not being balance properly it come crashing down in the tripod legs. So first things first, I'm trying to get hold of some smaller 6 to 8 inch dobs as I feel these are fool proof and I want the kids to be hands on and they are about the right height so ergonomically perfect. I'd appreciate any suggestions for any other cheapish kit that might be useful. I want to be able to leave it in the church hall where I do most of the sessions and to maximise the time. I had some equipment stolen last year that I left at a location which was mine and not so cheap! Also I would appreciate some suggestions for topics to cover, what to look at etc. and what to view bearing in mind that I have to do these sessions quite early - anywhere from 4:30pm to 7:00pm depending on the ages. Some of the evenings have been terrible weather wise so I've brought in globes, and posters and we've discussed tides, equatorial system, orbits, the nature of the universe and all sorts. Anything you could suggest to talk about or material to help illustrate a point for 'wet play' would be great. I'd like to point out I am not a teacher in any shape or form! I am amazed at what they ask once engaged, the thirst for knowledge is incredible once you get into the groove and they get so exited. So sorry for a bit of an open ended question but any suggestions would be more than welcome. Thanks Paul
  3. Hi SGL I'm looking for a bresser 152 6" refractor and doesn't matter if it's the S or L version. Drop me a message if you can help. thanks Paul
  4. Hello SGL I wonder if anyone could help and advise where I could obtain a replacement gear for my LX50. In the recent stormy weather I forgot to bring in my 10" LX50 and it blew over in the wind and damaged the plastic gears on the delineation as shown in the picture. I have read that there was a upgraded version of gears that could be obtained once upon a time. Can anyone help sourcing replacement gears or the number of teeth on the cogs? Many thanks Paul
  5. Hello SGL I haven't been very active for a while but I think I have the record for the youngest at a SGL event in Salisbury. I am to be married 23 Sep and I see there is an SGL gathering in October in Herefordshire. Is this still on?
  6. I've just reread what I just posted an I must stress this is astronomy related! no prague or hungary suggestions please!
  7. Evening SGL I've ben lurking for a bit due to work and new members of the family so haven't been very active on the forums let alone pointing anything up to the heavens but I may finally have a chance! I am travelling quite a bit in Europe and Russia over the next few months and can stay weekends. I can't take any equipment with me so wondered if anyone has any tips or friends that could entertain me for an evening? I know Ollie for example has a place but anyone been to any places they could recommend.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I didn't realise it was on. Better send the mrs on a spa day or something to soften her up and explain why the children will go hungry for the next 3 months....
  9. Hi all I'm trying to resurrect an old skysensor system on a mid 80's vixen mount and I have managed to misplace one of the MT-4 motors during my house move last year. If you have one you no longer use please let me know. Thanks Paul
  10. Thanks Pete, that's the page I'm looking for. Didn't realise it was in the manual!
  11. Hello SGL I have misplaced my lead for my skysensor 2000 I have on an old vixen mount. I'm looking to make another one up but I can't find the pinout details anywhere on the net. I'm after the pinouts for the IDC connector marked Motor on the back of the unit. Anyone have the information anyway? Many thanks Paul
  12. Hi SGL I'm looking for some budget 2" eyepieces such as moonfish clones, GSO, Agena, revelation etc. I have been running some evenings for the local beavers group and and the primary school and looking for some budget 2" eyepieces. The children have been having bit of trouble with my 1.25" eyepieces and found my 26mm meade QX so much easier to see through. It's difficult enough getting them to close one eye and look through let alone explaining kidney beaning on hyperions for example. I put a wanted ad on ABS and managed to obtain a 50mm revelation but I'm looking for under 26mm and between 26mm and 50mm ideally. I want the kids to be able to handle the equipment and change eyepieces and focus themselves with minimal supervision so I'm not going to give them a nagler to use! I'm using an old 4" F10 vixen refractor and a 6" bresser refractor at the eveinings so they are quite forgiving on cheapy eyepieces. If you have any unused 2" eyepieces then please drop me a line. We are losing the dark evenings now but hope to get some for next winter and also I'm hoping to bring a group to one of the star parties this summer. Thanks Paul
  13. Hello all has anyone seen or heard from Jeff (AKA Astronut1982) recently? I haven't been able to contact him by phone or mail since end of September Thanks Paul
  14. Hi Jeff I've been trying to contact you via email and stargazers messaging. Could you please contact me about the DSI. Thanks Paul
  15. In October last year I ordered spent £525 with Scope n Skies on a telescope. Upon arrival it was found to be faulty and I returned the scope. Despite many calls scope n skies have still not refunded me the money and give me the run around on a daily basis. They do not return calls and I have been desperately trying to find out who I should contact regarding legal action. Scope and skies are saying that the purchase was from the astronomy and nature centre and they are no longer trading and went into liquidation at the end of last year. All my emails and receipts say the scope was purchased from scope n skies. I have therefore lost my money and will now have to take legal action. The warning is anyone who purchased from scope n skies last year I suggest you should contact them to check on the status of any warranty or guarantee as if they decide you purchased from astronomy and nature centre then it will not be honoured. I would also be wary of any further purchase form them unless you are clear who the company is supplying the equipment and that you have confirmed details guarantees and returns procedures.
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